Lawyer Passes in Hospital Following a Bloody Attack by Killers


Jeanine Weech-Gomez wife of slain lawyer Dennis Gomez.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press can confirm the passing of noted attorney, Dennis Gomez. The 59 year-old officer of the court was gunned down outside his law practice on Friday night. The incident recorded the 9th murder for the year.

Detectives on the ground tell us Gomez was leaving his East Bay law firm when he was approached by a gunman, who then opened fire on him hitting the victim once with a bullet to the head and five [5] shots to the chest; piercing his lungs and damaging major arteries to the heart. According to the medical team attending to Gomez, “He had a slim chance of survival.” He died late Saturday night.

The motive for the slaying is still unknown at this hour, however police believe the incident was the results of an armed robbery gone bad.

Dean Patrick Adderley

Dennis was called to the Bahamas Bar on October 12th, 1977. An Anglican he worshiped at Christ Church Cathedral on George Street. Dennis was married to the former Jeanine Weech of Bimini, who is also an officer of the court and has served the country in the capacity as a magistrate.

Dean of the Cathedral, The Rev’d Patrick Adderley expressed sadness upon the passing of Gomez and called on worshipers to pray for the family in their hour of bereavement.

Bahamas Press expresses our sincere condolences to the Gomez family, his church family and the wider circle of friends within the legal fraternity on his passing.

May the soul and the soul of all the faithful departed through the mercies of our sweet Jesus, REST IN PEACE!


  1. Look what it takes,for some Bahamians to realise that we have a problem.We had over ninety something murders last year and the majority of people did not care.So now that a prominent person is killed, everyone is concerned.

  2. January 24, 2011 6:27 P.M.

    Bishop Walter Dixon of Atlanta, GA USA-Prayer and Tribute to Death of Attorney Dennis Gomez of Nassau, Bahamas.

    cc: President Barack Obama President of the United States, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News Media.

    Merciful Lord, who art the strength of sufferers and the comfort of those who are heavy of heart: incline thine ear, we beseech thee, to the prayers of all who cry unto thee in their troubles; succor the distressed, uphold the fainting, relieve the suffering, console the sad, and make thy face to shine upon the family of “Dennis Gomez” especially his wife Jeannie Weech Gomez.

    O lord, thou lover of souls whose wisdom is beyond our understanding, surround the family of our beloved brother in “Christ” Dennis Gomez with your love, that they may not be overwhelmed by their sorrows but have confidence in your goodness, and strength to meet the days to come.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ be near the family to defend them, within them to refresh them around them to preserve them, before them to guide them, behind them to justify them, above them to bless them, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost. His soul is bound up in ours forever Lord.

    We see him now with the eyes of memory, his faults forgiven, and his virtues grown larger. So does goodness live and weakness fade from sight. We remember him with gratitude and bless his name. His memory is a blessing for ever. We remember as well the fallen one who but yesterday was part of our community. To all who cared for him and labored for all people we pay tribute.

    May we prove worthy of carrying on the tradition of our faith for the task is now his family. His soul is bound up in all of ours forever Lord. We give you thanks that he now live and reign with you. As a great crowd of witnesses, he surrounds us with his blessings, and offers your humbleness of praise and prayers.

    That he are alive for ever more in your kingdom. Let us remember and thank God whom we worship for making us your children by grace and for sustaining us with the bread of life: We thank you, Lord. For your presence wherever we have gathered: We thank you, Lord. For the pardon of our sins, especially when Christians have been born again Christians, who restores us to the fellowship of your faithful people, the saints:

    We thank you Lord for the faith of all who have gone before us, thru their encouragement to their families: Father with this I spread my hand to thee asking you through your son “Jesus Christ” to comfort all souls and help mend all hearts that are in mourning of this great loss. Lord as I stress my hand to thee, knowing our brother in “Christ” Dennis Gomez like so many ahead of him gone to soon.

    To our sister in “Christ” Nickey Bethel our prayers are with you.

    Bishop Walter Dixon
    Forgiveness Missionary Church of Christ
    P.O. Box 832161
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083
    (24) Hours Prayer Request Line 678.667.0090

    ps. I have posted this tribute and prayer on Face Book, Google, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo and You Tube for others to join in prayer.

    • I am not sure that this is robbery, i suspect this shooting must have been a hit. five shoots in the body and one in the head, dont sound like a robbery to me. we all know that some of our lawyers have no scruples and should be in jail. they can ripe u off and walk away untouch, protected by their colleagues. clearly he was being watched. so if the police are investigating they might want to findout whether this lawyer cheated anyone and is this a retaliation. further, what was he doing in that office so late with a female. with crime being the way it is in our country i believe unless he was doing something wrong he should have been more careful.

      mind u, this is no excuse for what happened to him, i say this to stress how frustrated the people are with our legal system.


