Long Island MP Adrian Gibson Appeal Dismissed by the Court of Appeal today – A new trial date to be set down by Justice Thompson…

LONG ISLAND MP Adrian Gibson.

NASSAU| One of Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ biggest supporters and MP Adrian Gibson has lost his Constitutional Arguments for his Corruption Case in the Court of Appeal.

The Appeals Court has dismissed the request after Gibson withdrew most of his  grounds voluntarily.

We at BP always believed the appeal was just a stalling tactic and a waste of the court’s time. But that’s another debate for another day.

Key witness in this trial (the ex-girlfriend who Gibson had put police on once) will testify in person and remain under witness protection.

The temporary delay in the Corruption Case has now been lifted and it’s up to Justice Cheryl Grant Thompson to set down a new date for the trial to begin.

BP intends to sit inside the courtroom to provide a ringside seat for the trial and share how public money was squandered and allegedly stolen out of Water and Sewerage.

We believe money is still leaking and dripping out the coffers at WSC. 

We report yinner decide!