Why is the flag not being flown at Police Stations in Cable Beach and Carmichael Road?

Cable Beach police station with no flag up on Tuesday.

NASSAU| You must wonder these days who is in charge of these police stations around the country when the flag of the nation is not being flown. WHAT IS THIS?!

For two days now the Police Stations on Carmichael Road and in Cable Beach have failed to fly the Bahamian flag on the flagpole. For two whole days now!

We passed the Cable Beach Station and, as of 8:32 am on Tuesday, there were no Bahamian or RBPF flags on the pole. This is a national disgrace and speaks to what we constantly suggest: the country is not being run properly.

Here in this democracy, if there is one national symbol we all have respect for in common, it is our national flag. Why there is an absence of the flag at these police stations concerns us.

The flag’s absence, in our view, speaks to the lack of care and attention to the things we uphold as symbols of our nationhood. Symbols of our fledging democracy! It also tells us that the junior staff in the employ of the stations is not carrying out their simple functions on time at 6 am. What are we doing around here?

If you cannot hoist the flag – ON TIME – ya really think you can carry out with diligence any other function?

Get it together, please!

We report yinner decide!