Letter writer says Grand Bahama Immigration Department has no transportation equipment? Well, what is DIS?


Immigration take out unregistered chef on Paradise Island restaurant.

Dear BP Editor,

We know your news page is the driving the heart of information for the people and we, the good people of Grand Bahama, want to congratulate the powerful BP team. When you all speak, everybody does listen including those in power. Therefore, as a concerned citizen, I need to bring something to your news organization’s attention.

Over there in Freeport the Immigration Department is working dead hard to do its part in getting rid of all illegal immigrants. Those officers in particular are taking every illegal immigrant to Court and are getting convictions. Kudos to them for a job well done!

However, BP, much more could be done if they could only be provided with proper transportation. Officers on Grand Bahama only have a big old tired blue and white bus which was given to them from one of those tour companies in Nassau about two years ago. The vehicle had more mileage than the law allows when it was received. Every time officers go out in it they have to put in a case of motor oil just to keep it running. The vehicle is noisy and has absolutely no ventilation. The bus is the only transportation the officers have to use to do their rounds, along with one other black jeep.

The department has been promised new vehicles during the last administration and got none! Their hands are tied, B.P., and Freeport desperately needs new transportation for the immigration department. If I recall correctly, Grand Bahama has not received any new vehicles for more than 10 years!

Every other government department has received all kind of spanking new vehicles from The University of the Bahamas to the police to the Prison Services. What has happened to the Immigration Department in Freeport? Having to settle for the leftovers that tour companies have no further use for? We need to get serious!

Please, Bahamas Press, as we know “yinner” remains impartial and objective, help assist us, please, here on Grand Bahama. For the Good of the Country and for the support of the decent Freeport Immigration officers, help them, please! I’m sure the government can do much better than this, and, if those officers had good working vehicles, we will get more done.

The department urgently needs TWO Mini Vans and a 15 seater buses. If we could spend $200m for the defence force fleet, we must be able to be secured with these vehicles. HELP US, PLEASE, BP, as we know when you blast this the IDB, THE UN, The Development Bank and the those in and out of power will read!

Thanks in advance for bringing this to the government’s attention as they may not even be aware of this.


A Grand Bahamian ready to defend the Bahama for Bahamians!