Like carnivores, the F.N.M. is now eating it’s young


By Fred Moss

What is now taking place within the F.N.M. can easily be turned into a blockbuster movie or a # 1 best selling novel.

Like a pack of rabid Pitbulls, the F.N.M. has began to eat it’s young. Bran McCartney, the once ‘ Blue Eyed ‘ boy of Hubert Ingraham has bolted the party taking with him a healthy chunk of the F.N.M. support base.

As it look now, McCartney has dealt the F.N.M. a fatal blow, for the first time in twenty five years Hubert Ingraham is now hearing the death rattle of the F.N.M….It was one thing for a few blacks from over the hill to jump ship but he’s now faced with seeing some of his beloved ‘ whites’ and former U.B.P.s not only following McCartney, becoming candidates, but funding his campaign as well.

The question is, what do all of this mean for the F.N.M., ” Are they now approaching the Valley of Death “? Not being satisfied with having taken away a part of the F.N.M. support base, word on the streets is that McCartney is now moving in for the kill

Based on reports, a number of F.N.M. Meritorious Consul Members, former Cabinet Ministers and two ( 2 ) sitting Cabinet Ministers want to see Hubert Ingraham and Zhivargo Laing gone they hold these two most responsible for Bran having left the F.N.M

It would appear, that a large number of F.N.M.s are no longer prepared to sit by and watch Hubert Ingraham destroy the party that Cecil Wallace Whitfield built. Facing certain defeat if he stay on as Leader of the F.N.M., it would seem that Hubert Ingraham has become irrational, he now trust no one, not wanting to be on Hubert Ingraham’s bad side and have their meal ticket taken away, some local generals has put aside their man-hood, and is now saying the Chief “Een me chief…I een one a dem, I wit you”.

Not being one to lay down and die or give up easily like a raging Pitbill, Hubert Ingraham is now going for Bran McCartney and any one else who stand in his way Jugular…his surrogates have already started on the social networks sites to defame not only Bran McCartney but his would-be candidates as well. Like carnivores, the F.N.M. is now eating it’s young.


  1. @ Pratty

    I thought you all but swore that you would never visit this site again (less than 3 months ago). WOW!

    Anyway, I see you’re still at it (campaigning with all your being for the FNM). Tell me Pratty, was the polling results published by Public Domain last month accurate? If you disagree with it, please direct US to a more accurate and recent source of polling results for our consideration. Finally, on WHAT SOUND AND SENSIBLE BASIS do you contend that the FNM will win the next general elections (because that poll placed your party at the rear)?

  2. BP If you leave Papa to himself he is his own worst enemy. Men like Papa become weak once those around them no long have fear his authority.
    Let me ask who would hire the majority of those in the FNM cabinet once they lose their political clout? There clout is only as good as for long as they can hold on to power.
    It is not Bran and his growing DNA team who will decide the fate of this FNM cabinet, it is the people they have turned their backs on, once to many times.
    One Vision, One People!

  3. a common question ask is if one die what would one want to come back as in life. after seeing the state of affairs in my beloved country. i would want to come back as a foreigner in the country called the bahamas. A country when persons can come illegal and squat on land and eventually be deemed theirs. where one can enter commit crime overstay as will with no fear of the law. where one can travel for miles and miles and be entitled to jobs that bahamians need not apply or over qualified etc.. yes a foreigner in the bahamas would be my reincarnation moment.

  4. @ Ingrid Rolle

    You may disagree with BP’s wording and timing but the content and conclusion bears out in the wider community. The FNM is taking a beating in the public relations department and it has absolutely nothing to do with BP. It seems to me that the party has become its own worst enemy. The foolish “attack” during Branville’s constituency meeting has produced an outcome that die-hards (FNMs) cannot digest (the only potential leader within your party who has cross-party appeal has left you). Find the persons responsible for that disruption and deal with them publicly (show no mercy) OR SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR WELL DESERVED BLOWS.

  5. No one can discredit you BP.You are doing a great job of that yourself.Furthermore it is clear that this is nothing more than a PLP propaganda site controlled by Bradley Roberts and co.The same crew that sponsored Black belt.Whose editor was Gorman Bannister who is now the editor of Bahamas Press.When you put these two together [Bradley Roberts and Gorman Bannister ]what do you expect from a tired washed up politician and a disgraced traitor.

    • Yes Yes you have said that for the 5th time today Pratty. Keep READING!

      We report and yinner decide!


    • @ Pratty

      I with you, they like talk crap but down deep everyone know the FNM is still going to win this election. Bran full a hot air just like Perry and this site.

  6. People, ya’ll really believe the fallen economy was caused by the Government? Unbelieveable!! The old boys are devoid of new ideas and programs for this country. Most Bahamian to emotional with politics and want fight when these fellas got out and have a drink together. I wish we would all mnake decisions on what is good for the country and not for their friends, family and lovers.

  7. BP you are nothing but a vote for the PLP you as lame as Mr.Perry christie all you do is talk ****and write gossip not concrete nothing with true to it all those murders happening go cover them you don’t have to make up stories, and for your nformation you are not more popular tnan FLOWERS OR ISLAND LUCK you can stand next to them. Have a nice day.

  8. BP, I have been reading your postings for a while now, but lately I have been concerned about your onesidedness. Your constant and consistent bashing of the Government has become a turn-off. I checked in today to see about this so called letter concerning some matters in the PLP with George Smith, Raynard Rigby, Obie Wilchcombe etc. and nominations yet I was disappointed to not see it here. Will you publish this letter? Right now, me personally, I am tired of the PLP and FNM. I want change for the better for this Bahamas.

  9. lol das good. hubert too old. i taut he say he didnt wan run again now look. i guess power jus dat sweet. wat he wan do die in office? smt give bran a chance man. i young and i support da DNA!!

  10. we was in good hands in 2007 but bahamians wanted change and we get change from better to worst in ’07’ we had jobs less crime and a pm who cares about bahamians most of us take voting for a joke and don’t realize that who we vote in choose are destiny for five yrs so far that was phone cards. stealing.and killing one another when last brent round up haitians,jamaicians’chinese ‘and the rest of them this fnm cost one to hate being a bahamian and rather be a foreigner.

  11. If this is true, it goes to show what happens when leaders do not believe in transitioning of power, or fail to pass the baton.This is Bran’s season.

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