Kingsway Academy has terminated the Rogue Teacher!


BP BREAKING| Kingsway Academy has terminated the ROGUE teacher with immediate effect!!!!

Thanks to Bahamas Press’ dangerous and effective investigative team, they have delivered another victory for that GREAT INSTITUTION on Bernard Road!

We congratulate the school’s new and fresh administration team and leadership on its great transitions, and we want all the ‘churrin dem’ to enroll at Kingsway this fall!

The fallout came after scores of parents following BP sound advices demanded their child to be withdrawn from the classroom of the rogue teacher.

The great institution now has restored its decent record in the community!!! The rogue teacher is GONE!!!!

But this is not the end of the Rogue Teacher. BP is learning she has applied for a new job at another reputable private institution. We advise that school to take our good sound advice – burn the application or be prepared to have students withdraw from your school. We at BP aint playing with this one.

We report yinner decide!