Hubert is Back and well, PEOPLE CRYING!



  1. Actually, Drama King it happens every 5 years you think by now some 40 years later they would have lerned their lessons. Politicians want to keep the people ignorant in their attempt to retain power. Hon. Perry Christie is not a weak leader, he just suffered the same way Sir Lynden did. Why? Because he surrounded himself with a few individuals who at the time lacked discipline. History will reflect on his leadership in a favourable way.
    He really has passion for the people. After chatting with him a few times, I am convinced he put Bahamians first. I really cannot say the same about the FNM and Hubert Ingraham, with the exception of Branville McCartney and Herbert Minnis. These guys are workers.

  2. Omar you are so right. It makes me sick to see how Bahamians get used each time by these politicians.

  3. Objective thought I am tempted to tell you kiss my ebony posteria, but you are right I need to tune it down a bit, I am just tired of Bahamians be used like election idiots by self serving politicians. Maybe I will take your advice on the temper thing but I have a passion for equal rights and justice for all and if that bothers you then go pray for me because I am who I am and will not change to suit you or anyone as long as God is pleased to hell with man. I live to please God and serve my people. If that bothers you then you have a problem guy.

  4. Kim, Tristan, Jr, Joe and objective thought, thank you for your words of advice I will surely take them into consideration….KENNEDY here we come!

  5. Objective thought: Reading Omar post you could sense that it is written with sincerity. When he talks about the conditions in our country, I could feel the passion in which he speaks. To see mothers prostituting their little girls and the unpleasant state many people find themselves in is enough to make anyone sick. He is only human, when he speaks he is just showing his annoyance and I will not hold this imperfection against him, because I know in the past I had the same problem. This is something minor that he must work on, the most important thing is he is not blinded to the social ills that exist in our country, he is open minded and can relate to people who find themselves in unsatisfactory conditions, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and he wants the opportunity to make a positive differences. If you ask me more people like Omar needs to be willing to take the lead.

  6. Objective Thought should think before he write such nonsance on this page. Who can be more rude than the Prime Minister himself. You see as you sit in the dark and think Mr Ingraham is firm and decisive, We all know that Our Prime Minister is Rude, Out of Control, Bulldog, and as BP say a toothless Lion. “Wutless” as you can recall came from the Prime Minister debate towards the Leader of the Opposition and the FNM was so low that they added it to their Website bosting about it. How Rude and cruel can a Man be who supose to be the Leader of our Great Country. So before u put your so call Objective thought here, Go and THINK before you WRITE…

    Congratualations Prospective MP for Kennedy The Future Hon. Omar Archer Sr. yes there is alot of work to be done in the grooming process but never loose that common touch. Always play fair ball and teach and remind our fellow bahamians that we live in a Democratic Country. My hope for the future that I would hope you work towards is to KILL the Spirit of VICTIMIZATION. Until next time Omar, Keep the faith

  7. Objective Thought, I don’t know Omar but I have followed him in the media and on this blog and while there are some things I wished he would present differently, what makes him interesting to me is the fact that he is different from what we are used to in a politician. i can take the rough edges if it comes with a sincerity that we don’t often see in politicians. This man brought the Desmond Key saga to the public’s attention. This man brought the Stephen’s Close scandal to the public’s attention. Now think about that and ask yourself this question: Is it possible that Omar may have attempted to give this information to sitting politicians on both sides and nothing happened? I say yes, and that may have been why he came out with these issues.

    We just saw what having a politician with a completely different approach and outlook did in America. This country needs a shake up to the status quo and if I have to put up with some colorful language on BP from Omar to get it, so be it. I tell you this much, We know Omar for his attempts to help people with those two issues and for getting shot in Kennedy. What do we know Derrick Ryan for? Being Harachi’s lawyer and dissing the same PLP he wants to run for. Now you tell me who is the real deal and who isn’t. Omar, i don’t live in Kennedy and I’ve never met you but I will tell you this. Run Omar Run and if they don’t give you the nomination, you take it yourself and beat your opponents like they were the sissy who shot you. Much love and respect.

