Leadership inside public Corporations are failing the people Minnis!


Minnis starting to look Ugly Nah! Winter is Coming…. the Night King!

Prme Minister Minnis

NASSAU| BP is getting a report out of Yamacraw that BPL power supply was off in that area for hours.

Another writer in Abaco wrote BP asking: Can you find out what’s going on with BPL and W&S in Abaco? 

Going on two weeks now South Abaco has been without water supply – In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The “part” that was needed was supposed to be on the mail boat but mail boats have been to Abaco twice and still no solution. 

BP Adrian Gibson, the juvenile Chairman needs to look into this. Prime Minister Minnis, heads should roll! Someone needs to be fired! 

BPL is no different. Every day power is off for long periods of time. Last night power went off after 10 o’clock and didn’t come back on until 5 this Saturday morning. 

And as I write our power is off again. Whitney Heastie needs to look into this! Heads must roll for how we are being treated in this country for basic services. 

It is almost one year later and the two Government Corporations (WSC and BPL) are causing hardship on the people of Abaco. Their leadership is failing the people, Minnis!

We report yinner decide!