Look how they have murdered the trees on Saunders Beach…The trees die a vicious death!


Saunders-beach  copy


  1. rb75, like you i am wondering where Sam Duncombe disappeared too. The environmental degradation is so blatant at Saunders Beach, you would think her and her environmental group, RE-Earth, would be all up in arms.The environmentalist were making all kinds of noises about the turtles and the fishing of tuna  a few months ago but yet all of a sudden when it comes down to Saunders Beach they all go mute?

    Look like they have sold their principles and credibility for 30 pieces of silver!

    • I am advised that Duncombe is a paid consultant with the Govt.The Govt is pushing the envelope to deflect from their defeat in Lizzy.Carl poompoom Bethel has become more arrogant in light of his failure to lead the outgoing Govt to victory in Lizzy.The Govt is trying to see just how much damage they can repair and if it involves brteaking the law so be it.Are there any preachers willing to say “Son of man can these bones live?I want a preacher who is known to support the Govt to condemn them for daring to put further stress on the people.10/10 the Bible 10

  2. I have watched many an environmental nightmare that hap pend in and around this Island , By far this destruction of Saunders Beach is by far the worst that I have seen, My question is where is the National trust ? where are the Abaco Environmentalist that have rallied to so many other causes ,when it came to save the Abaco Parrot  they where there , when it came to the grouper  season they where there , when it came to LNG they where there , when it came to the Bakers Bay development they where there , and I can go on and on ….yet they are quiet on the Saunders Beach Destruction , could it be because some of these same people have a vested interest in the port development , so that is why the quiet front.

    Bahamians as a child growing up I remember when my family would have our annual picnic on Saunders Beach this hap pend every August Monday , This Beach is where my older cousins thought me how to swim , this Beach is not just any beach , but it is the National Beach …….What will we tell our future kids when they asked us , What hap pend to a once pristine beach .

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