Kay Forbes Smith sold Dorian donated generator to GB Power for $16,000 in NOVEMBER 2019!

Payment into the bank account BOB of Godfery and Katherine Smith for a $16,000 donated Dorian Generator!
Kaye Forbes-Smith

NASSAU| A generator donated to the recovery of Grand Bahama during Hurricane Dorian was sold to The Grand Bahama Power Company by former Managing Director of the DRA Kay Forbes Smith.

The transaction took place in November 2019. Much of the items housed in warehouses by the DRA vanished following the devastating hurricane and a proper accounting of the goods have yet to be presented.

The donated generator was sold for $16,000 with funds deposited into the joint account of Godfery and Katherine Smith at Bank of the Bahamas.

Some $1 billion was said to have been donated following the deadly Hurricane which devastated both Grand Bahama and Abaco. To day however no idea of how much of those funds were collected.

An audit into the operations of the DRA are underway. All persons who bought items from Kay Smith should come forward now to protect themselves before it is exposed in the audit.

We report yinner decide!

The generator in the warehouse of the DRA sold to GB Power Company.