Oh NO Ingraham you've done it again! This time to the people of EXUMA


come-ingraham1<<< Like the masterful politician he is, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has delighted his audiences with much political talk and rhetoric. Now that 500 more workers in the country will face unemployment in two week, this time in Exuma, Ingraham has disappeared and gone into hiding, NOT A WORD HEM SAY! hmmmmm!

Exuma, Bahamas — Like a camel collapsing in the middle in the desert, so is now the Hotel Industry in the Bahamas in the middle of the global recession, thanks to Hubert Ingraham! Now some would ask, how did Hubert get in this? Well here are the facts.

On yesterday the Emerald Bay Hotel in Exuma announced its closure on May 26th. This confirms that the jobs of more than 500 Bahamians at the property will be no more! Now we’ll soon see the same of what happened in Grand Bahama when the Royal Oasis closed causing 1,200 Grand Bahamians to become unemployed. Let’s just think of what happened there for a moment and then turn your eyes to Exuma. Now imagine that, plenty people on the side of the road boiling hot water. The service businesses; boaters, painters, carpenters, landscapers, water sports businesses, taxi drivers, charter carriers, banks and insurance companies all will now be affected. Many of those feeder businesses [which does not include this 500 number] will also lose workers.bahamas_hotel_007p

This is just what doctor Ingraham [and cousin Christie] allowed to happen when he stopped the Bahamas Hotel Corporation from functioning. See, the Corporation acted as insurance for days like these now seen often everywhere in the country. It was designed by Pindling to make sure whenever bad times come and hotel owners leave, the hotel workers in those properties would still have a caring government to fall back on. Who remembers when bad times had hit the Bahamas in the 1980s? Pindling used that Corporation [as insurance] money and redeveloped the Cable Beach strip. He built the Radisson and kept employed hundred of Bahamian workers until a buyer came. The economy was kept stable and people were taking home a paycheck, whilst the Hotel Corporation assumed ownership of the properties [Here in Nassau and Andros]. Pindling raced around Europe, Asia and North America holding breakfast, lunch and dinner with perspective investors asking the to come to the country, and many did come.

But Ingraham, the man we’ve likened to a nightmare with a political character of one in the middle of Africa, could careless. He has little concerns for what workers will face at this period of uncertainty, much less hotel workers. Mugabe has dismantled the Hotel Corporation! He doesn’t believe in resuscitating failed large or small hotel properties, nor does he believe in honouring contractual arrangements. That’s Ingraham! And we expect better from him. The man barely knows what LIQUIDATION means, and he’s a lawyer by profession! And members of the WUTLESS Media in this country fails to help him understand the meaning. They to are equally WUTLESS! They do his bidding and repeats what he say. WE CRY SHAME ON THEM ALL!

Ask the people of CLICO and they would have an even better story to tell. Where is their statement Ingraham? What was that BIG statement you had to tell them two weeks ago? Keep paying their premiums? Hmmmmmmm!

But we are getting concern VERY concern with the direction Ingraham is taking the country. Here is a man who believes in selling everything and right sizing people amid global uncertainty. Here is a man who believes in awarding contracts to foreigners, whilst using Bahamians to borrow MILLIONS! Here is a man who believes in SELLING BAHAMIAN LAND, whilst refusing Bahamians the right to buy their own land. Here is a man who tells immigration workers, “Buy ya own lunch!” when departments in his government are still waiting on their salaries. TWO WEEKS PAY AT ONE MINISTRY IN PARTICULAR! And here is a man who would BEND OVER BACKWARDS to impress someone from Canada, but rejects a group of organized Bahamians the right to buy a corporation in this country. Have we elected a Foreigner to govern us, or A TRAITOR? Or is Ingraham just that MUCH ASHAME of us!? We the voice that speaks for the Bahamian people would like to know. Boy his actions speak louder than his words. You can’t trust him, even if he ask you to.

Does anyone remember how Ingraham went as opposition leader on the construction site of the Cove? There he spoke with reporters and told them how bad he wanted to downsize the public service and move those public workers to the private sector, “….at private companies like these [Atlantis],” he said then proudly. It looks as if Ingraham will deliver his wish, soon soon. All we say is this; we wonder what hotel those public servants are going to when they get fired come July 1st?

So now you know why we placed Ingraham at the beginning of our article today. Here is the government of Trust, but now that more than 500 workers at the Emerald Bay Hotel will lose their jobs in two weeks, what does Ingraham have to say? We’ll wait to hear.



  1. Communication by
    Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham
    Prime Minister
    Closure of Emerald Bay Resort
    Ocean Bight, Exuma

    Mr. Speaker,

    I wish to inform Members of the circumstances surrounding the forthcoming closing of the Emerald Bay Hotel and Golf Course on May 26, 2009.

    Honourable Members will recall that EBR Holdings Limited, the developers of the Emerald Bay project, placed the project in receivership in June, 2007. This resulted when the loan secured by all of the assets of the development fell into default. The directors of EBR Holdings determined that the company was unable to pay its debts as they fell due.

    Interest in the property was high and the Government’s advice from the secured creditor, Mitsui, was that suitable new investors, with the wherewithal to meet the requirements of the Government and complete the full build-out of the development, would be identified in the short term which would avert the closure of the luxury Four Seasons Hotel and Golf Course, securing the continued employment of some 500 employees at the Resort.

    As it transpired, the requirements contained in the management contract with the hotel’s operators, the Four Seasons, proved particularly challenging for a number of the interested parties. During the 14 months of the process since June, 2007, the receivers signed letters of intent with one party and entered into formal contract with two other parties; none with success.

    The receivers advise that by September, 2008, when the signs of the global economic slowdown became increasingly evident in all sectors of the global economy, the project, which up to that time had been fully funded, began to suffer significant losses.

    Honourable Members will recall that in an effort to curtail additional losses the receivers closed the marina operations.

    Regrettably, the receivers have not been successful in identifying new investors able to acquire the project and assume the management contract with the Four Seasons Management Group.

    The secured lender therefore took the decision to temporarily close the resort. Four Seasons has agreed to the orderly closure of the hotel on May 26. The staff will be dismissed over the following 30-day period. It is to be noted that a skeleton staff will be retained by the receivers through the transition period to new ownership.

    Honourable Members are advised that over 500 individuals were employed at the project’s hotel including some 83 managers and 442 line staff. Twenty-six expatriates were among the employees.

    The Government has been assured that all severance payments due staff will be settled in accordance with the law and employee contracts.

    The Government is also advised that during the temporary closed period, critical amenities at the development, such as the water plant operations, will continue unaffected.

    The receivers have advised that they are already commencing consultations with various parties that had previously signalled an interest in the development. That notwithstanding, a time frame for the conclusion of a sale and the re-opening of the hotel, golf course and marina cannot be given today.

    The closure of the Emerald Bay Resort and Hotel presents a tremendous challenge for the economy of Exuma.

    The Government has been in close contact with the receivers over the past 14 months and will continue to work with them to identify the best investor group to acquire and reopen the hotel, golf course and marina, and to complete the full development planned for the Emerald Bay site.

    As I have indicated, the Four Seasons has undertaken to ensure that all employees will receive severance payments and all other benefits owed. The Government has received similar assurances with regard to monies owed to other creditors of the project including Government utility corporations.

