'Crybaby Sour' Laing attacking the PLP?



The once self proclaimed ‘Man of God’ is now working overtime for the devil. Laing attacked members of the PLP in parliament last week, and is seen in this photo begging former PM Christie for something. Laing told parliament, he was victimized by Christie and later burst out with crocodile tears, giving him the name, Crybaby on BP.

Nassau, Bahamas: There is a place call Parliament in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, which is considered by some, to be the place where astute men and women conduct the business of the country. But one must wonder how astute the persons who sit in that place really are?

Last week as the members of parliament met to debate the economic state of the country, amid the firings of over 1,000 workers at Atlantis and many others around the country, Zhivargo ‘CRY BABY SOUR’ Laing decided to turn the debate into a sham, where he lambasted members of the opposition PLP. The member for Marco City was just short of calling members of the opposition ‘WUTLESS’, just as his mentor Lackey #1 [Ingraham] did months before.

‘Crybaby’ Laing sought to rewrite history by suggesting that the PLP do not speak for the people of the Bahamas. He concluded that when a resolution was put forth in the parliament to congratulate the government [for the mess it created] in assisting the people of the country, members of the opposition opposed the resolution.

‘Crybaby’ Laing further noted that it was incredible to see a member of parliament on the opposition side oppose taxi and bus fare increases. Now despite the fact no one in the WUTLESS MEDIA nor finance department has taken a survey as to whether the people of the country agree with a fare increase, ‘Crybaby’ Laing said that the PLP member’s call for the government to retract the increase, proves that the party was out of sync with the masses and confirms that the PLP do not speak for bus and taxi drivers anymore.

‘Crybaby’ Laing sucked up praise form Ingraham as he hurled attack after attack on the PLP, whilst Ingraham slammed constantly his hand of the desk like a ‘box head’ monk calling for food. Bahamas Press wondered seriously what was going on in the head of members of the PLP as fire came from the parliament’s ‘Crybaby’. The Wutless bias speaker never asked Laing to withdraw any statement, and well the PLP, with no ‘BULL DOG’ in Parliament, was left licking wounds from ‘Crybaby’ Laing’s CUT (YOU KNOW WHAT) on them.

Bahamas Press reminds PLPs and members of the wider public, that this is what happens when the leaders opposite fail to have a plan in place for such assaults. This is what occurs when a 50 plus year-old organization has no strong internal strategist within the walls of its party to expose the record of such Crybabies. And this is exactly what occurs when a ‘Pussy Cat’ leads a party.

‘Crybaby’ Laing went on to say that the PLP today knows nothing about poverty, as he was one who grew up in a two-room house. ‘Crybaby’ Laing went on to explain that whilst his mother and someone were in one room, the other nine (9) children slept together in the other room. And here is where the debate got interesting.

No PLP stood up on the floor of the parliament and reminded ‘Crybaby’ LAING that it was the PLP and Lynden Pindling who rescued his mother and the 14 other thieves out of that two-room house in Grand Bahama. (Oh did Laing say it was nine (9)?)

No PLP MP stood up on the floor of the parliament and reminded ‘Crybaby’ LAING that it was the PLP who funded his education abroad.

No PLP MP stood up on the floor of the parliament and reminded ‘Crybaby’ Laing that it was the PLP who posted him at the Bahamian Embassy in Washington D.C to work during the PLP government.

No PLP stood on the floor of the Parliament and reminded ‘Crybaby’ Laing how he brought in his THIEFIN cousin ‘Adrian’ in the ministry of youth, where he  [Adrian] stole monies from the government in a computer scandal which caused Ingraham to quickly move Laing to another department.

And not a PLP stood up and questioned Laing as to why he broke the laws of the country – using his office in the ministry of finance – where he caused the tariff on the drink ‘Mona Vie’ to be changed! EZ Imports, another family business, brought cases of MONA VIE  into Grand Bahama.

‘Crybaby’ Laing’s audacious comments in the parliament against the PLP could have only occurred because it is true, the PLP lack something. And we believe had Bahamas Press been asked how to respond to Laing in that place, where astute men and women should sit, Laing would have quickly stop his speech and found himself running to smokers room asking, “When will this session end!”


