LandOr offers 50% settlement to workers but refuses to put the offer in writing!


The hotel is open without a valid business licence since 2011! 

Club LandOr

NASSAU| Owners and operators of Club LandOr are now getting nervous after BP exposed how taxpayers are keeping the lights of the property on while it continues to operate without a legit licence in the Bahamas.

Club LandOr has not had any hotel license since 2011 which means tons of money in fees and taxes are owed to the people of the Bahamas.

BP is fighting for the workers who we also know are owed a year of salaries. Recently, a former contractor, Mr. Alexander Strachan, died having never collected any of his benefits owed to him by the property. This is sad.

We understand calls were made to some employees, enticing them to accept a 50% settlement on the funds owed. But what is clear is how the property has ignored the fact that it has now inflicted punitive and emotional damage to its staff, for which it must also pay!! 

As we reported earlier some staff who had salary deductions at the property were hauled before the courts with claims of the debts never having been paid by the hotel!

And, despite all this, the hotel has yet to settle funds owed by workers.
BP is wondering how could the Bahamas Government allow an unlicensed hotel to operate in the Bahamas? How is the VAT TAX that is due being collected? 

How could any government permit such lawlessness to operate in the country!

You should remember how back in 2015 the Bahamas Government took over Bahamar after its former owners owed millions to its creditors. WHY is LandOr allowed to operate lawlessly owing all kinda money to its creditors with the lights still on supplied by taxpayers? WHAT IS THIS?!

We report yinner decide!