    Honourable Members are also advised that arrangements are being put in place to extend a variety of counselling services to disengaged workers from the Emerald Bay Hotel. Specialists from the Ministry of Health, the Department of Social Services and the National Insurance Board will be available in Exuma, prior to the closure of the hotel, to provide necessary guidance and support to all those seeking assistance including information on the criteria for registration for unemployment benefits.

    I undertake to further advise Honourable Members as and when developments warrant.

  2. Marly, how is it you fnm’s can bring up drugs and plp corruption, and we plp’s cannot bring up UBpism, and racism against the fnm. I guess the latter is much more painful and invidious!

  3. media :@Objective thoughtYou is an [Oh we cannot say that word on here], Objective. Do you know what the meaning of Liquidation is? Why would you pay money to something that is in Liquidation? That’s like going to Sadie Curtis School to Vote today, knowing the elections been over from 2007. Keep your money in your pocket! I thought better a you OBJECTIVE!
    The answer is NO, NO, NO no money for you to get back! Ya understand that right?
    Bahamas Press/Editor
    LORD the people don’t know what liquidation means…

    Thanks for the answer Media..But didn’t the PM say no longer than today that his advice is for people to continue paying into that private fund???

    If we can’t TRUST our PM, who can we TRUST… He did come into office saying that it was a matter of TRUST, right???

    The PM did say that the funds were going into a private account and not on the policy but like you I thought that it didn’t make any sense at all paying for something that is worthless to me!!! So I stopped but their are many persons who are still paying though…

    The PM says that he will make an announcement next week wednesday in parliament when he lays the budget on the table… I also agree that once your payment was current at the time when the company went into liquidation, your policy should be safe..

    I think that the PM is concerned about the months in between the time of the start of the liquidation and the end when the policies might be bought… It would be hard to find monies to update one’s books especially in these hardtimes….

    But I disagree with you about getting my money for the past 2 months back.. Those funds did not go on the policy but into a private account!!!

  4. Me a hater?far from it but when you are targeted by politicians you better be able to defend yourself.Their surrogates expect you to lay down and play dead and when you defend yourself they cry foul.Well Marley this one brother who will not give up without a fight.So get used to me am not Christie ,check my name am Abaconian, get the drift?

  5. @kevin mckenzie
    I agree with you , but I am only speaking about today.I believe both gentlemen are making an effort to get things right. Give them credit for trying.
    The future of our country is at stake and unless they agree to work together things can only get worse. Like it or not until things change these men hold two of the most important posts in the country, and we put them there.
    Any how come tomorrow I will be gone for a few days …….gonna miss you guys

  6. TP since you insist i will make my comment about mr.PERRY CHRISTIE -HE DOESNOT AND NEVER HAS IMPRESS ME.I find mr.Christie and mr.Ingraham to be major set backs to our country’s development and tales of their successes pure fiction.In my humble opinion i believe when history is written about this period it may very well state that one of them was a confidential informant for the USA.

  7. @kevin mckenzie
    KEVIN,KEVIN……..you gatti make one Last post. You see how dem politician carry on so civlise terday cept for one or 2 small combruction dey really try hard ter make some sense.You lissen ter Perry he really impressed me.
    Now less me an you gree to put poltics side and work together ter make der BAHAMS A BETTER PLACE. Wha yer say ?

  8. @tp
    tp you are so right. I have always felt the persons in the drug trade are just like murderers and destroying people’s lives even if they don’t actually die. One thing I hate about some ‘PLP’s is that they still on this hating the white man, one only needs to go any school especially the ‘elite’ schools, look at the young people, they aren’t into this racist nonsense, they live and love as one. The young people and the swing voters win elections so forget about race they aint checking, they don’t know anything about the UBP nor do they care. Let us talk about what benefits all of us, and you know what when the PLPs like Russell and Kevin stop living in the past they will be surprised how much more attractive the PLP will be to all and sundry. Stop the hate and you will see what difference it will make.Just my 5cents.

  9. TP i am sure that you must be aware that most older Bahamians that knew sir Roland Symonette will tell you that he was BLACK.Please notice that i mentioned three names of the biggest drug dealers of the prohibition era and if they happened to be of a lighter hue i don’t care.Crooks and drug dealers come in all colours.Drug dealing and smuggling are being conducted right now as you and i are corresponding.Each day some young person is being lured into using or selling drugs and i am talking about 2009 not the 1980’s.According to the rule of ‘marketforces’when your supply exceeds your demand then you will get a low(cheap)price.All i was attempting to do was to state the fact in my previous article that drug smuggling was here before the 1980’s and unlike you i will not blame any government for this plague.Drug smuggling happened under the old PLP,the sunshine FNM,the new PLP and the trustful FNM.No government can stop it and therefore i believe it is up to individuals to LOVE one another more than money and thats the only CURE TO THIS MENANCE.This is my final comments on this post.

  10. @kevin mckenzie
    You know this can go on forever, but I will humor you and give you a little hint about what I know about the streets.I Roamed the streets of which I speak for all of my youthful days .I was born in east street not far from where Mr Pindling was born.My section was a little more rough than his though.And I am much younger than he is .Get the picture ?
    Its so funny that you should use the word jonser,because this word was unheard of in the streets before the 80s
    My friend you can say what you want more young lives were ruined from drug abuse than in any other time in the history of the Bahamas,Matter of fact almost a whole decade was destroyed during this period.Families still mourn the lives of their loved ones.What we are seeing now is only the chaff of those days.We reaped the wind and now we are sowing the whirlwind,my friend. And it was during this time the Bahamas name was dragged through the gutter.
    Those names that you called do not mean a thing to me whether you white or black if you are dealing drugs you are scum.But I find it odd that all of those names you called are white people. Get with it my friend those days are over.We are talking one Bahamas.
    I cannot speak about what happened in the 1920’s I speak of what I know I was there and like I said earlier only because of the grace of God and the love of self and family I escaped
    Now if your old man smoked dope thats his to do.My pa too was born and grew up in Cat Island he never smoked dope.

    PRESS I am so happy I found this site,I love it

  11. TP am not going tit for tat but it is important for readers to know the true facts about our dark past.For years many who were beneficiaries pointed at the PLP Govt in power and seperated themselves or party members.Many Bahamians were involved in the drug trade and benefitted greatly.Hopefully our dialogue has given a clearer picture to younger persons about our countries past.I note in another post that Kiki knowles is back in the news..Now things will really get interesting.

  12. I would like persons like TP to know that drug smuggling was taking place in the Bahamas from the Prohibition Era that is the 1920’s.Bahamians were smuggling rum and what was then called ‘The Bush'(marijuana) from the Bahamas into Florida.During this period many now respectable Bahamian families obtained immense wealth from engaging in this trade, names like the Solomons(Norman & fane),Christies(H.G),Symonettes(Brent)and numerous other families.I must let you TP know that my father was smoking Marijuana in Cat Island during the 1950’s.As for this false statement that the drug era occurred in the 1980’s well please tell me when drug smuggling and drug use was eradicated?Indeed more drugs are being smuggled into and through the Bahamas now than during the 1980’s just asked any jonser how much they paid for a hit during the 1980’s and how much are they paying today?Since i assume TP is not a street person like me,i will give you the answer it is fifty cent(.50)

  13. @tp
    TP I guess Jr would also agree that we are friends of OBIE “SNITCH” Wilchcombe. We remember one of them WUTLESS newspapers saying the same thing. Listen Jr, take it from us, do your own research on Bahamas Press and come to your own judgements of us. OK?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. @Russell Johnson
    Ha,ha Russell I am not asking anyone to give the FNM a pass. I said I am FNM.
    I do not care if it was my Brother that was involved in selling drugs. He is a murderer.Lawyers FNM or PLP who ever collected money from drug dealers are murderers.They are no worse than the man with the gun.
    I refuse to go tit for tat with you about scandals.History will be the judge of that.

