Like daughter, mother is now murdered right here in the capital and son is charged in connection with her death!


Met Officer Jerome Butler is charged with the murder of his mother Princess Butler!!! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

81-year-old Princess Grant-Butler
56-year-old Met Officer Jerome Butler charged in connection with the death of his 81-year-old mother.

Nassau, Bahamas — A former employee of the Supreme Court Registry Department was murdered and detectives in the capital believe her son must deliver some answers to the court for her death.

Bahamas Press has learned 56-year-old, Jerome Butler, was arraigned on charges today in connection with the death of his mother, 81-year-old Princess Butler.

The former Supreme Court Registry officer was found dead in her bedroom on Wednesday Feb. 4th. At the time she was discovered many thought the victim many have died of natural causes and/or perhaps had had a heart attack.

However following further examination, investigations revealed the grandmother had been choked to death and all evidence point to the accused.

Butler was denied bail and was remanded to jail in connection with this latest homicide.

The son kills the mah!!!? Boy this Nassau is getting dangerous!

We report yinner decide!