Lockdowns must immediately end – Leaders must take account of the deepening financial crisis unfolding as a result of lockdowns!

Montaqu Beach

NASSAU| Today this writer watched a video online and this clip us into the home of a woman who was nursing a dangerous reptile. 

Now, in the clip, it was feeding time, and, as she opened the cage, that deadly animal with all its might latched its venomous bite onto the hand of the owner and refused to release its grip. 

It wrapped its curled body tighter and tighter on the woman, powerfully weighing her down on one side as blood began to leak all over onto the floor, weakening her control of the animal. Her assistant was no help as he, too, could not untangle the beast who had been caged and left hungry before the powerful attack.

And then it hit me! Here is the example of what is being felt in the country with these lengthy lockdowns, which have hindered the ability of hungry humans to hunt for their survival.

We wonder if the Minnis- led Government gets it yet? The Bahamian people really do not give a damn if you cage us, but what you cannot do is deny the majority the right to eat and to earn the sustenance necessary to manage our quality of life. for anyone to threaten or endanger our very existence as citizens become a poisonous and rebellious recipe.

That reptile was not taking it anymore. Like how do you close down every store in a mall but open just one store whose owners are known contributors to your Party and enjoy the community trappings with the wealthy class of Lyford Cay?

Like how is it the people in need of insulin and life-saving medicines have until 1 pm or 3pm walking miles to get their medical supplies, but yet, the house and hardware stores can stay open into the late hours of 8pm – even longer than the grocery stores?

And the biggest offense of all? Every other business can open for hours but citizens must stay outside in their cars for only one hour to listen to the preacher with instructions on how to collect an offering and deny the ritual of administering the blessed sacrament? Look what they are doing to us! Minnis, you really think we fool, eh?

Did you tell Nancy Kelly how to collect her money at the CASH REGISTER? NO!

Did you tell Kelly’s, or Superwash or any of the Food Stores how they can only stay open for one hour? NO!

We at Bahamas Press want to strongly advise The Competent Authority this foolish, controlling, impractical, idiocy masked as advice from medical professionals is becoming dangerously illogical and cannot be sustained for the good of this society! 

There is no one dying of COVID19 in the Bahamas. And…the risks of COVID-19 have long been under control!

The economy is under dangerous threat as we speak and if around here the caged animals are denied the right to their natural survival, well, this will end just like the reptile feeding.

And if you want to know how that ended, take this picture: the woman’s assistant left her helplessly collapsing on the floor. Keep listening to that stupid medical advice and we assure this government defeat at the polls and the toppling of your political empire will be left in ruins.

We report yinner decide!