Love97FM takes on the issue of 'Sexual Slaughter' at EMR High School


troy-garvey<<< A National Hero for Children and PTA president at the Eight Mile Rock High School, Troy Garvey and Philippa Russell were special guests on Love97Fm today. They both addressed the issue of child molestations in the school system. Bahamas Press replays that programme with you our many readers. The talk show was hosted by Mr. Wendall Jones.

Click to listen to Love97FM Talk Show on the Sexual Slaughter at the EMRH School.


  1. Boy! When I think about all these sexual predators in the school system now, I am very grateful that I was able to graduate from school without anyone molesting or raping me. Everybody knows my mom is a sweet person, but they probably know she can be a basket case if you fool with her children the wrong way. Not to mention my uncles who would have taken a delight in turning that school upside down to get to that person who was stupid enough to mess with their niece. Anyway I am just happy it never came to that, because somebody family would have been making funeral arrangements. These days parents can’t even function on their jobs properly because they have to be worrying about who is preying on their child.

  2. @Johnny Tucker I agree with your mindset in this comment Johnny Tucker. We in the Bahamas have become so intrigued with lawyers as if they are the only smart people in the world, or only lawyers can run the country. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against lawyers or the profession, but why when they are elected to parliament all of the sudden they are the experts on all things discussed? Some how we have seemed to turned our noses against the common folk as if they don’t have a say or their say don’t matter because unless you sit at the table of the elite, you can’t possible have any substance, and all awhile we are watching as our country is losing it’s morals, vigor and standards at the hands of the intellectuals who are so engrossed with petty fighting and party lines their intellect can’t nudge them to see beyond their petty foolishness and political tribalism and seek for Nation Building, and then they have the nerve to look at us as if we are ignorant and we watch them every day make a spectacle of themselves. God help us.

  3. WE have a Bahamas Information Service and not a word since the story broke.Operators of the Govt on this site tell them to at least say something as every Bahamian wants to know what is going on.I am certain that Cabinet Ministers visit this site when they are not on this so called facebook so say something especially representatives from GB.From what I heard on the Bank Lane public court of opinion it will be at least 9 months b4 any exreadition takes place.Remember in the Baham,as it takes ten years for Bahamians to be extradited.Shame,shame,shame .

  4. What’s the latest news on Birbal? Anybody know if our government signed and did all the necessary requirements to get that bastard back here so he could face up to his nasty crimes? It isn’t as if I am asking about him because I like him and want him back in our country, which could not be further from the truth. It’s just that I believe when that plane took off with him on broad he was very happy about how he was able to do what he did and get away with it. I know he did not have any intention of ever coming back to the Bahamas and telling the truth about what he did to those boys. Some people just don’t have any conscience and you would never get a confession out of them. Its time for Birbal to come clean and own up to his crimes like a man and stop being a sissy bastard!

  5. When I heard Bibal was in US police custody, I just had to pour me a glass of Trivento and savor in the moment. Now it is time for our government, law enforcement officers, parents and Judicial Department to do their parts and seek justice for those children at EMRH. They have been given a second chance to get it right and I hope they don’t screw up this time around. Now with Birbal locked away like a caged animal and off the street, we need to focus on exposing some more of these pedophiles. BP I think this site played a very important role in Birbal being arrested, I believe it was us the bloggers expressing our disgust over how Birbal was allowed to escape after raping those boys that forced the government to issue a warrant for his arrest. There are definitely powers in numbers. If BP was anything like those other wutless media, Birbal would have been a free man today, raping some other little boys in some distant land.

  6. Our police force seems have lost direction by following the dictates of the christian council by wasting time fooling around the number houses, while many of our children are raped by SOME ministers of the gospel, some police officer are guilty of this crime also. The funny thing about this many of the top officers of the police force are ministers of the gospel also. PLEASE DEAL WITH THIS CRIME TO STOP THE DESTRUSTION OF THE LITTLE DARLINGS OF OUR NATION. The law on gamblinig in the Bahamas is a stupid law. No one should be allowed to come into the Bahamas and do something a Bahamian cannot do, that just common sense. The law conflicts with the contitution of the Bahamas and constitution of the Bahamas overides the law on gambling.

  7. @hardhead gal
    Now for that excellent comment “hardhead gal” you should go to the head of the class! COURAGE is the word for today, something Carl Bethel and the WUTLESS Police had in this matter.