  8. O.A.Sr. Congratulations on your decision to run. Suggest the first thing you do is study the Constitution carefully. Take a course in public speaking. Develope a firm handshake. Always have a sincere smile on your lips and in your eyes. When people address you look straight in their eyes and listen intently even if you disagree with them. Don’t raise your voice in anger or disgust. Don’t ever badmouth your opponent or his/her party. Starting now, each morning go to the mirror and say out loud 3 times,”Today is going to be the best day of my life. Believe it and you will lift your spirits up and be ready to face all the challenges that you will face in your quest to be elected. Best of luck to you! Yes you can.

  9. Omar Sr. You want an explanation that is a might personal but here it is. At night, in bed, I sometimes have an explosion of noxious gases and my better half often says “There’s Joe Blow at it again. You asked for it! Forgive me please!

  10. Kim, I am dissapointed in your answer to Omar!!

    What fine principles??

    Because he runs on with alot of things that the public wants to hear, you think that he has fine principles??

    Anyone can talk!! First find out how many persons he has helped for FREE because he knew that they were being treated wrongly!!

    The BDM does not miss him at all because he is a trouble maker!!

    People have to feel what you are talking about…

  11. Omar, I am sorry but I can’t support you in your quest to become an MP for the PLP… I know that you did not mention the PLP but I know that you ran for chairman during the last convention!!

    First of, you are to boisterous! I have heard you on the talk shows and you can be very rude!!

    You are NO example for our youths! You use obscene language for absolutely NO reason. You must learn to control yourself especially in public because you will NOT be accepted by the majority!

    There is nothing wrong with being down to earth but you are simply out of control!

    When you gain some control, I will fight for you to be the candidate for Kennedy… I aint saying that you have to be perfect because none of us are but to gain respect, you must first show respect!!!

  12. Omar this is wonderful news thanks for sharing it with your BP family. It’s good to know Kennedy have a man of fine principles willing to represent for them. I really hope everything works out for you. Although, I enjoy your comments and views, I prefer to remain anonymous. Also, I am not a fan of either party at the moment. I am praying for more young people like yourself and Branville McCartney to take the lead in this country. I am so tired of these older men who can’t seem to get enough of power; I need them to step aside before I could make any commitment. Anyway, I am happy for you and just know that I will be praying for everything to work out in Kennedy for you.

  13. Well guys you are the first to know. After meeting with some key persons in Kennedy, I have decided to campaign for the nomination. Email me with your ideas. We need to put a winning team together. Kim, Rupert and Joe you are all invited to join the team. If nominated we will win Kennedy convincingly. I will make an official announcement on Jan 19th, 2009. I must first find an available office space to establish a base. I am excited and prepared.

  14. Joe, Why did you put blow at the end of your screen name? Give me a response independent of LOTION.

  15. Well I have NO contention with JOE you know, only for the fact that HE like ‘WOW’ have these stated political positions and cannot see between the lines of what in being said by the WUTLESS MEDIA or their political parties.

    Then in his cool smooth way attempt to refute our arguments and further rebuke our grammar. I mean it is incredible what Joe would say to us, and at the same time act as if we are DUMB enough to see what he says as different from our position.


  16. BP needs to let these public figures know that their dirt will not be sweep under the rug. We finally have a media willing to keep them on their toes, so they could do better in life. I encourage BP to pull out all the dirt in the middle of the floor, so everyone could see.

  17. Omar It is hard to find people with good morals these days. Parents have failed their children and many of our politicians and our religious leaders are not setting any good examples. The conditions that you described in your post were very disturbing; things can only get better when people start to include God in their lives. Do we still consider ourselves a Christian nation?

  18. Bp, I think u r doing a GRATE job, a better job than The Guardian, Tribune and the bird cage carpet called the Punch. Every headline, every story was fully understood, and as u can see i een gat no G.C.E…. So BP keep dem good stories coming…… can’t wait for next one.

  19. Oh my God Omar! What a disgrace! That mother is so desperate; she is prepared to throw her child’s future like that? I sense some mothers were going to start selling their daughters, sons or themselves. You have some weak people in our society that will not make it through these rough times, people are desperate and they would do whatever they believe will help them to survive. This is so tragic.