  15. tp :
    PRESS I have to apologize to you for my former comments about you being PLP.I searched the archives and found several posts where you nailed Mr Christie.

    That only proves that BP is anti Perry, not anti PLP. The two are not one and the same and they know it.

  16. (D) Only making decisiopns that have the nod of the FNM council
    I(E) Being hopeless at providing any suggestions on how to deal with the econopmic debacle.TP hangg our head in shame for supporting a group of wuthless men and women.You are like the nazis who knew what shit Hitler was doing but lacked the courage to confront him.This excuse of the PLP did it so we are exempt from critism is inadequate.Show moral courage and call a spade a spade.Do not follow blindly or try to find excuses for ineptness.Bcos a man burns himself means you can do the same without penalty?Just as the PLP had to take blame for the Drug trade as aforementioned the FNM Govt must take responsibility for their stupid stop,review and stop policy.It did not have to be like this.

  17. Tp it is good that you recite the horrors of the seventies and early eighties as every lawyer in this country benefitted.Dont point fingers as it can be proven that members of the FNM who were practicing lawywers received the greatest benefit.Some even claim that they got involved with drug clients as a one shot deal.My friend the PLP Govt was in charge but the benefits were not only accrued by members of that party.I got burned by the PLP as well bcos like many others I was apalledf by the perceived corruption.The PLP was rightfully judged by the Bahamian people in 2007 but are you now saying that we should give the FNM Govt a pass for all the foolishness they are doing.I like Carl Bethel and is want to forgive hom bcos his son caused him to shy away from the EMR scandal.Nowhile speaking about party politics what is being done about the following scandals:
    (A) Mona vie?
    (B) Plagiarism by Loretta Butler
    (C) The retainment of Reggie Ferguson as Comm of Police when he is 64 but then retire many much younger.All bcos he is the Chairman of the FNM brother?
    (D) Victimising Customs Officers by promoting their juniors over the bcos of politics.
    (E) Inability to offer suggestions on the crime situation

  18. a href=”#comment-17225″>@Russell Johnson
    RUSSELL,While I feel very sorry for whatever hurt you feel has been perpetrated against you by this government.There are countless amount of persons saying the same thing about the PLP, myself included..
    The PLP since coming to power, in the begining did a lot of good.But during the eighties under their watch an entire decade of young people were destroyed becaused of drug abuse.Even unto this day we are still feeling the effects of those days.The majority of youth committing crimes now are products of the eighties. Promising young men and women fell prey to the viles of cocaine.Some of my families and best friends are now lying in their graves.I remember seeing young girls on almost every street corner propositioning themselves for a five $ hit. Young men were turned into either homosexuals or gangsters.Only by the grace of God and the love of self andr family I escaped.I watched elected officials getting rich at the expense of dying young people The Bahamas was known internationaly as a country for sale.Mr A.D Hanna resigned from the cabinet Mr Christie ,and Mr Ingrahm was fired all because of their stand against the corruption that was rampant in government. And then Mr Ingrahm came and helped to restore some credibility, and then Mr Christie came. And because of memories of what happened with the old PLP he decided to call his party the new PLP.He implemented a code of ethics which was thrown out within days of his party coming to government.From the very begining party officials were parading around abusing their new found powers.In short order we were back on the international scene casting a negative shadow.
    The shady and unsavory acts committed by cabinet members turned the Bahamian people of so badly that even though the economy was doing good we refused to comprimise our integrity.
    This reminds me of a Stevie Wonder song lyrics that goes like this.’HER CLOTHES MAYBE OLD BUT NEVER ARE THEY TORN OR DIRTY’
    The majoriy of Bahamian people prefer to eat grits and sardine doing right than eat steaks and salad doing wrong
    While this government is far from being perfect it is 100% better than the previous one.While there are people [like you ]with cause to complain, the majority of those complaining are doing so without just cause.
    While we are pointing fingers at Carl bethel and rightly so.How come we see nothing wrong with PLP MPS who were in the news for commmitting acts so henious that we are once again in the international press in an adverse manner.How could women support these men that has embarrassed woman hood in such a despicable way.
    I am an FNM now but that does not mean I am an FNM for life but until the PLP or some other party proves to be more caplable this is where I will remain.I have never and will never go to any MP for a hand out.
    Cuss me kill me do whatever you feel is best.

  19. TP and Joe Blow I get angry many times when I see the foolishness being carried on by the Govt.This is the most insulting Govt ever and unfortunately it has trickled down.Like the Jews I say no more.It is difficult to not get off when persons try and defend those fellows.I must say this about the two of you though,you are both becoming very rational in your thinking and very shortly you will also be spouting venom at the FNM Govt. lolo.I love both of you for withstanding my abuse but you must understand me and many of my family members were unfairly fired by the FNM Govt.That is the story throughout this country so imagine the venom out there without an outlet?It did not have to be like this.

  20. PRESS I have to apologize to you for my former comments about you being PLP.I searched the archives and found several posts where you nailed Mr Christie.

  21. To: tp I left the PLP site you mentioned because the majority spout nasty PLP rhetoric that is indeed not in the best interest of the country; although I did find their Administrator more rational. Believe me you are not alone in your views on this site. And yes it gets tiring reading all the negative personal name-calling whether it is against either faction. However ,since coming here I have seen encouraging signs that there are persons who are indeed trying to identify and find solutions to our problems and doing so without the immature name-calling. Please continue in your efforts, as I will in mine, when I return. As to the Youth, there are so many factors that impact upon their lives( television, one-parent households, duel identities, poor schooling, lack of proper role models and adult supervision to name just a few). We must join together despite any Party affiliation if we are to save our Youth and our Country!

  22. @tp
    Amen, you hit the nail right on the head. This is a lawless society and it begins at the top. Look at the Cabinet Ministers, look at the CEOS, they all breaking the law, corrupt and greed and we do nothing. Christie talked about his code of ethics and boy I thought “great,” but low and behold we never saw it, and surely didn’t enforce it. It is the norm for politicians male and unfortunately in some cases female (in both parties) to be immoral, to opennly flaunt their immorality in public disrespecting their spouses, their children and the rest fo the country. We need sweeping change, and it don’t come easy, but it must come or else we are doomed!!

  23. @BLANCH
    Gimmie me a break. Who paraded gang members on stage ? This was in the eighties ? Anti social behavior was in young people long before the FNM came into power. It was on a PLP related site where the prime minister was told that he will have his front teeth floating at the back of his mouth . So lets not go there.Go back to myPLP and see how much name calling and threats are being written.
    No I do not have the answer,do you? Mr Christie in five years did not have it .Nor did those before and neither will those to come.
    It would do us good to pay attention to this quote from PLATOS over 500 years ago
    ‘what is happening to our young people ? They disrepect their elders ,they disobey their parents.They ignore the law.They riot in the streets, inflamed with wild notions.their morals are decaying.What it to become of them ?
    Remember this was 500 years ago

  24. @tp
    Yes tp, and we have to get away from hatred, but it seems par for the course in politics, just look at the Republicans behaviour.
    About BP they do beat on the PLP as well, and I believe they said they will at 3p.m. today. They aint scared of any political party.