  1. Laing’s political career is on the rocks…He needs to learn a lesson from Branville on how to be honest with people and also how to get things done..

  2. I will ask the question to the FNM Admin, Lets see if they will answer much less post that…lol

  3. Ladies I just wanted to throw out some food for thought, what do you think the Government did with the $220,000,000 (Million)dollars they took from the country’s foreign reserve and the additional $120,000,000 in from the country’s excess liquidity giving a total of $340,000,000
    in the first six months of their administration from May – November 2007. That money would come in handy now in these difficult times for many Bahamians.

  4. I totally agree ladies. Tristan I read your post on the PLP website. Quite interesting. Kim I love your fire and passion.

  5. Omar I am very serious. It makes me sick to see these hypocrites. That is why I stop watching HOA on TV, I found myself getting upset all the time, I could not handle watching them play around and dissing each other, when so many people are hurting.

  6. These people never seize to amaze me; I wonder where did Min. Laing found the audacity to criticize anyone or anything, when in fact his reputation is so tarnished. I am don’t believe in judging everyone the same, but it’s ministers like Mr. Laing that makes it so hard for me to trust politicians. He has a trail of dirty following behind him, he has never own up to any of the damage he has done. Now he could find the gall to stand up in Parliament and pretend like he is a man of virtues and he is in the position to point fingers at others, I can not bring myself to trust Ministers like Minister Laing. Until these treacherous people could stand up in Parliament and admit their mistakes and show the public that they really want to do better in life, I will not be able to trust them.

  7. I have a little different take on the last meeting of the HOA. It was a day when the opposition had a chance to speak to issues they wanted to address. They were free to express themselves for 10 minutes and did so, mostly uninterupted until close to the end. There was some unnecessary talking off mike ,by both sides, as usually happens. There also was no rebutal to what the opposition expressed till the end. At one point, Dr. Knottage, seeing what was happening, tried to make the issue into a debate when he declared that no one on the other side was taking turns speaking, as usually happens. This was the strategy of the governing side. Let the opposition speak(there were a few exceptions) and repeat over and again the shame and blame agenda that people are so tired of hearing. AS the end neared, a few on the governing side spoke and anhilated the opposition. Say what you will, Mr. Laing did a very good job of putting those opposite in their place. This session was never meant to be a debate, it was staged to let the members in opposition make fools of themselves, which with omly a few exceptions, they did.

  8. There is an old saying “when you bring a water pistal to a gun fight then you will be killed”..Mr Laing in my view has lost any credit and honour that he ever had he has stood up in Parliament and spewd the most nonsense of any cabinet minister in this Ingrahm Administration and it is to my surprise that the PLP let him get away with this stuff.

    Mr Laing stood up in the House last week and stated that in 2004 the job rate in the country was high and that people where lineing up foe wellfare support and that at that time the PLP did not increase the NIB wellfare program or did they increase the food stamp budget…well as I watched this sureal apeach from Mr Laing mu only thaught was that Mr Laing was not in Nassau or in the Bahamas in 2002-2007 for if he was the record growth and investment was so good that when they took office they found that the governments current account was seeing a surplus for the first time in Bahamian History and that revenue collection was ahead of its target and on track to break records but of course this all changed when they took office in 2007.

  9. Unfortunately most of the oppositon are so tainted that they are afraid to speak up for fear of being called out. I was surprised also that they were so quiet. I am sure there were some who could in fact relate to him as far as where they came from and the hardship they experienced, but they are lost souls with no leader and a bunch of weaklings who have divided themselves in their pursuit of leadership. Scary isn’t it?

  10. But Tristan, THIS IS THE CASE. Not ‘if’, What we write on here, ask Laing the next time you see him if he was not in Washington DC Embassy, doing work for the PLP Pindling government.

    You know we can go further with this ya know and tell you exactly how Laing ended up in that 2 room house ya know? So please don’t make this article sound questionable, this is FACT!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. I love Laing, He’s a great guy he just made some serious mistakes that will haunt him when he decides to run for leadership for the FNM. Branville McCartney is their best choice for leadership leading into 2012. But knowing Hubert, her will find a way to try an destroy Branville before he gains more respect from party supporters.

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