Leader of the Opposition Named by the Speaker and suspended for two sessions of Parliament


Leader of the Opposition cannot enter Parliament for the next two meetings of the House –

Dr. Hubert Minnis thrown out of the Parliament.

Killarney MP comes under heavy attack by Christie Government!

Nassau, Bahamas — As Parliament resumed today there was more drama as the Speaker entertained a motion to name the Leader of the Opposition after his refusal to withdraw statements against Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie.

House Speaker Dr. Kendall Major gave Dr. Minnis time to withdraw his statements when Minnis stood to his feet and flatly told the House, “I am not withdrawing anything!”

The Speaker then ordered that the Leader of the Opposition take his seat and a motion to name the MP for Killarney was passed by a vote of the House.

The Speaker then ordered the Killarney MP to leave the Parliament where he remain seated along with all his Parliamentary team.

A suspension of the House was then called and the Speaker rose and announced that the Leader of the Opposition would be removed during the break.

A tense moment of calm passed over the chamber as the House suspended.

In 2009 then Engerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin was named in the Parliament and ordered to be ejected following her protests about a young man who was found dead in police custody.

That MP was later denied access to the House during her suspension.