  25. TP
    You have the nerve to say anti-social behaviour on the PLP site. What about the behaviour of the young people in this country since the FNM became the governing party? You have the answer(s)? Then assist the leadership with directions/strategies for dealing with these crimes. Before 2007 everything and all things were blamed on Mother Pratt. Who do we now blame?

  26. @Russell Johnson
    You are so right about the FNM site,being what it is.I would prefer to be on that site as to be on myPLP where there is so much spite and hate being spewed.
    The thing I find so amusing about this site is you guys beat up everyone who disagrees with you.And like I said I am outnumbered here so that makes me the local whipping boy.Bullies

    PRESS….yesterday you said today would be the day you tackle the PLP,I guess you meant tomorrow.Sigh…..guess I will have to wait another day

  27. TP
    You better believe this is PLP country. We are tired of the “shake rattle and roll” without substance that the FNM has dished out since 2/5/07

  28. Yes TP you are indeed new bcos BP attacks Christie relentlessly.I am surprised that there is no story on Christie this week lolo.No defense of HAI stop,review and cancel policies can be explained.This idiotic claim that it is good that HAI is at the wheel and not Christie is pure FNM rhetoric.You get mad when stronger points of view are expressed so if you want persons to agree with you then go in a bar where people who have the same political thoughts hang out.THe only thing HAI has done since assuming the top post has been to victimise anyone who he feels does not support him.It did not have to be like this…a country split down the middle and gofers like you coming here with foolish and boorish talk…grow up man the Govt has wrecked the economy.

    • BUY RUSSELL you just remind me Fridays belong to Christie, that’s our special day in the week to kick his you know what. How we forgot that? I guess Ingraham layoffs in Exuma caused that. Well tomorrow, we must spice it up on Christie.


      Bahamas Press/Editor

  29. HI has made some big irresponsible mistakes I will agree, but PC is not the answer. Lord we really up the creek ’cause I can’t see anyone on the horizon.

  30. @tp
    Boy if the WUTLESS PLPs could only hear you now, they’ll say yeah get THEM TP…LOL! It is clear you’re new to this place.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  31. @media
    Press I give up you are relentless in your attack on The prime minister.
    Well according to you there is an early by election on the horizon.Let us see how well your campaigning will go for your party.Like it or not Mr Ingrahm is still the people’s choice

  32. @tp
    Well I shall correct you if you will allow. Bahamar had entered into an agreement with a major investor. A major global investor named Harrahs. Following comments in the House of Assembly by the Rt. Honourable Hubert Alexander Ingraham, that same company wrote with there intentions to pull out of the project.

    Now we would agree with you, MUCH INDECISION BY CHRISTIE FRUSTRATED those investors, but they never left the table until Ingraham got into the picture, THAT’s ANOTHER FACT!

    The letter pointed to Prime Minister Ingraham’s remarks in the House caused the company to believe that the “land will not be delivered to the joint venture as planned.” And so Harrahs left the table. Since more than almost 600 employees at the hotel have had their employment TERMINATED and coming this summer, the property on Cable Beach will close for 2 months, with NO SURE SIGN OF REOPENING! You say its the recession, the fact shows and proves, its Ingraham and no one else TP!

    Get over it Ingraham has done this to the Bahamian people and NO ONE ELSE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  33. Yes TP you are correct those words were said to mr.Christie in 2007 after Bahmar had increased the value of the proposed development and were attempting to gain additional concessions.This happened some 2-3 months before the election.However,mr.Ingraham signed a supplemental heads of agreement with Bahmar in February,2008 and proclaimed it was superior to mr.Christie’s agreement and he got some of the land and buildings back that mr.Christie had conceded to Bahmar.Then like a scene out of a horror movie some 2 weeks after parliament had approved this head of agreement mr.Ingraham exclaimed in the House Of Assembly that Bahmar was broke and that government will be willing to hold discussions with Harrahs.Harrahs on hearing the prime minister telling the whole nation that their partner(Bahmar) had no money, decided to pull out of the project.This is a concise summary of those events.Notice i have not said anything negative about mr.Christie/mr.Ingraham

  34. @media
    PRESS campaign as much as you want, and say what you like if the former administration had signed all those contracts that were on the drawing board very early in their 1 term. They would not have lost the election. At least with Mr Ingrahm you get action. Talking about pile up before the accident. IF YOU WANT TO BLAME SOME ONE LOOK AT YOUR PARTY
    Mr Christie was warned by Bahama that unless he signed the agreement he would go down as the single person responsible for not allowing the mega project to proceed. IS THAT TRUE ? WAS THESE WORDS SAID TO MR CHRISTIE BY BAHAMA ? You are a stickler for facts correct me if I am wrong

  35. @tp
    TP your excuse of us not attacking Christie is soooooo lame until its not funny. Ignorance is truly bliss in your neck of the woods. Your lame excuse to suggest that we are attacking Ingraham for something he didn’t do is incorrect! Indeed that believe cannot ever hold water on Bahamas Press.

    Hubert Ingraham did WRECK the Bahamian economy, and NO LABELLING Of Bahamas Press will change our position on that! THAT’s A FACT! FACE UP TO IT!

    Your way of telling the story reminds us of a young lad who wrote off his parents car the night before. His excuse to them was, “Mom dad, there was a pileup on the highway today, and well it was an accident!” He never thought to explain to them that his accident occurred long before the high way pileup. In fact he never explained to them where the car was nor how it got into the police compound.

    The fact was not what he made it out to be. Therefore, with a little bit of fact finding TP you will discover the truth cannot hide! Ingraham has done this to the Bahamian people and NO ONE ELSE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  36. @media

    PRESS……prove me wrong. Let me see what you have to say about your party.Until then cut skin or not I maintain my comments.
    Furthermore loyalty has nothing to do with it. If you or anyone else has an alternative to the FNM bring it on and then you will see how loyal I am. Until then I am where I am.The good thing is I can as you say take my cut skin without resorting to name calling. Unlike ronica who dominates the plp site.Not once in this dialogue have I heard anyone referred to Mr Christie in a derogatory manner.
    The sad thing is the whole world including China who has the monopoly on toys is reeling from this recession. In the past few months more than 80% of toy factories closed down in various parts of china putting thousands of grass root workers out of a job and all we can do is try and use Mr Ingrahm as a scape goat.
    Look guys I am not trying to stand up for Mr Ingrahm I am just being real the world is in a recession and whether we like it or not to survive there are certain thing that must be done.
    We do not want to pay taxes but we want better roads, we do not want to see crookedness but when Mr Ingrahm chastise we call him names, we complain about corrupt, lazy people with bad attitude in government and when steps are taken to correct these issues we curse the goverment.

  37. BEC disconnections surge back to 5,000


    Officials at BEC are confirming that over 5,000 Bahamian accounts have once again been disconnected despite government’s earlier relief plan — an analyst now suggesting another reprieve may be in order.

