Bahamas Press Weekend Entertainment!


As we look at the rough weeks that have rocked the Bahamas and the world, we have discovered that there is much pain out there. Perhaps you lost your job this week or someone reading this closed the business down. Bahamas Press wants you the people of the Bahamas to take your minds of the situation, and get out of the house, take a walk, visit a family or friend. Go out (IF POSSIBLE to dinner tonight) or find a charitable fair today. Go to this years Christmas Jollification event on Village Road, FIND A CHURCH THIS WEEK. DO SOMETHING, for this too shall pass. JUST ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!


  1. Dearr Editor:

    I was amazed when I saw your caption “Let’s Start Giving, Call Your Neighbour Today”

    My name is Patrice Stubbs and I am crazy enough to believe that as Bahamians, we can come together in a national effort to be our brother’s keepers. I believe that this is our one moment in time, when it is not just about me, myself, my family and I but it can be about a people who come together in the most difficult of times – going beyond the call of duty and helping each other, an unselfish people committed to sharing, caring, planting seeds of hope and love.

    Thus the birth of Carry Your Candle, Light The Bahamas. Please see the attached info, the second, 12 month planner will follow in another email [ too large for one email]. We seem to be of the same mind.

    I along with some of my team have been visiting the various civic organizations, beginning in Grand Bahama to get groups to joins hands and lets do this. Response has been great. Rotary, Kiwians & Toastmasters.
    I am making arrangements with the hope of support to come into Nassau and speak with the various, civic, business, social organizations, as well as churchs, unions, the legal , political, media, medical, and business systems throughout the Bahamas.

    I am inviting you to join hands with us and lets Carry Your Candle, and Light The Bahamas. I would be more than happy to talk to you some more about what this campaign is all about and how we can work together.

    Warm regards,

    Patrice Stubbs
    Carry Your Candle, Light The Bahamas
    373 – 3 nine28
    the nine key is not working

  2. only bunch of criminals at dat Christmas Jollification on village road, cause they are surely breakin da law by parking all over the side walk and road, not to mention driving drunk.

    so, no thanks.

  3. Always love me some Marvin Gaye. My Father looked so much like him and he always used to like to dress like him too. These some good memories.

  4. Media that’s the spirit we need to be encouraging to one another. At a time when so many are hurting, it is good to encourage people to do things that will make them happy. What I have found it is the simplest things that you can do to make some one happy. My cousin was one of the person that was laid off from Atlantis, I invited her and her three daughters over to my house last night to watch a DVD with me and my nephew who lives with me, I made dinner and desert for them and she provide the soft drinks. After the movie was over, we started reminiscing about childhood, there was a lot of things her daughters did not know about her, it was little embarrassing for her, but we got a lot of laugh and it was a lot of fun and very inexpensive.

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