Like Mugabe, Hubert victimizes and Jessica resigns



Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham sharing many similarities, this time their grip on media.

Nassau, Bahamas: “It was just a matter of time,” one worker in ZNS told our newsroom. Jessica Robertson became the latest casualty in the Hubert Ingraham axing of workers campaign, as she was forced to resign from the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas.

Bahamas Press became concerned days ago when both Jerome Sawyer and Jessica Robertson went on ‘Issues of the Day’ at radio Love 97FM and blasted media in the country.

A reporter at the Corporation said they could not believe their ears when they heard that the pair on a rival station.

“They must be crazy, going on another media and talking down to us like that,” said the reporter.

News reports confirmed that both Sawyer and Robertson were given letters from the board at ZNS for their actions.

The pair was hired to run the newsroom in 2007 by former board chairman Barry Malcolm. Malcolm has since become Managing Director of Scotia Bank and left the pair to fight for themselves against a victimizing machine at the Corporation.

In an article published in the ‘WUTLESS’ Tribune back on the 27th, July 1992, just before the August 1992 elections, then opposition leader Hubert Ingraham was quoted as saying, “The FNM’s position is that a government of The Bahamas ought to discontinue its interference in ZNS and allow the people of our nation to hear what’s going on in our country.”

However, just like Robert Mugabe, Hubert Ingraham is now in power and still refuses to let the freedoms he spoke about at ZNS happen! Therefore, like Mugabe, he edits the news. One report coming to our newsroom confirmed that members around the Cabinet table were angered with the pair for the way they allowed journalists to cover PLP press conferences.

Bahamas Press warned journalists in this country that they should accept the fact that if they wish to practice their profession, they still cannot as the FNM government has bought media. In fact they have done all they can to threaten democracy in this country, with some in power trying to have this website shutdown.

How have we come to this conclusion?

WUTLESS Bahamas information Service director Arthur Foulkes, his camera-clicking deputy director, Sharon Turner and all his other political pundits at the service have declined our request for news from the government. Members of the Public Relations department of the Royal Bahamas Police Force have also declined our requests to forward police updates to this website. And to be more direct, a Cabinet minister approached one of our writers and advised the writer to discontinue writings for this BLOG.

Yes the hand of Hubert Ingraham, like that of ROBERT MUGABE has struck again to victimize government workers and suppress media in this country. Mugabe and Ingraham are two different leaders with a similar style of leadership. “The Trust Agenda Strikes Again!”