  4. Condolences to the Family Of Mrs.Gomez on the passing of Attorney Gomez whose life was snuffed out. The Bahamas have so many psychopaths who have already set the nation at high risk playing games which cost human lives. The country is at no stable mental level in the ranks of security to administer a state of emergency. If there is to be one then Great Britain need to assist the country to avoid any more abuse of power and offices. The outright disrepect of corrupt authorities have increased due to them having more rights to do more wrong, it is now at its worst if there was ever a thing. The state of emergency can be abused by being invoked, for example, to allow a state to suppress internal opposition without having to respect human rights. Arbitrarily depriving an individual of their liberty is strictly prohibited by the United Nations’ division for human rights. Article 9 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights decrees that “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile”; that is, no individual, regardless of circumstances, is to be deprived of their liberty or exiled from their country without having first committed an actual criminal offense against a legal statute, and the government cannot deprive an individual of their liberty without proper due process of law. This already happens locally. High time to wake up and have an inventory of who is getting paid for nothing.

  5. Deepest sympathy to Mrs. Gomez, The Gomez family and those families affected by this. On November 4th 2010, Inspector Archie Miller was ambushed shot several times in the chest, now Mr. Gomez gets it in the head and chest multiple times as well. The senseless killing of both of these men spells out clearly a little more than randomn strikes. Without accusation as being open to view all possible people would could be involved. Could it be that pyschopaths hired or associated with and Police officers have been firing guns quite often, have their love for blood and lost of life turned any of them into a multiple cold blooded killer and avengers of whoever opposes the organization. Remember that ex police officer who shot the police in the face just weeks before another was shot was also killed in cold blood as many others persons. Has the police now unleashed a beast that has run wild that seeks to put fear in the hearts of those who are wondering what is really going on. We all came with an expiry date and when any choose to plot the demise of others there comes a turning point where they fall into their very own traps.

  6. Very, very sad. May God strengthen his family and comfort them. His wife is such a beautiful caring and compassionate person. May God guide, bless and protect her.

  7. @lady_D what is the logic here in shuting the place down? cause more damage and harm, we just need to have people who know where the arms are turn them in and for the court system to work, and for these damn theifing lawyer/politicans to go hang themselves first, they are the crimminals. People need to continue to allow change to happen in peace not bloody. If so we could go 50 to 100 years back in a blink. lets not be foolish and allow the asswhole colors to blind us, beacuse all of them are the same RED/YELLOW= MADDNESS PERRY and HUBERT LIKE TWINS

  8. While I sympathise , HOW MUCH LONGER are we going to pray, while the city is burning all we seem to do is pray , pray and then pray. GET UP,GET UP , GET UP PEOPLE, AND LET US DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. THATS IT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH…..

    • I love reading the comments on BP because most people are so righteous. Prayer with no action is a waste of time. Stop talking about wishful things and move. Those people in Parliament represent the people. Look at countries like Tunisia and Iran. When the people have enough the stop praying and the act. Who are you asking for help when you pray because it is only you who can do for you. Prayer may make you feel good but it won’t make members of Parliament understand that the people have had enough of their lakadaisical approach to safety and criminal justice. Pray in your closet and act in the public interest.

  9. It is amazing how the parliamentarians are going to parliament to do business as usual to debate issues that Im sure are necessary. But I wonder what issue takes precedent over the crime issue that is not only threatening lives of bahamians or the way we live,but our bread and butter, Tourism. It sames as though they have taken the ostrich approach while our bahamian brothers and sisters are being gunned down in our streets on a daily basis. This will not pass Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of National Security nor will it go away. Stop using the Privy Counsels’ rulings as a crutch and following our constitution that you swore to uphold. If you have a problem with hanging then change it to Lethal Injection. But for our and God sake, take your head out the sand and deal with the
    CRIME CRISIS in this country.

  10. We can no longer complain.We must bring this country to standstill and demand that we are heard and served by the government we elected. If they will not serve us then the should step down immediately. A state of emergency and marshal law needs instant implementation. shut the place down and round up these thugs and punish them severely. We cannot allow enemies of the state to exist and destroy our treasure. The Bahamas is too good for that.

  11. This is pathetic as gunmen seem to roam our streets with impunity.Having known Dennis from primary school am very troubled and pray for his family in this hour of need.

    • It’s another sad day in this country, how many more have to die?. A heartfelt condolences to all, that have lost a love one to violence. We must become more involved with the current state of affairs in this country. The song “man in the mirror” should be our mantra. Where is the civility? We look at our leaders in parliament on how they conduct themselves, with little respect for each other. This country have been good to us no matter how divided we are. We have become very selfish as a people. We continue to hurt and kill each others like dogs. Justice cannot appear to be blind any more . We need to find the wrong doers and punish them to the full extent of the law. Even if it means to declare a state of emergency and shut this country down. Because sooner rather than later, no one will want to come here, and God help us after that. We need to come together as a people. What will it take? May God continue to bless us.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I too have noticed we are a fortunate island. We don’t have many lethal, natural disasters like many other countries (look at Haiti and Australia being 2 examples). We always seem to be spared, and yet most continue to carry on robbing and killing like someone owes them something. I believe if this brutal violence continues, God and nature will not keep us safe anymore. This country is just off the richter.

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