Sir John Templeton philanthropist, dies at 95




Sir John Templeton

By Robert D. Mcfudden 

Nassau, Bahamas: Sir John Templeton, a Tennessee-born investor and philanthropist who amassed a fortune in global stocks and gave away hundreds of millions of dollars to foster understanding in what he called “spiritual realities,” died on Tuesday in Nassau, the Bahamas, where he had lived for decades. He was 95.

His death, at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, was caused by pneumonia, said Don Lehr, a spokesman for the Templeton Foundation.

The foundation awards the Templeton Prize, one of the world’s richest, and sponsors conferences and studies reflecting the founder’s passionate interest in “progress in religion” and “research or discoveries” on the nebulous borders of science and religion.


  1. He has published some amazing books which have had a meaningful impact on my life. His views on debt, spirituality, frugality and life were profound.

    He shall surely be missed.

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