Lanisha Christmas Tree in Downtown Rawson Square is as ugly as sin!


The Ugly Tree named Dorian by BP ordered redone!

We keep getting bastardized around here.
Crowd near booed Cabinet Minister and refused to stand for Lanisha Rolle.

NASSAU| Lanisha Rolle went into hiding after yet another disaster engulfed her Ministry this week, and, yes, we are referring to the ugly National Tree.

The tree, which only Bahamas Press disclosed cost taxpayers some $32,000 to build, came under heavy criticism yesterday.

Well, an official from the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture, Rowena Poitier-Sutherland, said, “No big deal” following the wave of attacks that hit social media.

BP passed into Rawson Square where the criticism had taken root and the tree was being redecorated to a more traditional look.

However, when asked about the cost of the tree,  Poitier-Sutherland dismissed BP’s report of the tree costing taxpayers $32,000 and said, “I don’t know if I am able to say the figure….It was not an astronomical fee. We just paid the people to decorate the tree.”

Failing to announce who the ugly Christmas tree artisans were, Poitier-Sutherland simply said that the decorators were local junkanooers. Well, they must be from the scrap gang!

We report yinner decide!