Lies, Damn Lies and the Pathological Liar!

Papa stress right out as campaingn collapses. Atlantis jobs at risk.

by Fred Moss

I’am now convinced that Hubert Ingraham is mentally disturbed, but , not only is he stark raving mad he is a pathological liar as well. During the F.N.M.’s launch of their sacrificial candidates on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012, held in the ballroom of the Our Lucaya Resort, Hubert Ingraham found the time to quote nursery rhymes while there are those on the island of Grand Bahama whi would be hard pressed to tell you were their next meal is coming from.

Now this pathological liar is at it again, selling a bag of false hopes and dreams. The F.N.M. is now reporting that the recession has bottom out on the island of Grand Bahama, if Hubert Ingraham was to be believed the economy is on the up swing….Pray tell, where is the evidence of this ? Just days before the christmas, the Hutchison Group had terminated 72 workers from their Container Port and Airport facilities, without so much as a ‘ good morning ‘ from the use-less Minister of Labour, Dion Foulkes. It is now being said that we can expect another round of lay-off from the Our Lucaya Resort.

On the heel of the closure of two City Meat Supermarkets, one in Lucaya, the other downtown from which apx 72 workers loss their jobs the Prime Minister painted a rosey picture of Grand Bahama. He went so far as to say that the occ. % at Our Lucaya was 75 % …what he did not say was that two of the three hotel properties was closed…Nice try Ingraham !

Under the F.N.M. the bad news keep getting worst, just yesterday it was reported that another 29 persons was fired from the Old Bahama Bay Resort in West End….What’s next Ingraham ? The closure of Freeport ? Todate there are apx. 27 businesses that has closed its doors to the public, one more year under this F.N.M. administration and we will all be picking peas out off…..

During his press conference for the opening of the new wing for the Rand Hospital…Hell ! Let’s call it what it truly was….the F.N.M. pre-election promotion which he hopes would boast his don’t care image, Hubert Ingraham told the press that now that he and the Port Authority are ‘ now ‘ on speaking terms that his government will put up $1/2 million in matching marketing funds to get the economy of Freeport going. How could a human being be so vindictive ? To spite one man…..Hubert Ingraham allowed the lives of apx. 60 thousand Bahamians to be torn apart.

As the old timers would say..” Out off the mouth of babies and fools ” Let’s face it , Hubert Ingraham is no baby. Once again Hubert Ingraham was bold enough to say to the Bahamian public that he was responsible for the economic collapse of Grand Bahama, to say that he was not at on speaking terms with the biggest investors this island has over some silly work permit is the same as saying that he held the economy of Freeport hostage….Now that it is election time he now finds the common sense to sit down with the Port Authority…!