Louis Bacon finds himself in a serious dilemma with the New Minnis Government!


Prime Minister Minnis, along with some Cabinet Colleagues, could be called to answer for their involvement with the Murder for HIRE PLOT orchestrated by LOUIS BACON SAVE DA BAYS!!!! WINTER IS COMING!!!

PM Hubert Minnis. Louis Bacon and Michael Pintard!

Nassau, Bahamas – Multiple court cases filed in the Supreme Court against the Office of Prime Minister, The Minister for Works, Minister for Transport and matters attached to Louis Bacon’s neighbor are still playing out in the Supreme Court. One such case involving the editors of a major newspaper and two alleged street criminals is about to get nasty.

Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays and several members of the current Cabinet and Parliament are all at the centre of a Murder for Hire Plot and, from the looks of things, it will get worse before its gets better.

One way of dealing with these was to have them stalled in the courts and the defendants not having to appear. But Prime Minister Minnis, Minister Michael Pintard, Minister For the Environment Remould Ferreira will still all have to appear once these matters come forward in the courts. And these can come any day now.

BP understands a dangerous QC out of Jamaica is now being considered by Louis Bacon’s neighbor to get justice for the injustice delivered by the Save the Bays bunch against him, and the challenge now is…who all will be called for their nasty ‘dutty’ involvement in the murder for hire LIE!?

Everyone and ‘dey mah’ knows Minister Michael Pintard is indeed at the centre of the plot as he negotiated with the street men to exercise the lie plot for Save the Bays and drafted documents with court reporters inside the room. Imagine that INVESTIGATING AND COLLUDING with alleged criminals to commit murder! Then create a lie to injure individuals within the full glare of the public!

Meanwhile an appeal is being heard in the case of the emails read in Parliament by then Minister for Education Jerome Fitzgerald. That case has now stalled with the AG Office not knowing how to proceed! Clueless! We expect a nolle in this matter to come quickly! But this will get bad we promise. In fact, it has just begun!

As Churchill would say, this is the beginning of the end or perhaps the end of the beginning!

We report yinner decide!