KB put the “BOY YOU DON’T KNOW ME EH” on the wutless media!



Kirkland Bodie

Dear Editor,

Like I said from the outset of this debate on this Carnival, or Junkanoo Carnival idea, was that I will not support it as long as it is a Trinidadian soca-styled event. I protested, argued and was chastised for it and after all the battling, the Government has finally decided that they will ‘Bahamianize’ the event going forward and into the future. That’s what I’ve always wanted and that’s what I was fighting for all along and now that I’ve succeeded, I chalk that up as a victory for me and my fellow cultural colleagues. The Government went on record in the past few weeks committing that this event will be a ‘Bahamianized’ event.

So why all the uproar? Because some in the media are hired out to be attack dogs for others and their agenda once the price is right. Those in the media have the sound drops of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism, and the Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture speaking on the matter. Recently Minister Johnson did a radio tour promoting the change but why should the truth matter to them? Why not question me face to face on their program live or recorded so I could respond to their questions? Instead they edit sound bites and throw out innuendoes misleading the public. I know why, because it’s the dishonest ones’ part time job. They are paid to besmirch your good name, yet the Teflon criminals in our society trod along because he who has the money buys the so called journalists, not all of them but the perpetrators know who they are. If they are doing it to me, my Bahamian people, they can do it to you to silence any decent thought you may have but I will not back down from what I believe in. Culture comes first and my choices are mine.

By my saying I am endorsing the Government’s change in ‘Bahamianizing’ the Junkanoo Carnival is in no way to persuade anyone to attend or to take part in the event. That’s ya business. I only gave my endorsement to the Government for recognizing the need to change the direction of the Junkanoo Carnival from its Trini-Carnival style to include more Bahamians and less foreign things as possible, that is all.

No! I have not received any money, not one red cent from anyone. What I have, I worked for. Ask countless Bahamians who see me running up and down traveling here and there. Believe it or not, there are some of us out here with integrity and care about themselves and their family’s name. I would never compromise myself. If anyone out there has proof please present it. If you have none, please retract it. I am a musician so I have no problem being front and center. In fact, I love the attention but I would never lie on anyone to further myself.

Changing my position is about culture first. One side of this argument wants this to be a Trini soca-styled event; the other side says they will make sure that this is a Bahamian Cultural event going forward. Which side do you think that someone, who has been in this business from the age of eighteen, has never had a Government job, a self-made man — his own boss, would choose? I will always go with our Bahamian Culture. I step to the fore for my fellow brothers and sisters in the cultural community and ask for them to be treated fairly.

What about the drummers, the bellers, the horn players, the dancers? What are they getting out of this Carnival? This was my question at the press conference. Did the press mention that in their story? NO!

I spoke up for all of them, maybe that’s my problem, our family problem, we speak up to much. I hate to see injustice. Anyone who truly knows me knows of my convictions so they try to persecute you. I hope those who collected their Judas payment for me standing up for the voiceless are satisfied with themselves. You know what happened to Judas ay?

I am no one’s poster boy, PLP, FNM, or the DNA so whose feelings are hurt because I choose culture, again, das ya business. Our culture comes first. I am a Bahamian nationalist so whatever happens with this Junkanoo Carnival event, please don’t allow the foreign element to win in the end. Keep your eyes on the Bahamas Festival Committee and make sure they are doing the right thing because when Bahamian Culture dies, Bahamians die. Think about it. #BahamianCultureforever.


Kirkland H. Bodie