Louis Bacon crosses the line with the COP Greenslade and Christie-Led Government – State decision makers must now place hedge fund billionaire on country’s STOP LIST for threats to National Security!!!


Is Louis Bacon now under police watch in the Bahamas?

Louis Bacon’s comments angers Commissioner of Police and classified as “rude and disrespectful”! Bacon must now be PUBLIC ENEMY #1

Nassau, Bahamas — A dangerously injurious statement was published in the Tribune last Friday when its client Louis Bacon turned his attack on Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade, and the fine men and women of the RBPF.

The madman, who some know has controlled judges, threatened journalists, the Christie-led Government and the now the police has crossed the line, according to COP Greenslade.

Commissioner Greenslade said his officers could not, while discharging their duties, be referred to as “terrorists”, as the letter written by Bacon suggests.

In a heated Press Conference broadcasted around the country, the Commander and Upholder of Law classified Louis Bacon’s comments as “rude and disrespectful”.

Commissioner Greenslade suggested such language has “national security implications” and said: “Police officers cannot be referred to as terrorists – those are dangerous words.”

The open letter in the morning daily, whose Editor Eileen Carron said she doesn’t know Louis Bacon, appeared in the Friday past edition of the Tribune.

Louis Bacon, who some suggest is now under a Police Warrant in the Bahamas, has formed several Coalitions in the country, which is believed to be a move by Bacon to destabilize the Christie-Led Government for the swift return of the Free National Movement.

The group to Protect Clifton Bay began with comments to save conch, fish and turtles in the area, but suddenly made a dangerous turn attacking the Christie Government on Stem Cell Research, Nygard Cay, Freedom of Information Act and Oil Drilling.

A few days ago the Bacon Coalition in their attempt to attack the Christie Government, issued a threat; cocking a gun to the head of the duly- elected government of The Bahamas by warning of their intention to file for a Judicial Review of the government’s approval of a land lease to Bahamian philanthropist, Peter Nygard.

This sounds like a terrorist threat being issued by the Louis Bacon’s Coalition, which is boiling down to a fight between two men behind the Lyford Cay gated enclave.

Some say, had the Environmental Coalition been organized earlier, they perhaps would have also opposed Webshop Gaming in the Bahamas!

It’s Unbelievable!

In that open letter published in the Tribune, Louis Bacon wrote: “The police’s terrorist raid of my home was a seriously low ebb in my wife’s and my commitment to the Bahamas.”

But Commission Greenslade fired back on Monday adding, “It is a sad day when in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, decent Bahamian citizens like myself, my executive team, and all members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force can be referred to as terrorists in the discharge of our duties.

“Whoever said that is wrong. It is totally unacceptable; it is rude; it is disrespectful; and it demonstrates no regard for us as a people – certainly for us as an organisation.”

The COP said he was deeply bothered by the comments and added that he would first speak to the Minister of National Security and then the Prime Minister regarding this untenable turn of events.

The threatening charges by a foreign national – Louis Bacon – against the country’s top law officer has indeed crossed the line and to date many Bahamians are still unclear as to why action by police had to be taken at Louis Bacon’s Point House residence in Lyford Cay, just a few years ago.

Many forget about the illegal speakers, that were erected on the compound of Louis Bacon and pointed in the direction of his neighbours; all in an attempt perhaps to disturb the peace in the community. Some suggest the speakers could have also been used to bring down small aircrafts in the area. Police raided the compound along with Customs authorities and collected the supersonic speakers.

On another occasion, when police raided the Louis Bacon compound, it was to collect a cache of weapons in the home.  Many wondered what was the real purpose or need for all that high-powered weaponry in the home of Louis Bacon, a businessman?

Then there was the suspicious death in 2010 of Dan Tuckfield; the property manager at Louis Bacon’s residence. Tuckfield was an avid hunter and diver, but to this day it is still mysterious as to how the man in charge of the day-to-day business at Point House, was discovered dead in a shallow pool of water.

Concerns as to what caused his death remain; yet, his body was cremated in record time and shipped out of the country before a proper and thorough investigation or autopsy could be had.

It is for these and other reasons why the Police in the face of public security, the peace and good order at Lyford Cay, made investigations on the Louis Bacon compound. Perhaps these concerns by police are indeed threatening to some persons who are engaged in nefarious activities.

And since Louis Bacon feels that he can control former Cabinet Ministers, control the courts, hire police, pay high-powered lawyers and point threatening words like a cocked gun to the Christie-Led Administration – he and his failed Coalition also feel that it is time to turn their attack on our TOP OFFICER OF LAW AND ORDER, along with his fine men and women who serve this nation.

It is time to place Louis Bacon on the STOP LIST and restore peace and good order back into Lyford Cay and indeed, The Bahamas.