Let us remember the real reason for the season – Merry Christmas!


By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is in full swing. There is simply no denying the fact that this holiday of them all, has over the years become very commercialised.

Everyone seems to have a need to spruce up their environment with new and oftentimes pricey products that merchants ensure are on the market at this time of year.

In fact the season brings with it such a sense of festivity that without a party-type atmosphere, it simply might not feel right to some people. But this concept of partying I simply do not grasp.

Partying was never the reason for the season!

Christmas is a Christian religious holiday which, as far as I know, came about because of the birth of the Christ Child. There have been many arguments as to when the Christ Child was really born, but many have chosen to remember this occurrence in the month of December.

His birth certainly wasn’t in a celebratory atmosphere. Rather it was in a mere smelly stable where animals slept. But his arrival represented the greatest gift that has been given to the world. The Christ Child was born to give mankind hope in what was believed to be a hopeless world.

Now I am not opposed to the giving of gifts and the festivities that people seem so inclined to be a part of, but to me Christmas should be a time for reflection and appreciation – not just for the expensive gifts, and far too many food and drinks that are available during this time of year.

While it is admirable that this is one of the few religious holidays that all people, regardless of religion, seem to be able to celebrate together without reservation or segregation, I believe that a thought must always be given to the real reason for the season.

For the past few years an individual diligently reminded me about the reason for the season – the Christ Child. This year I remembered on my own, because that individual is no more…
Christmas for me this year will definitely be a very reflective one because of the absence of this individual.

And there are many people who instead of indulging in the festivities will be opting to reflect on the past year. They might have lost a loved one or someone close to their hearts, and because of this, cannot embrace the many festivities this season.

But this may not necessarily be a bad thing, for I do believe reflection and appreciation should be the theme of every Christmas.

Although those we love may not forever be destined to be with us, we can always reserve a special place in our hearts for them.

In the same way we can be thankful for the birth of the Christ Child, we can be thankful for those persons whose purpose was to be in our lives for but a season, so that we can have gained a better perspective of our existence.

While many may view this end of year holiday as one to celebrate because they survived yet another year, it could be equally gratifying to remember how others helped in one way or another to get us through a day, a situation, or just made us smile.

The best gift at Christmas doesn’t always have to be represented by a high price tag; sometimes just knowing that there was someone who genuinely went the extra mile for you could be the best gift someone can give.

And it was just this that the birth of the Christ Child signifies. He was born to die for the sins of the world so that we could have a path of redemption – He, essentially, went more than the extra mile for mankind, many of whom wouldn’t share a glass of water with another in a desperate situation.

This year celebrate if you must, but don’t forget for one moment the season has a bigger meaning than just that.

Interesting enough, reflection and appreciation for the positive things that have happened in our lives more than likely wouldn’t cause a single dollar to be deducted from our pockets. But be cautious, it could cause a tear or two to fall, and at times, cause a smile to emerge.