    “We are back to the level of where we have approximately 5,000 customers again who are disconnected,” State Minister for Public Utilities Phenton Neymour told Guardian Business, referring to the most recent numbers, for the month of March. “There were 5,200 accounts disconnected, which were mostly commercial and residential.

    “Essentially, we’re back at the same number of customers who’ve been disconnected due to non-payment.”

    The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), said Neymour, is now putting together a review to determine the “geographical areas” where most of the frequently disconnected live.

    It’s a number that may grow as the unemployment rate in this country quickly climbs into the mid-teens, say analysts, with food price inflation increasing to nearly 8 percent.

    The minister’s comments come months after Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham offered a temporary relief plan in the House of Assembly. Last September, Ingraham ordered BEC to immediately restore, without any reconnection fee, electricity supply to all residential consumers who had been disconnected for failing to pay their bills in full. He has since promised to provide additional relief although hasn’t yet done so.

    That earlier reprieve came during growing complaints of sky-high electricity charges, with unprecedented crude oil prices dictating gas and electricity prices last summer. It’s a break, however, that may not have fully registered with customers, given indications many of the 5,200 now disconnected are repeat offenders reached out to in that first round.

    “A significant number of them are individuals who had failed to meet the agreement with BEC, who were given the option of paying 25 percent down and the balance over six months,” Neymour said. “I am somewhat disappointed in this [because] as you can see, the cost of electricity has significantly decreased in the last year. We are still being challenged with non-payment.”

    It’s a situation that exacerbates the already unsteady financial footing of the utility, with its accounts receivables around the $35 million mark.

    Former BEC Chairman Al Jarrett asserts another relief plan for residential customers now disconnected would not be as financially taxing on the company as some fear.

    “I think it should be extended again,” he said. “Those poor people are not the ones hurting BEC, they probably only make up $5 to $10 million of its accounts receivables.

    “So why not do something for them?”

    In fact, he argues the corporation would be well within its means to offer another plan if that’s coupled with a more aggressive pursuit of wealthier residential and commercial clients also in arrears.

    “The wealthy accounts are the ones doing all the damage,” he said Thursday.

    Still, Neymour argues disconnections at residential homes were spread throughout New Providence, asserting he will have to wait until the review is complete before determine who exactly is most responsible for taxing the system.

  38. @tp
    We don’t take that statement lightly TP, but boy we really must have given you a GOOD CUT BEHIND will ya BLIND FNM loyality!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  39. @BLANCH
    There we go again now it is threats.Your comments are fine it is just the language that makes me wonder.


  40. Powerful points connie! Poor Mr. Ingraham if he was not so arrogant i would have felt sorry for him. But it is a mess he helped to create.

    TP, anytime you remind the UBP vestiges, yourself included, about their former life before being conjoined to the fnm they get so angry.

    But at every turn they regurgitate this unfounded fnm jargon about “plp corruption” The UBP is the fnm!!

  41. @tp
    Its a PLP site? Oh yeah, really? You know the Punch and the Toilet Paper said the same thing. Until they saw what we did with Christie and his cohorts just days following their view!

    Watch what we’ll put on that WUTLESS bunch tomorrow and then come back on here and please make the same comments!

    See TP your the type we love to engage! You’re typical nature is to be blindly loyal to a political ideology!

    Why cannot we have Bahamians who dress in matching RED and Yellow shirts? Or better yet why cannot you TP wear our colours BLUE. If you didn’t know its the colour of both parties….

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  42. LOL!! russell, and blanch. You guys are the best!! media remind these fnm’s what the Pm did assuming power. We do not blame the recession on MR.Ingraham,we just blame him for acting like he had all the answers.

  43. One question I have on this topic. How come we will let 500 people be unemployed in Exuma, we will let 39000 lose their insurance etc from Clico,we can give over $100million to a company from Argentina to build roads here, the government owns all kinds of Bahamians for land they acquired, but by the PM’s own admission in the house he is saving up money to negotiate with the extremely wealthy Kelly family to buy Kelly dock? Can someone help me with this one?

  44. @media
    Aha at last the chickens are coming home to roost It is not just because BP hates Mr Ingrahm He is a loyal PLP and just can’t stand having his party in opposition.
    It is becoming more plain by the day THIS A PLP SITE


  45. TP

    Because of my statement about “Daddy” you claim I am anti FNM. I call a spade a spade. This country would have been in a better postion to deal with the recession if the projects were not stopped, canceled, etc. BAHAMIANS,both PLPs and FNMs are sufferings, are unemployed, are facing foreclosures, have to take their children out of school. You want me to go on? What is so anti political about these statements that can be verified as truth

  46. @Russell Johnson

    MR johnson what is wrong with you, can’t we have a sensible debate without you calling names and trying to belittle a person because of his belief ?
    The UBP WAS AROUND BEFORE MY TIME, But what does that have to do with what we are talking about ? I am trying not get into the name calling like you, but by the tone of your communications you appear to be a racist
    We have moved beyond calling persons unca Tom.Even americans no longer uses terms like that.All of your correspondings are dripping with hate.From where I stand YOU are the reason why young people have lost respect for their elders.YOU are the reason there is so much violence
    As far as escaping from what you call a hornets nest as long as you are berating the governmebt instead of offering solutions to the problems there is no escape.It is because of people like you the FNM will retain the government next election.
    The Bahamian people are tired of that talk about UBPs and unca Toms.

  47. TP, you should know that, NO BACK PEDDLING, NO SLIPPING AND SLIDING, NO delusional FNM diatribe can spin the FACTS! The fact is this, the FNM Stopped, Cancelled and Review everything left in place by the Christie administration. They did so looking for something. They found nothing! And by the time they woke up from the rubble of their EMPTY search and WITCH HUNT, the world was in a recession and the investors lined up here in the Bahamas were all running from MUGABE! THAT’s A FACT!

    We cannot create a hypothesis or dream of what could be if Christie was in charge under these circumstances. INGRAHAM AKA Mugabe we know did this to the Bahamian people! That is an Established FACT! And he did it ALL ALONE! The Establish FACT IS THAT HE STOP, CANCELLED and REVIEWED EVERYTHING! THAT’s A FACT! No delusion, No hypothesis, NO conjured dream. What Bahamians are faced with today is a COMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS of the Bahamian economy from Christie to Ingraham, We went from BOOM to BUST! And this is INDEED FACT!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  48. HAI is too dumb founded to offer any solutions to the myriad of problems this country is facing.TP you mentioned that workers had been in temporary positions for years thats a lie.All parties just before General Elections hire temporary workers.Those hired by the FNM b4 the 02 General Elections were retained by the PLP and made permanent.In 2007 the FNM under instructions from persons like you tp on their council demanded that all should be fired.THe tail is wagging the dog and bcos of listening to stupid and out of touch council members the FNM Govt finds itself between a rock and hard place.I never heard that persons were hired in Farm Road without the knowledge of Perry and only an insideder would know of this.I am glad you are on this site TP bcos now I have you an insider to assist me in how this WUTHLESS Govt is thinking.It did not have to be like this.

