Marvin Dames further ensnares himself as he approves the criminal actions of Detective Thompson!

Minister for National Security Marvin Dames and Attorney General Carl Bethel. Both MUST RESIGN!

NASSAU| Marvin Dames further proved in the newspapers this morning that he is not only unfit to sit as Minister of National Security but is willing to endorse criminal behavior while serving in the Cabinet of the nation.

Yesterday, while coming out of Parliament, Dames expressed in an interview his support for Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and Assistant Superintendent of Police Debra Thompson as he defended their actions in the persecution exercises of Bahamians who have been acquitted in the courts [Frank Smith and Shane Gibson].

What is serious and egregious is the fact that Dames has been judicially condemned for his actions in Frank Smith’s case, along with Health Minister Duane Sands. Both have refused to resign even after their interference in a criminal case.

But Dames’ approvals solidly confirm that not only he is boldly approving of criminal behavior but that he is prepared to endorse it even if it comes from the high-ranking police officers who have a responsibility to protect and be fair and honest in the discharge of their duties. Police officers are to uphold law and order and cannot be seen wallowing in the mire of criminality. They cannot be partakers of crime – nor should they ever be caught coaching criminal acts!

The comments of Dames are indeed reprehensible and should be condemned by all right-thinking, decent Bahamians.

How could the Minister of National Security go on record as agreeing with persons who have been found doctoring witness statements in a wicked attempt to bring about a guilty result on an innocent victim?

How can Dames support someone who, while investigating, agreed to change a witness statement, knowing that her actions could result in the loss of her job in the future?

How could Dames lift his voice to endorse and support someone who went on the records of the courts, telling the world that she was logging untrue statements; failing to discharge her duty according to the manual as outlined by the RBPF?

And how could Dames sanction and give approval to a detective on the Force who added that she was not aware of the practices outlined in the manual; logging UNTRUE commentary, which, in the end, were not those of the accusers. Adding in her testimony to the court that her corrupt practices had the full approval and guidance of the Commissioner of Police and the DPP? Lord Help US in this Bahamas!

What is this? What kind of country is this? What are we running around here? Do we not understand the seriousness of these atrocious, barbaric vile and barbaric practices, which now put in disrepute the credibility of the RBPF and deliver damage and scarring to the integrity of the Force?

Marvin Dames must resign and hang his head in shame! He believes in praising corruption and celebrating acts which are criminal. We expect no different from this known offender!

Right thinkers and the upholders of democratic principals cannot stand by and allow the nation to sink to this new low!

We report yinner decide!