Loretta and Craig no shows at Uncle Matthew Butler Memorial Service


FNM candidate set to lose like her father in Long Island. Residents set to reject the FNM.

Loretta Coming third in Long Island

Long Island, Bahamas – — The residents of Long Island were deeply hurt and highly disappointed last evening when Junior Minister Loretta Butler-Turner failed to show up at the Community Centre in Clarence Town for the closing out ceremony of Child Protection Month hosted by Department of Social Services.

She found it a more valuable use of her time to be at her FNM Grill and Chill on Gordons Beach as polls show she is running a distant third to Alex Storr of the PLP and Mario Cartwright of the DNA.

Young people packed the Community Centre where they displayed their talents but many FNM parents are raging that Loretta would rather party like the thug she is displaying in her actions these days. We cry shame on her.

Thinking Long Islanders are asking if the Minister Butler Turner visit and accommodations were paid for out of the Public Treasury and whether her interest in Children Protection is greater than her interest in being elected.

BP laments the fracture in the family of the late National Hero Sir Milo B Butler. In fact, Loretta Butler Turner and her brother Craig Butler were so busy and consumed with politics that they both failed to attend the Memorial Service for their youngest Uncle Matthew Butler yesterday morning at St Mathew’s Church  on Shirley Street.

Sir Milo and Lady Butler must be turning in their graves knowing that their grand children are placing politics above the love and respect for family.

BP recently disclosed how Minister Butler Turner cussed former FNM Minister Tennyson Wells for campaigning against her in Long Island. Our sources in Long Island advise that Butler Turner is running scared and she has gotten the clear message that the polls are correct.

Butler Turner has sent out an SOS message and PM Hubert Ingraham is sending in a Long Island team headed by former Ambassador Cornelius A Smith who broke down in tears when he was heavily defeated by Anne Percentie in 2002.

Word has it that Ambassador Smith’s very special group of closeted friends from the USA will provide funds as Butler Turner, unlike her brother Craig, is very tight  when it comes to spending money.