Jim Henson needs ZNS, REAL CHARACTERS!


Nassau, Bahamas: Creator of the Muppet Show Jim Henson would still be running his show if he had the characters and writers at ZNS to assist him in the production. Tonight ZNS reported that Kerzner’s Dubai $30 million opening was GOOD NEWS FOR THE BAHAMAS? UUUMMMMM? Good news?

The last time we saw great irony like that line was when the Muppet Show  was on the big screen. How did the writer of ZNS come to that conclusion? Atlantis Resort just fired over 1,000 workers from the Paradise Island property. And have announced that the remaining 7,800 jobs are not secure. But according to ZNS, the Dubai opening is Good News for the country? MY GOODNESS ZNS HAS BECOME THE MODERN DAY MUPPET SHOW! The Nightly News MAKE KERMIT THE FROG APPEAR AS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL WHO SHOULD BE GIVEN A JOB AT THE ZNS CORPORATION.

Is anyone critically thinking at ZNS, or is Hubert Ingraham editing that SILLY? Stay tuned on Bahamas Press and listen to a BREAKING STORY WE WILL PRESENT THIS WEEKEND WHERE 4 CABINET MINISTER WERE IN A ROOM. WE HAVE THE RECORDED INFORMATION, UNBELIEVABLE!


  1. ….lol…. Media, I cannot take credit for that joke, Drama King was the real comedian behind that one. You know he could talk fool, he had me cracking right up too! With all them puppets all over the evening news, ZNS really starting to look like the modern day Muppet Show …he he he he!…

  2. Well listen here KIM, I woke up laughing at your post this morning. I thought I could be hilarious, but when I read this last night, I went to sleep laughing and woke up laughing!

    All we need now is a quartet, and musician to write the music and you to complete this song, AS WE ALL CAN SEE YOU HAVE A THING FOR PUTTING THE RIGHT WORDS TOGETHER, and we know of a comedic show coming up where we can have the quartet and actors together to play out the DRAMA in the WUTLESS MEDIA today! LOL!

    I can hear the music now….BUM BUM BUM BUM,

    “Its time to put on make up! Its time to light the lights! Its Time to Raise The Curtains With Jerome and Dem Tonight!!”

    “Its time to get all started! It time to get it right! Its fool the people on ZNS tonight!”

    LOL! YALL I IN TEARS, Someone PLEASE finish the song. LOL!!!!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  3. This is HILARIOUS !!!

    “Its time to put on make up ! Its time to light the lights ! Its Time to Raise The Curtains With Jerome and Dem Tonight !!”

    Muppets gone crazy on ZNS…..LOL….yall ga kill me !!

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