Leadership managing the Health System – making over $10,000 monthly in the pandemic – sits home while Bahamians die!


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL – “CRISIS IN HEALTH”: PART I – Top health teams advising the Government are missing in action while nurses and doctors battle the war of the pandemic with a broken Health System…

COVID19 patients left outside in the new Critical Care Block of PMH.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press will not rule out calling for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the management of the Health Services during the last year of the pandemic.

We at BP remain seriously concerned with the leadership at the helm of the pandemic. We know much of the advice is not scientific nor presents any scientific sense.

Like what is the rationale behind the one hour difference on the curfew? Or why would health sit by and allow a waiver on Health Visa for passengers coming into the Bahamas from COVID infested communities around the world, but require it for locals in inter-island travel.

What is even more serious to us is the characters leading much of the Health Management in the country.

We can confirm one medical doctor at the helm of the Health Advising Team is being considered for the post of Director of Public Health. But that very individual is not qualified for the post and has failed the rotation in the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Another Doctor among the advisors in the pandemic is also not qualified and did not pass her clinical rotation. In fact our information is that this doctor is not licensed and cannot practice! WHAT IS THIS?

Additionally, most of the doctors advising and making up the Pandemic Health Advisory Team collect a monthly salary of over $10k – every month – and yet many do not report to work at all – remotely giving orders and instructions without facing the reality on the ground. THERE HAS TO BE SOME INVESTIGATION OPENED ON THIS!

How could anyone collect over $10,000 – $15,000 each month and not report to WORK? IN A PANDEMIC! WHAT IS THIS?

Meanwhile, in the overall management of the pandemic, there is still – 17 months later – no bed space in the health network for covid patients. Family Island clinics are not stocked with much needed medication. Doctors fired last year have yet to be recalled by the PHA. Some clinics that should have been serving the local communities around the clock to avoid a mad rush into the Emergency Room are closed! Young nurses who need to complete their practical in a medical facility are being denied that practical experience to graduate. And, if that is not enough, your child, who could be a brain in the science of medicine, thanks to the Minnis Administration, can no longer get on the Government Scholarship to study at The University of the West Indies to join the medical programme.

The sad state of healthcare in this growing pandemic has led to the worst management in services and care for Bahamians ever seen in the country. Nurses were on strike this week in Grand Bahama and yet the people at the apex of the system are sitting home – HANDSOMELY PAID – while the nation’s health systems spirals to a new low.

The country is really sick. BP is sick and tired! And Bahamians must all get up, stand up and SAY SOMETHING! THIS MADNESS CANNOT CONTINUE!

We ga report and let yinner decide!