  49. @media
    Press we could go on back and forth rationalizing who did what so all I can say is P&S blamed Mr Ingahm for cancelling contracts and to some extent they are right. But we all know that these contracts were on the drawing board for most of the former administration reign.Bahmar wrote Mr Christie several letters advising him that unless he signed of on the the agreement things would go awry. What did he do ? NOTHING.That is what he did .All of those contracts that were on the board under Mr Christie if they were so solid they would have come into frutition long before he left office.While I feel for the temp workers again,you can only blame Mr Christie. If he cared so much for those political appointees he would have made them permanent a long time ago, but to make it look as if the public sector was not over burdened he left them in a none existent position for all those years. HE USED THOSE PEOPLE..
    The straw market was according to Mr lesle Miller a former minister in Mr Christie’s cabinet grossly over priced.The school in Acklins at such a high price was YET another way of ripping of Bahamians.For the kind of money they were planning to spend on a school for so few students you could have have built one at half the price with twice as much amenities
    Mr Laing I am sure was very sincere in his assumption about the economy’s growth. How was anyone able to predict the present worldwide down turn.
    Blame Ingrahm all you want that is typical BAHAMIAN. We do nothing but sit on the fence waiting for something to go wrong so we can point fingers.
    I listened to the US news and I see where a car company is about to terminate thousands of dealersihp throughout the country.I do not see the dealers blaming the president.I visit fast food restaurant in Florida and where there used to be scores of employees they are operating with a skeleton crew.One person serving,cooking and working the drive-in section all at once.These are low paying jobs.
    Hate Ingrahm as much as you want but respect him for the job he is doing.
    By the way I heard Mr Christie complaining that workers were hired from his constituency without him being consulted. What do you think about that?
    While my pontificating maybe one sided you failed to address the points I made about the members of the PLP abusing their priviliges at the Bahamians expense, and do you think Mr Christie would be able to do a better job.

  50. @rudy
    Because Bahamians are ingrates and too greedy so they bought into the rhetoric.Unfortunately for the Bahamas many persons did not understand the philosophy of Christie bcos they are not versed in the current ways of world politics.Some Bahamians think like the battered wife,husband girlfriend and boyfriend who listen to sweet talk and are lured into the trap and return to the hornets nest for more beating.So said so done now we are trying to escape again but this time it would be more difficult bcos the airwaves and print media are controlled by our former tormentors.Thank God for this blog so we can express ourselves freely without censorship.Diehard FNMs are the offspring of the UBP so that makes some of you guys uncle toms.Deny that your family was not UBP.

  51. @Objective thought
    You is an [Oh we cannot say that word on here], Objective. Do you know what the meaning of Liquidation is? Why would you pay money to something that is in Liquidation? That’s like going to Sadie Curtis School to Vote today, knowing the elections been over from 2007. Keep your money in your pocket! I thought better a you OBJECTIVE!

    The answer is NO, NO, NO no money for you to get back! Ya understand that right?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    LORD the people don’t know what liquidation means…

  52. @tp
    Yes tp, I have often wondered if the PLP was so great under PC why they didn’t get their second chance. It was like pulling for a team that is in the winning seat and every time you think they had a chance they kept fumbling the ball! I agree that cancelling some of the contracts hurt us and really I thought was too childish, but as one of PC’s own Cabinet Ministers said after they lost, God help the Bahamas if they would have won and with what is now going on in the world I see why they lost.Everything happens for a reason. Wutless truly does describe that man, no matter how nice he is!

  53. Anybody out there who could answer this can… I have taken the PM’s advice to continue paying my monthly premium at Clico but after paying for 2 months, I decided that it was NO use to me or my family if any of us have an emergency so I bought new insurance for us last month… Now the question—

    Seeing that the PM said that the money was not going on the policies because they are frozen and it was clearly stated that it was going into a private account, can I go and witdraw my monies for those 2 months that I had already put into that account?????

  54. @tp
    Get mad all you wqant the facts are there the FNM Govt fumbled the ball on the one yard line with no hindrance in their paths.Since you are diehard I expect excuses and defenses from you as you are too ashamed to admit that the Govt messed up.A change was needed in 1992 and we got it but thats the past and it is obviousd that the Govt has no idea of the formula to use to stabilise our economy.HAI keeps saying wait for America,that is not expected of a leader who wants everyone to believe he is the panacea for all our problems.Take your head out of the sand now, the games over it is time for leadership we can trust.It sure is not HAI and his bootlickers.

  55. @tp
    Sometimes we really don’t get it when radicals come on here pontificating their one sided rhetoric and failing to face the facts of what really happened.

    In 2007 Hubert Ingraham came to office and fired more than 1,200 temporary workers in the public service. That same year we at Bahamas Press agreed that this was setting a rippling affect throughout the private sector. We argued that this should not happen. But no one listened!

    They cancelled the straw Market contract. Stopped a school construction in Acklins. Stopped the road contract on the island. Stalled [and in some cases cancelled] the construction contracts of some 7 schools around the country. Chased away the joint investors for Bahamar. Stopped the construction of the courts on Nassau Street. Stall for more than 8 months the completion of the Milo Butler extension. Cancelled the straw market contract. At the end of their stop, cancelled and review we saw painters, carpenters, plumbers, masons, tile layers, contractors workers and associate services related to the industry sent home for the rest of 2007 and early 2008.

    Hubert Ingraham had cut off the engine of this economy and left the workers of this country to suffer a blow long before a recession had hit the world. All this happened before Lehman Brother and Bear’s Sterns collapsed.

    In fact the reports by the FNM government according to Zhivargo Laing, will grow the economy by the end of 2007 by 4% and that the talk of a slowing up was a figment of someone’s imagination. Anyone remembered that? That was in November 2007. The US was not in recession as yet.

    And TP please, PLEASE don’t take our word for it, but read Standards and Poor’s 2008 report published to investors around the world on the Bahamas. That global company was in a back and forth row with Ingraham telling them the FNM government DID THIS TO THE PEOPLE of the Bahamas! And we at Bahamas Press is saying the same thing; “INGRAHAM, you did this to the people of the Bahamas and NO ONE ELSE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  56. @john
    John you are right I am wrong Mr Christie did give the FNM a C+.You are also right when The PLP came to government there were some issues, but do not forget when the FNM took over the country in 1992 The BAhamas was known as nation for sale we could not hold a fire sale and attract international investors.Mr Ingrahm came and changed that. So when the PLP took over 1992 even though we had some challenges. The country was stable enough to weather the storm.911 came and left in a relatively short period.Today the entire world is in the worst recession since 1929.
    Things are tough all over,it has nothing to do with the government.If Mr Christie was in charge it would be no better.
    I agree Mr Christie is a second chance person and that is why there was so much corruption on his watch That is why the Bahamian people voted him out.He could never handle a crisis such as this.
    Further more the few dollars that we have left would,ve been used selfishly by his party.They would be all over cuba chasing underage children for sex, all at the Bahamian people expense
    I remember in 2002 sitting in a restaurant where a certain PLP member of the house was sitting within earshot of the host stand and wanted to get the managers attention.Instead of stopping one of the workers and requesting to see the manager he got on his cell phone and called the host desk asking that the manager come and see him.The public paid for that call.Further more he was sitting there smoking cigars while entertaining and pawing over a flock of very young people, both boys and girls.At the end of the evening he paid with his portfolio’s credit card.
    The people was fed up with this type of attitude and that is why they asked Mr Ingrahm to come back, and the only ones that are mad are the PLPs.