  20. Media: There is no doubt in my mind that you and your colleagues provide a valuable opportunity for bloggers to share their opinions and ideas, good or bad. I note ,however that you could make the site a little more palatable by toning down the descriptions and innuendos applied to some of the public figures. If nothing else, we all must respect the office if not the person holding that office. I want to see you grow in your abilities as a journalist and that is why I sometimes try to constructively critisize your efforts. At times I have to puzzle out just what it is you are trying to convey. If you would just take the time to read over your article and make it a little more comprehensive, and grammatically correct, it would help a good deal. Editing is a good part of journalism. Here is a suggestion, that you may or may not, want to incorporate into your articles. Present the salient points, with no editoralising, no blaming, no name calling. Then add a paragraph or two at the end stating your editorial take on the matter. You do have as much right to your opinion as I do. That way we get to know just what your take is on the subject. Because the majority of your bloggers(in my opinion) seem very politically motivated to support the PLP party I find myself in the position of defending the other party, not because I support them but because I like a fair and balanced discussion. In the long run it is my belief that We, the people, must provide the impetus to push this country forward, not the politicians. My comment to OZ was to encourage him to continue accessing this site as I believe he may have some excellent ideas to put forth and heaven knows we need that. Please understand, I have no quarrel with you, I just want you to be all you can be.

  21. I actually invited a judge here from Atlanta to present to Min. Of National Sec. Tommy Turnquest her proven crime prevention plan. A plan that has been chosen by the U.S Department of Justice as among it’s 10 best. A plan that was adopted by the South African Government. Tommy Turnquest never saw the need to meet with her dispite her many attempts to reach him. HE DOES NOT CARE. Turnquest is lazy and unfit to lead.

  22. Kim! YA DAMN RIGHT! You and I probably said the same thing when I heard the news of plane loads of Bahamians are still travelling to Mia, Ft. Laud, and Orl. That’s a ‘psyche’. People are hurting so bad now. Just yesterday I was approached by a 16 year old girl and she openly and boldly offered me sex in exchange for money. Her mother was right F****N there. I actually had to talk to the mother and advised her strongly against pimpin’ her daughter. AIDS,STD’s what the hell has gone wrong with our people? We have far too many broken homes in this country. We have far too many of our children being sexually abused in this country, We have far too many worthless small minded men out there having children with many different women acting like damn modern day Stud Slaves (That includes many politicians today too), We have far too many individuals taking from the poor in the name of the All Mighty God while molesting out children and engaging in homosexual behavior, We have far too many GREEDY ASS selfish politicians raping the system while we the people suffer, We have far too many criminals on bail for serious crimes roaming our streets, we have far too many young girls under the ageof 16 having babies, We have far too many lesbians within our high school system, We have sold far toomuch undeveloped Bahamian land fothe sake of the yankee dollar and lack of will to diversify our one crop economy, We have far too much patience with lying Members of Parliaments who make myriad empty promises during election time just for votes, We have far too many paedophiles from various countries living here and praying on our children and young adults for the sake of money, We have far too many religious leaders living in multi million dollar homes while the common man lives in squalor.

    I can’t wait to help bring about real change to my country. A change that will jealously embrace the ideals of true empowerment of Bahamians.

  23. Omar we are lacking CRITICAL THINKERS IN THIS COUNTRY! People in key positions and places like ZNS are absolutely BRAIN DEAD! And the patient [The Bahamas] is suffering because of it.

    Well let me get together this series of SHOCKING details discovered at a FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION.


  24. Hmmm. Media you ‘stabbed dem deep wit dat wun’ I laughed loud on that one. However, you made some very good points. Points that I truly agree with.

  25. Last week after 800 employees of Atlantis lost their jobs, ZNS came on the television the very next day saying how promising everything looks for the tourism industry and now this week they are talking about how the planes are booked and people traveling more than last year this time. People don’t be sucker by ZNS; it appears as if they are trying to down play the current condition of the economy. We don’t know who those people are on those planes; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the people who were laid off from the hotel. We still have plenty people in the country that can afford to travel. For some reason it feels as if ZNS is going the extra mile to convince the general public that things isn’t as bad as it appears.

  26. See this is the problem I have with JOE, ZNS and the government can say any CRAP and its the GOSPEL ACCORDING TO HUBERT. But when we report something, we are negative, painful and you dismisses us as not being serious.

    LISTEN JOE, like HUBERT SAID JOE, GO FIND YA BP and stop digesting the CRAP spewed by ZNS. On LOVE97FM TONIGHT travel agents are saying the business this year Thanksgiving is NO WHERE NEAR last years. And, ZNS never mentioned how is this year’s booking over last year for thanksgiving on Bahamasair. They never mentioned how Bahamasair CUT their flight by half. And to cut your flights by half to the US and still have only 70% travel bookings just tells us all that something is wrong with this year thanksgiving compared to last year.

