Kevin ‘Gold Digger’ Sands dies…


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Kevin ‘Gold Digger’ Sands

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning of the passing of Kevin ‘Gold Digger’ Sands, who was one of the first DJs in The Bahamas. He died today.

May he rest in peace.

Minnis tells Elbow Cay with no water, light or communication Telemedicine coming…

PM Hubert Minnis is right now giving an address to the people of Elbow Cay as he promises them Tele Medicine in his next administration. Taking Bahamians for fools again Minnis?

The Brutal Oppression On Grand Bahamas

Scores of GBI drivers pulled over for some violation with COVID or Traffic.

FREEPORT| The Minnis Government is robbing the Bahamian people on Grand Bahama.

The police trying to makeup revenues by ticketing people on everything relating to covid.

New Covid Strain reached New Providence…

Two persons who travelled into the country have tested positive for the UK strain Covid19 in Lyford Cay! Nothing said from Health and nurses cannot get dey money. What is dis?

WE are learning there are more staff at mega Atlantis who tested positive for Covid19.