    Your comment is sound!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. @call it as I see it Rape and incest in this country have been the silent talk of many for decades. Many women and men acknowledge privately that they lost their virginity to their brothers, fathers, teachers, cousins or a close trusted family friend. For men, it was worse because their shame had to be hidden due to the mindset of our society. Those who are standing in the gap for those boys at Eight Mile Rock High are being commended for their steadfastness and courage which is sorely lacking in our society. Yes, Birbal may get off but at the very least, other persons will think twice before molesting another child and children will be more likely to report advances.

  9. When HAI regained power in 2007 he coined the word wuthless in relation to Perry Christies Govt having 87 Murderers on bail.Now we have over 250 murderers among us so what is the new word for HAI?.Notice lately where he is asking the people to openly rebel against the Courts?The man has no idea that he cannot control the Courts but was quick to cancel the Swift justice policy of Allyson Maynard?“There is nothing to panic about.” is an admittance by Reggie Ferguson that he has no strategy in combatting crime.This man is not a real Policeman and like his brother Johnley is still living in the 60s.Look at what you get when you tired of what you gat.It did not have to be this way.


  10. @call it as I see it
    And to add to that “Call it as I see it” since rape is indeed hard to prove, you would therefore agree, there is indeed many vigilante justice incidents taking place in the land hey?

    Or you reserve you comments like those noted by the commissioner of police when he said recently, “There is nothing to panic about.”


  11. @call it as I see it

    You see Poitier say he been back and forth around the court for the past 2 years? I believe they are getting ready to throw his case out. Whenever you see the court can’t get it together that just what they are leading up to. Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system.

  12. I am amazed that some think that the fault in this whole matter lies at the feet of Carl Bethel even though the molestation started from 7th Grade. I hope people are ready for the long haul and will endure to the end with this case.


    How many of us know of adults in relationships with underage children and we pretend as if no laws are being broken.The proof is a living breathing BABY.

    How many of us know of young teen mothers? Many of us know exactly who the man is having these relationships with these minors. Right in our community we have accepted this so much we have opened a school for them.”PACE”

    How many of these grown man were taken before the court, where is the outrage, how many people called the talk shows or ask the Ministry of Education to investigate the PACE FEMALE students and deal with those grown men. I believe that all persons who molest children should be punished if found guilty, not just Birbel. It is amazing to see the double standards by so MANY people in our country. Where is the justice and outcry for the other victims, ESPECIALLY OUR FEMALES.

    The sad part of the E.M.R story is that Birbel may very well WALK. Rape in this country is very hard to prove in a court of law, when we add the time that has elasped and the fact that our police force is famous for taking these types of matters to court to appease people and botching the investigations, we all know full well the chances of getting a conviction is almost nil.

    Birbel will probably be denied bail as he has already proven himself to be a flight risk, but of course the prosecution will take forever to prepare it’s case and within two years Birbil’s lawyers will apply for bail base on the fact that he has not had a speedy trial and has been behind bars for more than two years. Like the Poitier case it will go on until it is either thrown out,the witnesess fail to appear or the victims give up..

    This may sound harsh but I am a realist and this is the reality of how things go in the Bahamas.

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Call it as I see it” Girl you ga win the eye opener prize on BP soon! How many of us knew and said NOTHING! NOT-A-TING!!!!!!!!!! (1) The principal at EMRH SCHOOL (ALL OF THEM FROM 1988). (2) The department of education in Grand Bahama. (3) The Acting Director of Education. (4) Da Balice [Police sorry] (5) Perry ‘PUSSY CAT’ Christie [The man never spoke to the motion put to the floor of the HOUSE – SHAME!] and (6) Da DUTTY WUTLESS ‘Poilet Paper’ [Tribune] and their WULTESS MEDIA cohorts! (7) The silencer, the hush hush man, Mr. Undernourished, the MINISTER OF EDUCATION, CARL ‘WUTLESS’ Bethel.

