Look where the Transportation System is headed?


A buss from outta hell driving guest?

Nassau, Bahamas — This was the condition of a number 10 bus, which traverses the Cable Beach area. Could you imagine what guests are saying about the Bahamas when they see buses like this approve to drive the streets? Fuming toxins; clouds of black smoke at their every trail?

BP spotted this bus yesterday and all we could do is hang our head down in shame and look for the camera. The back glass was out, open for all to see inside and perhaps climb into the back to enter. One must wonder who in the hell does inspect these vehicles. And how could a bus enter the downtown area and pick up guests in this kind of condition.

Bahamas Press calls for the minister of transport, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, to ACT and STOP having his regular case of VERBAL DIARRHEA! Look what TOURISTS are riding in when they come to Nassau! This looks like a buggy NOT A BUS!

Come one mannnnnnn, let’s fix the tourism product and get these LOUD MUSIC, ‘DINGY’, ‘DUTTY’, BLACK SMOKING, broken light, beat up, soiled public buses off the damn road!

Oh and get that public bus off the road, which flying the Haitian coloured flag while ya at it. SMMMMMT….WHUTLESS FOREIGN GOVERNMENT!

Here is another accident a few weeks back on GO SLOW BEND! A guest lost control of her motor bike and slammed into a transportation shuttle bus. The incident was sad. It was a good thing though the guest wore a helmet.


  1. B.P with all due Respect with you i have a problem when my people going too Coment on what flags they should put on there vehicles. The U.S Embassy and the Chinesse fly thier Flags High i dont see you say any thing about it. This is a free Country. However i do have a problem when it was alledgly said that the Burn My Country Flag.That Person or Person should be put to Death for it.

  2. To Lincoln5505, wow you are ignorant. You have only a small issue with polluting our air, and only a small issue with a completely unsafe bus that someone could be seriously injured on. Then you excuse these “little black boys” destructive behaviour because “boys will be boys” however these boys grow up to be men who will continue this destructive behaviour. and yet you go on to say you have the largest problem is with the Haitian (not hyshin) flag. I am not disagreeing that we have a Haitian immigrant problem however why is THAT your biggest concern??? Would it be if it was one of your children who gets thrown or falls out of the back of that bus?? I don’t think so. maybe if Bahamians spent more time trying to better their own country instead of bringing down someone else it would be a better place.

  3. I can somewhat excuse the black smoke a bit, and I can somewhat excuse the broken back glass because we all know how destructive our little black boys are, especially with other ppls’ property, but I cannot excuse a public bus emblazed with a dam hyshin flag.

    As far as I know the Haitians who are here, haularse from that forsaken country for a better life. They are not prisoners in NP, and the majority of them aren’t even dam legal, so it puzzles me why someone in their rite mind would showcase that f….n flag.

    If that person is so in love with Hyti, all they have to do, if they lack the necessary funds, go to the detention center and ask the defense force fellas and immigration to put u on the first ting smokin. Then when u get to Hyti, you can, if u so choose, you may color ya arse with that flag.

    I cannot stand an ungrateful Hyshin.

    • oh Lincoln you sound like a real broken wrist fruitcake, u sound like someone with self esteem issues, are u not confident in urself that u have to go around blasting people. we cant blame the Haitians we put them down so much that they don’t want to integrate into our culture. You must live under a rock and dont travel much except to regatta’s because you have the mind frame of a bush man. straighten ya back, ya hand, and ya d**k and be a real man fruitcake.

  4. @ Conscience, he got a big photo of a #10 bus on this page. Keep voting FNM or PLP though and the bus problem will never get fixed, they are both clowns.

  5. You think we could go in Haiti and put up a flag on their Jitney and they wouldn’t have a problem with that? Please someone answer this question for me, because I don’t think so.

    • you could they dont have that issues in no country only here, we look at the things which is not important too much

      • I don’t buy that KC. Are you from there? If you are, tell me if you ever seen a Bahamian driving around in Haiti with a Bahamian Flag on their car, much less a public transportation like a Jitney picking up passengers and nobody had a problem with it? I seriously doubt that, I believe the minute, they put one of our flag on a bus in Haiti, they would turn that bus up side down, that bus wouldn’t even make it on the road and I am not talking about the Law enforcement officers doing it, the people of Haiti would be the ones to do it. I never been there, but that’s what I think they would do, because they is be right here in this country talking bad about Bahamians like they vibing with us. You forget they already broke up and turned over one of our police cars aye? I don’t have no vibe with them, but I am just telling you how I see it. I know this a little sensitive topic, I just trying to keep it real.

  6. While I’m at it might as well talk about D.E.H., 17 out 22 of the “NEW” garbage trucks are inoperable that’s right down for repairs; mechanics at the Landfill site claim government refuse to purchase parts, and or get them special training to deal with the new electronic trucks; Because the government is HELL Bent on privatizing garbage collection, with the majority of it going to Bahamas Waste,and the Landfill site going to a FOREIGN company.Brent Symonette,Peter Andrews,and the boys:just watch and see.Tax for garbage collection coming, and more jobs lost to privatization.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone seems out of control on the streets. Illegals up in your face in the streets selling phone cards and out of control jitney drivers have us darting for our lives. All of these create an atmosphere of lawlessness. If the authorities would deal with these things which may seem small to them, it would help to address the bigger issues because it would show that the authorities were in control and not adrift as they seem to be. Even the Big Apple took control of it’s very high crime situation by a zero tolerance to misdemeanor – or minor infractions first and that led to a drop in the murder rate. Where is all the intensity HIA had with getting rid of BTC to foreigners when it comes down to getting Haitians off every street corner and Wendy’s drive thru or out of control jitney drivers off the streets? Let’s not even go there about the jitney flying down Collins Avenue with a HUGE Haitian flag. Tourists must really be wondering if they are in Nassau or Port au Prince. Clearly, no one cares about the tourist product until CNN or one of the channels they watch highlight these things. Personally, I have already seen a program on Wealth TV where the presenter was in the straw market and couldn’t understand anything a Haitian woman was saying to her. It was awful! She kept looking at the cameraman with a very confused face. I guess she wanted him to confirm that English really is the official language here. It was awful and I wrote to the Minister of Tourism about it but he doesn’t even bother to address issues raised by any of our skin hue about OUR country. I guess I have to ask one of the expats in one of these offices to bring it to his attention for him to take it seriously.

  8. Long ago I envisioned a proper bus transportation system in our country especially in New Providence.Everywhere else have an organized Bus transportation system except right here in the Bahamas:time to “FIX IT.”

  9. BP – Good observation on the out of control bus drivers on Routs 10 – whose wild west behaviour have consistently been brought to the attention of the Road Traffic authorities and to the police. Your caption and picture contradicts each other as you have a picture of an IMT Bus (Route 12B) and your article clearly states that a tourist lost control of his/her bike and ran into that bus. It is the Route 10 bus that is the culprit.

    Times are tough and reputation/branding is the only thing that keeps some business going and you don;t want to “inadvertently” tarnish any company’s reputation. The suggestion is that you show a more representative shot of one of the bad apples on Route 10 – they aren’t all bad but some
    of them are.

  10. The Minister of Transport is the Hon Neko “Magoo” Grant. There a too many Jitneys pumping out offensive black smoke. And there are the large number of Dump Trucks all over the Island speeding and pumping out offensive black smoke. Where is the Minister of the Environment Earl “Helicopter” Deveaux and the Minister of Health Dr Minnis? They are all asleep on the job. God knows we need change!!!

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