Let's Start Giving, call your neighbour today!


We are reminded, we change the world. Go out today and change your world!



  1. OA Sr. While this suggeston is for everyone, I think it will help you in your Kennedy quest. I had a chance to sit in on a meeting that was set up to begin formulating a Crime Watch program in an area that hitherto did not have one. Attending, was Superintendant Miller of the Carmichael Station. One of the many points he made was that where there is a stromg Crime Watch program there has been a significant reduction in home invasions. Also, persons who become part of this program develop a much stronger neighbourhood bond that has been missing in our lives. So I urge all of you who want to see a reduction in crime to make the effort to join and support that neighbourhood effort. If there is not a crime watch in the neighbourhood where you live make the it you mission to begin one. Omar, by joining, in Kennedy, and actively participating you will benefit from the association and get to know the civic minded persons you will need in Kennedy.

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