Loretta Butler-Turner REJECTED by residents of Long Island


Loretta flatly told she should go back to Montagu and account to the people there.

Like her dad Raleigh, Loretta shall be REJECTED!!!

Long Island, Bahamas Loretta Butler-Turner went to the Long Island this weekend and from what we saw, she is already in trouble. She cannot wear a t-shirt with her own name.

She went around the island wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Papa or Nuttin’. What in the hell is this? MPs in the FNM are acting like ‘lil’ Kindergarten children who cannot stand on their own. SHAMELESS!

Why not wear a T-shirt with Milo Butler on it? She forget her grandpa the same way she abandoned Montagu!

Here is the photo above is an example of what we mean. This voter had no problem showing off her colours.

FLATLY we could hear the lady in the Green hat saying, “Boy Lori, we on Long Island GONE YELLOW OR GREEN! AND WHEN YA MIX DAT YA GET BLUE! [SEE MY FRIEND OVER THERE]! Ain’t ‘nuttin’ red in Long Island these days, go back to Montagu and give an account to the people of that constituency!”

We report yinner decide!

Take a good look at this picture closely and see the man on the right of Lori displying the DNA symbol for the picture.