  57. @john
    Amen my brother. I can’t understand why these people can’t see that the FNM are failing miserably. If you ask me, PC was being generous giving them a C. There is so much I could say about the FNM and the last two years, but I think they speak for themselves.

  58. tp, Christie WAS in charge between 2002 and 2007. He came in right after 9/11 and during the build up to the invasion of Iraq when the world economy was shaky due to people worrying about weapons of mass destruction and the effects of the coming war, how it would affect oil supplies etc. After that we had the two major hurricanes that affected EVERY island in the Bahamas.
    Christie was in charge during all of this and he and his team got the economy BOOMING. Along comes Ingraham and his motley band. Ingraham in the House teased Christie saying that the economy was good and the Treasury was full and the the people simpply wanted him (Ingraham) and not Christie.
    Well now the economy has gone to hell and Ingraham says he is waiting on Obama!
    One thing with these FNMs, they parrot their talking points very well. If this how it is under Ingraham, give me Christie every day and twice on Sunday!!!
    And TP, Christie, being the second chance man that he is, gave the FNM a C and not a B+.

  59. @Marley
    Marley the one reason I hate getting into debates with people who are anti FNM is they cannot have a decent conversation without resorting to gutter talk.Check out the verbiage coming from Blanche and Russell Johnson.Typical PLP’s
    I agree with you 100%. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if Perry Christie was in charge.Then again it might not be so bad because I heard him on my 5 cents giving the government a b +. That just goes to show he understand what is happening far better than his supporters, and his own party members.
    The world is in a recession what makes anyone think that the Bahamas is not a part of the world but some utopia that is immune to what is happening all over.

  60. No one is blaming HAI for the world recession but he stopped stimulus that would have kept our economy going.It did not have to be like this Marley.Stop,review cancel are not stimulus but political victimization.Every investor running from the Bahamas bcos the wuthless crew in town.No matter what diehard supporters say or think we in plenty trouble bcos of HAI and his band of asshole suckers.We can bunker down by HAI letting persons stay on their jobs with less pay.But no, the Govt wants everyone to sucker under them for their living.HAI should be talking to the Bahamian people daily but no he looks for surrogates like Marley to come here talking foolishness.We are past sweet talking and want action not excuses.What is the Govt doing?Breaking ground for a golf course but where is the hotel for the guest?Plus the man said he does not break ground but only opens business,s when they are completed.I guesss this one is completed bcos no hotel building.Where are the heads of agreement?You sympathisers of this inept Govt please shut up unless you can call a spade a spade.

  61. Marley

    All I say is your head must be in the deepest part of that man’s a.. if you dont think he is to be mostly blamed for the mess we are in today. The recession would still be here but we would not have felt it so severely if he did not cancel, stop… the contracts in 2007. Like my old mother use to say “He pissed on the people and called it rain”. What is more surprising is that many of you believed it to be “rain” and some of you even believe “rain” water is good for many ills.

    • And to add to what you say BLANCH, you did not confirm that, Standards & Poors said so! The same people who advise investors where to invest their money.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  62. As far as my politics you are wrong! Government cannot run businesses, that is why it divested itself of those Hotels a long time ago. Government run businesses are the breeding ground for corruption, plotical croynism etc. HI must be mightier than I thought if he could stop theis recession. Please, we have to bunker down and prepare just like the rest of the world, Christie could not have prevented it, if the US sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold, so they say. It is wrong to now blame HI for what is happenning. I have every confidence that no government would sit back and let us suffer and I am sure the PM is working his butt off to resolve this matter, but if the people don’t have the money they don’t.

    • Ahh the old CAPITALIST ARGUMENT, “GOVERNMENT CANNOT RUN BUSINESSES”, hmmmm, we are to believe. Governments are the biggest operators of the biggest entities in the world. Do you know what the budget is for the Government of the Bahamas Marley? Over $1 Billion in spending power. Sadly so we never get to know what is the intake of revenue collections are.

      Have you heard how much our revenue intake is? For example in departure taxes, Customs, stamp taxes…? Have you ever heard what those incomes were in past years Marley? I would say it like this, if Government has the ability [GOOD ONES NOW] to run a country and make a surplus, what makes you to believe they cannot run some lil hotel on the island? That’s just like running a small school. Don’t be fool Marley. Or you are confirming that this small hotel is too much for Hubert to handle? You just might have a point. I can tell you of models which do what we are proposing around the world, but again for some people even mentioning that might be tooo much to explain.

      Bahamas Press/editor

  63. @Marley
    Marley the Exuma project is the brainchild of HAI and he has done nothing to resuscitate it.Sir Lynden purchased hotels to keep Bahamians employed but HAI has thrown his hands in the air.We have faced hotels on the verge of closing in the past but Sir Lynden let the Govt run them so that Bahamians could re4main employed even though they still suffered losses.Bahamians dont want handouts let them retaijn their jobs by working fewer days.Marley this asinine statement about HAI being in charge and not Christie is the cry of diehard FNMs like you who cannot reason.What empirical evidence do you have to substantiate your ludricous statement?What all Bahamians know is that the Bahamian economy was doing just fine b4 this wutless PM and Govt raided the chicken coop.

  64. Do you guys realise what is going on in the rest of the world!! What makes us who depend so much on foreigners as far as investment and tourism to help our economy, any different?? Hubert may no be my most favourite politiican, but I say thank God it is him and not Christie in charge. There is a global recession folks. Emerald Bay was in trouble for a couple years now and their owners are in liquidation, what in the world does HI have to do with that!!

  65. These are some poignant post! You can hear the desperation and anger reverberating through our streets. Bahamians are fearful the imminent closing of the Emerald Bay Hotel, has seemingly awaken bahamians from thier rip van winkle sleep.

    Even fnm’s are realizing that the fnm does not have a clue. Our future does not appear to be bright. We have certianly regressed in two short years. Undeniably the general bahamian populace is worse of under Ingraham than Christie!

  66. Often promises made in certain circumstances cannot be kept when the circumstances change and we all know that election promises made by whichever party are only meant to garner votes. Yet we buy into promises while even knowing they probably cannot be kept. It is the nature of the electorate. It is difficult for me to understand why persons will persist in believing that the Bahamas would have been better off if HAI had not stopped, reviewed and cancelled projects, when 1. most were not viable,( N.P. cannot sustain 2 high-end resorts) 2. we had not the properly trained work force to meet the demands of all of them, 3. when the timing was not good ( although we could not forcast the global downturn) 4. there continues to be this not so hidden animosity and anger towards the foreign elements in our society ( the vast majority of these projects involved second homes for foreigners and all the ammentities and services that they require.}5.We had not the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of these projects. 6. Bahamians in general are poorly educated in the ways of good business practices and most are not willing to accumulate the funding needed to sustain their families while getting started. , And the ancillary businesses needed for these projects, which should be reserved for Bahamians, will not then succeed. 7. Too much land was being given away at low cost and without adequate environmental considerations. Unless we all change our attitudes towards how we conduct our politics, and what we demand of our politicians and bureaucrats and ourselves we will continue on the same path that has us in this dilema.

