Killers get 45 and 40 years for the murder of CDU officer Sgt. Wayne Rolle…


Men killed Sgt. Rolle then handed his phone to a female friend…

25-year-old Dion Bethel when charged for Sgt Rolle's murder.
25-year-old Dion Bethel when charged for Sgt Rolle’s murder.

Sgt. Wayne Rolle
Sgt. Wayne Rolle
Nassau, Bahamas- – Breaking news coming from the courts now confirm the men responsible for the murder of Sgt. 1475 Wayne Rolle has been sentenced.

Bahamas Press can report Justice Ian Winder sentenced Kevin McKenzie to 45-years along with 14 years for armed robbery of the deceased officer this afternoon. His co accused Deon Bethel was sentenced to 40 years for the murder and 14 years for armed robbery.

Many of you would remember how back on December 4th, 2014 Sgt. Rolle was at a bar off duty on Montrose Ave. when two men robbed him and then shot him fatally in the upper body. He died at the scene.

Bethel and McKenzie were found guilty for the murder and a woman Kendira Farrington, 19, was charged for receiving the deceased officer cell phone, which was given to her by the accused. The phone was valued at $700.

What happened to the hanging sentence for killing an officer?

We report yinner decide!

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