TEAM PLAYER or WIFE CHEATER? Which is it McAlpine?


McAlpine and his soon to be second ex- Glennis.


BP listened with great interest last evening as former prominent preacher and “alleged” miracle man Fred Mcalpine talked about being a team player. We are trying to reach both of his estranged wives at this hour to see if they can lend an iota of credence to his claim of being a “TEAM PLAYER”.

When BP grew up, we were thought that a man’s first area of responsibility was his home. If the home fails, so goes the social fabric of society, so goes the country. One of the leading reasons why there is so much imbalance and social decay is because many homes are devoid of the father figure.

BP call on the former prominent “alleged” miracle man to try and at least make it right with one of his two wives.  One can only assume the former ” alleged” miracle man is a taliban given the fact he wants soooooo many wives.




  1. BP, I find it in poor taste that you have sank so low as to publish a photo of Rev McAlpine and his wife Glennys, and to some how drag her into the gutters of the political arena. I have known Mrs. Glennys Knowles McAlpine for many year. We served as Police Cadets together and subsequently joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force, where she served her country greatly. She later went on to win the title of Ms. Bahamas, where she represented our country so well that she finished in the top 20 that year in Ms. Universe. An accomplishment that no other Bahamian Beauty Queen before or after has met. While her husband may be a part of the political arena, Mrs. McAlpine is not. Mrs McAlpine has always been a person who has led a peaceful, quiet existence outside of the lime light despite her great accomplishments. I humbly ask that you allow her to continue do so.

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