Kingsway appoints new administrators but the rogue 6th grade teacher at the centre of the problem remains!


NASSAU| Bahamas Press has now unlocked the scandal unfolding at Kingsway Academy and, from what we know, more announcements are set to come.

Almost two weeks ago now the entire Elementary School Administration was sacked as the school’s American partners are now involved in managing the transition.

Parents are demanding to know more details involving a rogue teacher who is at the center of serious incidents at the school.

We can tell you, following our reports, the school issued the following statement:

“After careful review of the present direction of our Elementary School, the Committee of Management decided that a change of management style was necessary to achieve our objectives and propel our students and school to become ready and fit for the future. A new administration team was hired by the Committee for the new school year 2019-2020 and the old Elementary Administrators are presently still engaged by the school to 31/8/19 to assist in making things ready for a smooth and seamless transition for the reopening of school in September. We are excited about this opportunity to refocus and look forward to the years ahead. We thank our parents for their continued confidence in Kngsway Academy as we prepare to celebrate 60 years of unbroken service to the Bahamas this September 2019.”

Bahamas Press can now tell you the school’s Management Committee has announced the new appointments to the school. Gina Ferguson has been appointed the school’s new Principal. She was the former Principal at Temple Christian who resigned two weeks ago.

We can also confirm Ms. Anithra L. Cartwright has been appointed Vice Principal. Cartwright is a Math Teacher from the High School at Kingsway.

Mr. Gregory Williams made the announcements this morning as pressure mounts in the heart of the crisis now engulfing the school.

One rogue teacher at the school has provoked a firestorm of questions from parents who ask how an entire class made the honour roll and, when evaluated by another tutor, that class showed serious weaknesses in their abilities.

The teacher in question joined Kingsway Academy after being sacked from Queen’s College after that prestigious institution uncovered serious weaknesses in the performance of the 6th grade teacher. Why Kingsway still holds onto the rogue teacher leaves many questions. However, we call on the American operator, Ms Beckles, to urgently deal with this problem or face serious fallout at the school.

We report yinner decide!