King Nailer’s Gal Pal #1 makes an emergency return to the capital!


Guess WHO

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting that an emergency meeting has been called in the capital, which has forced Gal Pal #1 to return home.

BP does not know the circumstances of the meeting with the official, but we know, with all these road closures and thing, something serious must be happening.

Gal Pal #1 is the best friend of ‘King Nailer’ for many, many years. She got the shock of her life, though, when she heard that a road was being closed for a mystery person! She is in shock!

Gal Pal#1, we believe, is now trying to make sure she is still King Nailer’s #1, ‘but, if the road closure story is true, it would mean that she was sent off and kicked down the ladder to be Gal Pal #2, a position she would not be happy with.

We are watching these developments closely!

We report yinner decide!