Letter writer says Minnis Government “DOES NOT CARE FOR THE POOR”!


The Minnis Cabinet

Dear Editor,

I confess that l supported the FNM and believed everything that Hubert Minnis said. He promised that they would make life better for all. He even used his fictitious story about him being poor. We all know his father was one of the few successful business black businessmen for decades.

But after hearing Minnis paint such a grim picture of the PLP, l convinced my family and friends to vote FNM. He said all PLP was corrupt.

Today he has “heaped more taxes” on our backs, even when he fired my sister who is a single mother of four.

HE lied that the PLP could not find the VAT money. WHICH IS A LIE! He has lied about many things.

He lied about BAHA MAR TOO!

Now he plans to DROWN US IN MORE TAXES.

He sat right there and allow HELICOPTERS AND AIRPLANES to be “Duty free!” But he did not make used cars duty free. He refused to make fruits and vegetables duty free.


So Thursday 14 June, me, my children, family and friends marched. We will not be voting FNM this time.

Minnis could careless about us from over the hill. He is busy helping his RICH WHITE FRIENDS.
Any FNM who cannot see that they are being shafted will feel it sooner or later. “But if l only did know” – always comes too late!

We will not be fooled by spin doctors. We know better. Minnis must not be allowed to do any more damage to this country.

I am embarrassed to be an FNM. Don’t be fooled, many FNM was on the march. MANY

Sandra Cleare-Thompson