    BUT THEY CAN FEED YOU ANY CRAP and its GOSPEL. And then you come on this blog to spill the garbage they feed and in the same breathe you try dismiss what we present as nothing?

    What is there to follow in the lead, “Dubai opening is good for the Bahamas”? ZNS never explained the point. Don’t get me wrong, we can present GREAT POINTS on here [BP], but when I see and hear STUPIDITY coming form SENIOR men in this country, I MUST REMIND YOU AND OZ, Bahamas Press is not awash with the mess pushed out by the state run news! And we, if NO ONE ELSE will defend to the hilt what we present on here.

    Stay tuned this weekend, and you JOE of all, will know what REAL JOURNALIST DO. We find information and report the news, NOT SPIN!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  27. How to be a ‘good’ journalist:

    Write controversial head lines to attract peoples natural curiosity to gossip

    Blame the current government for any and all problems without any facts or reasoning.

    Seriously, you guys did this under the PLP now its the same thing with the FNM? I fully agree that we hold the government responsible for problems in the country, but you guys throw them under the truck just because they’re in power.

    Listen, lets not be naive here, we have an economy catered to serving the western world (north america and western europe). when they are taking a hit in their economy of course ours is affected. If the PLP were in power, we would be in the same position.

    The problem is, no Government in power in the past 20 years took time to come up with a backup plan to when tourism would fail. Economies naturally fluctuate and now we’re at a low, Ms Cleo could have saw that coming. Steps should have been taken to have back up industries to focus on. Why hasnt any party put efforts into agriculture? Or Bio fuels? Imagine the money our country could have if we grew crops for biofuel.

    But I’ll tell you why, they like most Bahamian voters are short sighted unfortunately and if they want to win an election are forced to focus on giving people quick remedies.

    Its silly for us to sit back and say we should have voted PLP or boastfully claim that we did, and its not our fault, the party we voted for would have fixed this problem.

    The problem is with all of us. The reason its hard for governments to get agriculture going is because we as Bahamians don’t want to do it. We were happy to enjoy the money from tourism and pretend it would never end.

    I’ve stated the problems and now the solutions is to get rid of these old mindsets that everything is the government’s fault. We are just as responsible for our nation as anyone else. Excuse me for being cliche, but we must demand change.

    PLP/FNM whats the big difference? Im not biased to any party, I’m biased to moving forward. We need people to step up and point our country in the right direction. Develop industries that are going to get people jobs and mouths fed.

    My final point is, stop throwing the blame, it doesn’t get anything accomplished. Focus on whats going to fix our problem of dependency on other countries for survival.

    I’ve long given up on this website to promote anything positive for our country, it really is just an online Punch. Spewing useless gossip to distract you from what you should be doing.

  28. And all the hard pressed Bahamians are off to Florida! Planes are booked solid. Let’s spend what we got in our package deal and we’ll let the government worry about what tomorrow may bring. They won’t let us starve. “Since we cannot change reality, let’s just ignore it and maybe it will go away!”

  29. The thing about Bahamians is that we are interested in the present. We tend to take for granted the many blessings God has given to us, and never prepare for rainy days. Well, the storm clouds are upon us and it’s pouring rain. I am a young Bahamian and I voted PLP, and I am very proud to say it. I knew at my young age that the FNM would bring us to this and anyone that knows me can attest to that fact. It’s sad that we as a nation were so caught up in the minor details that we forgot to look at the big picture. Hubert Ingraham’s legacy is over. He had his years of plenty and we took for granted that things would be the same. The stoppage of some $90M in investment projects, and urban renewal programs and initial job losses because many very victimized. I feel bad for my people. The rich Bahamians are secure, and we are left in the cold. It’s a sad day in our country when the average Bahamian can’t support his family, and meet his daily obligations. When we vote, we vote for the future….we vote with the hopes that tomorrow will be better than today. We need to stop perpetuating ignorance!

  30. Y’all remember their campaign song?

    “Hubert is back back back back back, GOOD LORD”

    Well now you know that the “good lord” lyric was an expression of grief and not joy.

  31. It is only the poor and middle class that is going through this recession by themselves, the rich aint affected they still partying, shopping and laughing, aint nothing change for them.

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