      Ladies and gentlemen who now view this Court of Public Opinion, and Community Action [BP] WE FIND THEM ALL, GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We say no more and rest our case!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  13. …..LOL…… you don’t do wrong and get by!!! That bastard Birbal took all of us for jokes, he came to our country and raped our boys and then he was handed a cheque and allowed to escape. I know as he was boarding that aircraft, he was thinking to himself its better in the Bahamas, because of our slack government. I know many Bahamians were praying for him to be capture. I prayed constantly, but there were a few times when I had my doubts, I was thinking he might have brought a wig and dress and decided to dress up like Mrs. Doubtfire and someone would hire him to work in their home to watch over their little innocent boys and most likely it would have been so easy for him to get the job after he would have shown them how well he can draw. The poor unsuspecting parents would not have any idea what harm they were bringing upon their children. I am glad this sicko was caught before ruining anymore children lives.

  14. Glad to see this story back in the center fold of all the other hoora!!! The only thing that still bothers me now is that there are too many independent thinking minds who are speaking out but only in disguise. We need to take a second look and fully ascertain why people aren’t speaking out publicly. As alrming as it may be, Bahamians realize just how brutal a backlash can be; regretably these are the first psychological signs of a society supressed from the true freedom of democracy (freedom of speech).

    If I were to put my humour down and give a full circle commentary on the evolution of the EMR saga, we would learn that not only are we in jeopardy of loosing and prostituting our young boys but we “HAVE LOST” the thread that mended the indellible fabric of true democracy in our nation.

    We can no longer live in a country where our leaders are fearful of speaking out against immorality because their livlihood and constitutional rights are threaten. We can no longer carelessly elect leaders only on the basis of party lines. There must be a more introspective look into the character of INDIVIDUALS. There are too many sitting and past Members of Parliament who have been linked to illicit narcotics trafficing.Now in their twilight years they are all saints and forgiven; especially when they shift from one party to the next. See, I’m not picking on anyone or being political but we must be honest and and realize the 80’s was the beginning of the Bahamas’s moral downfall. Now we are faced with murder, robbery, greed, sexual exploitation,raketering, fraud, and many other horrific felonious transgressions.

    The question now becomes how do we right the wrong? In my humble opinion every sitting Government since the Pindling era has set a gold standard in only allowing the so called qualified to occupy cabinet seats. However, with all due respect, both Christie’s and Ingraham’s intellectual cabinets have been rocked with the most dispicable deficiencies in ethics but Unca Ping taxi drivers and Fox Hill boys sailed into office election after election. What am I saying? It takes a cadre of minds with different experiences and skills to run a stable Government. To be concise, we need some ministers, some environmntalist, some, geologist, some teachers, some true bahamians with true bahamian stories like Steven Dillet and Clarence A Bain to be returned to parliament. Then and maybe then we will be able to reverse this curse these two past so called Pindling prodigees have VICKEDLY brought upon us.

  15. The Christian Council would not speak on this and leader knows very well that this dort of thing is going with SOME of their ministers and decons in their churches.

  16. Russell check this blog in our records, we warned the Prime Minister one year ago, BEFORE EMR HIGH incident came to the public, that the minister was not capable to police such incidents. We argued that because he covered up his own incident with his son at the once prestigious Queen’s College! We knew this would prove a danger to thousands in the system.

    We begged the PM to move Bethel. We warned that the story will not die. We told Bethel to resign because it will damage his political career and the matter will continue until someone is brought to justice.

    Back then the MP had his ministry make a statement that these things don’t happen in the school system. Acting Director Sands went on National TV and said his ministry had investigated the matter and that, “THERE WAS NO CASE” in the EMR High matter.

    But today we all know that the story is different, isn’t it a shame! And Birbal still has yet to be requested by the RBPF to be return to the Bahamas? WHY?

    The MOE made claims that Birbal did nothing, despite two victims having reported the matter to the police. The Wutless Police refused to investigate the matter! The WUTLESS ‘TOILET PAPER’ argued further that it is possible because the victims were now of age, nothing can be done about it. They tried all they could to hide it, block it, hush hush it and bury it, BUT THEY ALL FAILED!

    Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “UNITY is what we need…” And when people like Garvey, Russell, Drama KING and thousands of others LOCK HANDS HERE ON BP you will know nothing can stop us!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  17. What struyck me during the show was the fact that GHarvey wanted to do as joint venture with the Minister of Education to reveal the sordid details that had taken place at EMR.In my view bcos he Bethel had been embarassed by the incident with his son did not accept the offer.It is unfortunate that Carl was in such a predicament because despite his shortcomings in this incident I believe he is a competent Minister who was let down by his son. Time for a reshuffle as too many Cabinet Ministers are out of step.Only diehard FNM supporters do not recognise this.Change is what we need.

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