Leaked voice notes link Senior Police Officer to corruption allegations in $1M Heist


NASSAU| Following the shooting death of Michael Fox Jr. in May 2024, leaked voice notes have surfaced implicating a senior police officer in an alleged corruption scandal tied to a major heist in November 2023.

The voice notes purportedly capture a conversation between Fox Jr. and the officer, suggesting a deal to make criminal charges disappear in exchange for $100,000.

The controversy stems from a brazen theft of a local bank , where $1.4 million was stolen during a transport operation, with only $45,000 subsequently being recovered.

The incident sparked a high-profile investigation, resulting in wanted posters being issued by police for Fox Jr. and another individual, Dino Smith, both suspected in connection with the heist.

According to the leaked voice notes, Fox Jr. and the officer discuss a quid-pro-quo but the officer tells Fox he does not want to discuss the matter over the phone and would prefer to do it in person.

The arrangement is that Fox Jr. would pay $100,000 to ensure his release and that of Dino Smith from police scrutiny. The officer allegedly assured Fox Jr. that he would orchestrate matters to coincide with the absence of Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander, suggesting a calculated move to evade consequences.

The leaked recordings also reveal discussions involving a mutual friend acting as an intermediary, identified as BJ, who reportedly sought a cut from the payoff.

Fox Jr. expressed concerns over the logistics of the payment, citing issues with funds being dispersed among multiple parties involved in the heist.

Dino Smith, who was questioned and released by police following the heist, later became a victim of gun violence, surviving a shooting but declining to cooperate with authorities on identifying the assailants.

Tragically, Smith was subsequently murdered along with Chatere Wells in January of the same year, further complicating the unfolding narrative surrounding the heist and its aftermath.

Michael Fox Jr. met a similar fate in May, succumbing to a deadly ambush outside a residence.

Authorities described the incident as a targeted attack involving multiple armed assailants.

Close associates of Fox Jr. now question whether his murder, along with the earlier killing of Dino Smith, is connected to the unresolved heist and the alleged extortion scheme outlined in the leaked voice notes.

The emergence of these recordings has cast a shadow over law enforcement, raising serious concerns about potential corruption within the ranks of senior officers.