KGBC Reaches Out to the Garden Villas Community?


LET’S KEEP GARDEN VILLAS CLEAN: was the aim of the latest in a series of KGBC community clean-ups. GBPA’s Director of Community Relations, Geneva Rutherford (2nd from left) was among the participants.

Freeport, Bahamas – As they have done in the past, members of the Keep Grand Bahama Clean (KGBC) committee took to the streets early Saturday morning, to share in a community clean-up in the Garden Villas area.

Commencing at the neigbourhood Urban Renewal center, four groups of volunteers dispersed on their mission to collect loose litter scattered nearby.  Along with KGBC members and others, participants included executives and staff of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) led by company president, Ian Rolle.

According to Rolle, the mission of GBPA is ‘to better the lives of the Grand Bahama community, and by extension, The Bahamas’, therefore, GBPA’s participation exemplified the company’s goal.

“I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than words,” Rolle said.  Additionally, with reference to his personal involvement he added, “I think that leaders have to lead by example.  It’s very important for the community and employees to see that whatever you speak, you live.”

Several ministers of religion also joined in the clean-up.  One of whom was Nelson Vilbrun, a deacon at Freeport Bible Church, who was very reflective about their willingness to assist.  “This is a good gesture for the church to partner with KGBC, GBPA and others to work together and not forget Garden Villas.  It’s an opportunity to show the hands of Christ and help the residents to appreciate that we care about them as people, just as we care about everybody else,” Vilbrun commented.

Superintendent of Police, Macktavaus Daniels concurred.  As the officer responsible for the Central Division on Grand Bahama, he thought that it was important for him and other officers to participate in KGBC’s community clean-up in the Garden Villas area.  “I think that anything that the police can do to enhance, bridge the gap and foster community spirit is something that we should do,” he noted.

“We believe in partnership. It’s vital to form partnerships in order for us to be effective in doing what we have to do,” Daniels added, referring to the cooperation between KGBC, GBPA and others.  “Also, our involvement shows residents that policing is much more than just arresting someone.  We want to bring out the human side of policing to the community.”