Look what the Devil did to Saunders Beach!



This was Saunders Beach one year ago. The Bahamian played, picnic, partied and beached all day but thanks to the devil the beach is no more, the sand gone and the trees chopped down. WAKE-UP BAHAMAS!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!

Bahamas Press is disgusted to see the environmental disaster and crime committed against the people of the Bahamas at Saunders Beach. Earl Deveaux should be JAILED!IMG_1168

Bahamas Press calls on the minister to vacate his office as minister of the environment immediately for his ‘vicked’ trickery against the Bahamian people!

BP displays the before and after photos of the once pristine Saunders Beach. We are calling it an ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER and are calling on all global environmentalists around the world to join the Save Saunders Beach Committee headed by Sen. Jerome Fitzgerald and stop the crime committed against the Bahamian people.

Saunders-1Yesterday while travelling down West Bay Street the government has now OVERNIGHT chopped down a second set of casuarina trees! The once Cabbage Beach for all Bahamians is no more! Do you think they will ever do what they did with the beach for the Bahamians to the beaches on Paradise Island?

Earl Deveaux and his cohorts have cut down the trees, run the Bahamians and now Mother Nature has responded with her fury. The Beach is gone thanks to Ingraham! The rocks on the beach are exposed, the sand washed away the people left to wonder. These are the kinds of crimes we know that has dangerous consequences from the heavens.

When you cannot treat the earth with care and responsibility Earl, the Creator of The Earth will cast deadly judgments on you! We hope you can take what the GREAT GOD OF THE EARTH DISH OUT!


We invite Bahamians who once picnic on Saunders Beach to go look at their past-time. We invite them to go see what the government they TRUST did to them. Run them off the beach, cut all the shade down and left everyone in the street to wonder. BOY WE BAHAMIANS LIKE PUNISHMENT!


  1. Well this is now mid-June 2010 and Saunders Beach is taking shape. Looks petty good to me. What are Jerome Fitzgerald and the rest of you short-sighted critics saying now. No pain, no gain. In a year’s time, those ugly Cedars and limited access to the beach would be nothing but a distant memory…

  2. Well hey Sade I don’t think Ingraham is native to the Bahamas either do you think we could move him too? What as Asinine statement. There are  many trees in the country that are not native.


    • I passed there this morning and was totally depressed.  Well I will wait to see the finished prouduct and hope that this is not another beach that they we will be denied entry to. 

      • let  them  finish  the  beach &  then  talk  it  will  be  fine,  growing  up  in  exuma,  i  watch  beaches  go  and  come,  very  time  before  summer  it  happen,  and not  a chicken  copp  by,  so  u  guy  need  to  let  this  finish,  it  will  be  nice  when  it  is  finish.

  3. I hate to burst your bash the govt. bubble but you are totally wrong about this project…those trees that are being removed are not native to the  Bahamas  and were brought here by idiots long ago… the trees cause lots of problems.  Adult sea grape trees will be put back in and the beach will be put back.   Sometimes to fix human error you have to do some initial damage.  I guess you guys know nothing about your own environment.   We have a library here.  Use it.  You can even google this.  Hate to break it to you but most humans are dumb as dirt and did stupid things to their own environment – lots of stupid things.  Whatever.

    • A human with no brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a paper and they just read from it.You can insult them as much as you like but they cant feel.A Manchurian candidate,I pity their partner as only echoes flow from their tongue.

  4. Thanks BP for the photos they brought back so much pleasant memories. The Easter Holiday is almost here and Bahamians like to wait for the last minute, if they are planning on doing any beaching this year, they better start planning now on how they will get there early and set up. We all know how it is be whenever it is a holiday. We only have a few public beaches left and even when we had Saunders Beach has an option you could of hardly get on a beach., You would drive around all day hoping somebody would pull out, so you could get in there spot.. Sometimes, you would have to park your car way down the road where you can’t even see it and walk up just to get on the beach. The government saying it aint them who has Saunders beach looking the way it is, but I find that very interesting and what I am having difficulties with is, how come Saunders Beach just do like that the minute they started working on this project out there?

  5. You mind these suckers you would cuss.I again warn Bahamians to be cautious when driving in the area of Saunders Beach as the road at some point will cave in.Roots from the causarina trees will die and rot and then the roads will give way.The jerks moving the trees should have dug up the roads and removed all of the roots.Whoever is a paret of this project stands a good chance of being charged b4 the Courts if some accidents happens.I say to all involved in the destruction stop as the ones giving you instructions will not share your cell in Fox Hill.

  6. Iwatched in HORROR on Sunday past as the 2nd phase of the destruction of the trees at Saunders Beach  took place.The cutting of the trees started around noon on Sunday, and went on past 7pm, leaving just the stumps in the ground. Earl “Uncle Tom” Deveaux has surely stepped and fetched for his MASSAS.The MASSAS wanted to ensure that the Bahamians of colour would never be able to enjoy one of the LAST beaches available to them.The MASSAS know that while the childen of “colour” frolicked on the sand and in the water, their parents watched them while enjoying the cool sea breeze under the shade of the trees…….Bahamians of colour have no need for a “tan”, and will never have reason to lay out in the sun.Now that the trees have been cut down, and there is no more shade available, the MASSAS know that the Bahamians of colour will relocate from their favourite beach spot at Saunders Beach, and will be forced to use the FEW available PUBLIC beaches left open to them.GET RID OF THE TREES, AND YOU GET RID OF THE FAMILIES THAT FREQUENTED THE BEACH ….. AND EARL “STEP AND FETCH” DEVEAUX DID THE MASSAS DIRTY WORK FOR THEM.

  7. The PLP warned the Suckers, but they wouldn’t listen and they called Jerome Fitzgerald all kinds of names, except a child of God; but now  the proof is in the pudding; the damn beach is totally destroyed and where will the little black children and their parents go for recreation? Brent Symonnette ain’t  going to let them on the beach where goes.

  8. I remember as a young boy growing up, we could watch the Florida networks with an antenna.  There was a very moving commercial with a Native American Indian on a hilltop looking down into a valley where all the trees had been cut down and garbage littered the place.  At the end was a closeup shot of his face as a single tear ran down his cheek.  This is the type of environmental destruction that commercial spoke out against.The Bahamas may not have achieved 1st world status in many aspects but we sure have mastered the pillage and destruction of our environment in the name of “progress”.

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