  67. Kevin you took the words right out of my mouth when HAI came back to power after the 07 election he was not in touch on how to do business in the modern Bahamas he was wrong when he stopped and reviewed all of those projects he was wrong when he fired many government workers and he was wrong when he reworked the road improvement contract ….this FNM administration is a big fat failure for the past 2years or more they have brought the Bahamas to it’s knees and they have no answers in sight on how to solve the nation’s problems which some 95% of them lay at their feet .

    Joe you are right that the Canadians are weathering this storm very well but you are so wrong with Canada being a conservative nation that is far from the facts Canada as it is is a far left nation more than the United States at this time…..

    I remember during the 07 campaign the FNM ran ads about trust and ads about scandals which really held no water at all ….now fast forward to the future our country is burning and the FNM is running around like chickens with their heads cut off…..this is where we are at right now

    Folk es I’m not going to pet this up or put makeup on this Hubert and his band of wutless men and women have to go they have failed our nation they have bought our nation down to it’s knees they have lost the confidence of the Bahamian people and therefore they must be made to leave office and leave office right now.

  68. A political move is afoot as HAI is still upset that his chosen candidate for Exuma got beaten last GE so by reducing the population with displaced workers coming to the capital he feeols the native Exumians will support him.What crooked thinking by a stupid person who is following the lead of despots in African countries.Anyone who opposes HAI will be marginalised and put to pasture.Wake up Bahamians see what HAI and his wuthless Cabinet are doing to you.THis man is the artchitect of the project at Exuma and instead od saving jobs he is willing to let them drift away.This despot loves power and will do all he could to retain it.He knows Nassau has turned again so he is trying to gain support in the Family Islands to offset the difference.

  69. When HAI came to power in 92 the country welcomed him bcos they were tired of 25 yrs of one man rule.HAI return to power in 07 was due to persons believing he could deliver again even more than Christie was achieving.With this crisis looming we now know that HAI is out of his depth so now he is like a bull in a “HOUSE”.His Deputy salt and pepper has always believed that Market Forces should prevail so HAI is adopting this failed business strategy.I laughed when some persons sought to give each Cabinet Minister a grade when the truth is that all decisions are approved by them in Cabinet so collective responsibility exist.Some Cabinet Ministers might have a problem with some of the decisions made but since I see no resignations they are not having a conscience problrm.One of the prides of our people is to have jobs and HAI and crew are taking these jobs away.Making persons dependent on Govt is silly and will cause trouble in the future.We must judge the Govt on the amount of jobs they have created and taken away.A look into the sinister motives of HAI was revealed when he tongue in cheek said that Bahamians show no disgust when they disagree with something as they, my words.”are afraid to protest” mmmppphhh.

  70. Joe Blow iam glad that my suggestions passed your litmus test,however i must point out to you that it matters not to me whether the money disappeared under mr.Christie/mr.Ingraham.Since a crime was committed it must be thoroghly investigated and prosecuted in a court of law.Those individuals who stole ten’s of thousands of Bahamian clients money at Clico must be punished and if it is found out that any government official/minister had knowledge or assisted in this wicked deed then prosecute them too.There is an old adage which states “that timing is everything”,unfortunately for mr.Ingraham not only did he promised civil servants that their jobs were protected but that he will not downsize the public service.Mr.Ingraham made this promise during the 2007 general election well we now know that civil servants were lied to.The private sector is not hiring indeed it is contracting,now is not the time for government to reduce its employees.I will give you several reasons why downsizing by the government is unwise at this time-(a)It will lead to increase unemployment.(b)Government will have to increase its social spending to assist the unemploy and the poor.(c) This increase in social spending can only be achieved by increase taxation on a reduced workforce which means less persons will be forced to pay more taxes.(d)It will endanger National Insurance-since they are less people working it will mean NIB will get less in contributions however the demands being made on it would have increased.(e)As i write some additional 5000 persons have been disconnected from BEC and the prime minister has previously stated that government will assisted them,well that will mean i as a worker will be taxed to assist some one else to pay their light bill while no one is helping me to pay mine!!Is this fair?(f)Government has made the claimed that they are building some 300 houses who will be able to purchase these houses?Not civil servants since banks loan out money based on security of your jobs and the amount of time that you are able to work.Either one of two things or both will happen-your downpayment for the house will be greatly increased and the time frame on your mortgage will be for a shorter time which means that your monthly payment will be increased by some$300.00 or more dollars per month.Or the other side is, the houses are left to rot because few can qualify to purchase them.(g)With more persons losing their jobs in the public sector and the private sector laying off the banks will have more bad debt which will lead to the banks reducing staff and implementing higher standards in order to obtain loans.I can go on however,i will stop here and warn the government that if they continue on their present economic course it will lead the Bahamas economy into a state of DEPRESSION !

  71. It seems as though HI didn’t learn NOTHING from LOP about keeping the economy going!!! People want jobs and not handouts because handouts will not last but jobs do!!!

    I do remember what LOP did during the 80s down Cable Beach to not only save jobs but also increase jobs!!!

    But don’t expect any bailouts from HI and his govt!! The sad part is that not every unemployed person can get unemployment benifits!!

  72. Well Kevin M. Your suggestions are legitimate and sound. As to others who comment may I say that it really has not mattered in the past who was P.M. or the governing party. Each could be faulted in their governance. Going back to the PLP will not be the answer. We need a complete change in attitude of everyone in the country. As to CLICO, we must remember that the money was spirited out of the country on the PLP watch. I agree that there needs to be a complete investigation and “heads should roll” and in a timely fashion. We are a morally and ethically corrupt country and have very few who have the courage to stand up and be counted. Whether those of you who favour the PLP like it or not it is my belief that there was not enough thought given to the projects touted or to those who proposed them or to their ability to follow through with the necessary funding of same. The PLP was not selective enough and much too slow to act (and that was a good thing in the end). Better to have concentrated on 2 or 3 do-able ones, than to try and tackle a dozen. While you are unhappy because HAI is cleaning house in the various departments you need to remember the people have been complaining for years about the bureaucratic excess in the country and certainly it still exists. More power to Hubert! Media: One thing I can say about you is that you are always very predictable!

  73. Joe Blow :Canadians seem to be weathering the storm of the economical fall-out quite well. The average person has pulled their belts in tight and have realized that they live in hard times and that means facing reality. They leave political rhetoric to the politicians and go about solving their problems in a most realistic way. They have pulled back on their unnecessary spending, vacation in their own country (as the U.S. population does the same, we just might have a clue as to why there are layoffs in the Bahamian hotels}; when laid-off, accept jobs that are below their economic standards, plant vegetable gardens, don’t spend their money on “bling and thing” , confide in their children about economic conditions so they can be part of the adjustment where money is concerned. I do see the foresight of the “Conservitive Canadians” and admire their system that allows for “free medical services” “great schooling”, “employment benefits” but mostly for their attitude which does not suggest that it is the obligation of “The Government” to be their parent and shield them from adversity. Would that we Bahamians could take a leaf from their book and grow up. They and their system are not perfect but they don’t personalize their politics and politicians like we do and if they don’t approve of things they don’t just grouse on web sites, they organize and let their government know just what it is they disapprove of and make suggestions as to the changes that are necessary. Whether one likes Mr. Ingraham’s style of governing or not, he is our Prime Minister and should be accorded the “courtesies” of such an office. Where Are Your Solutions???

    What are you talking about? you lost me on this one Joe Blow,this problem would soon be sloved once and for all,we going back to the PLP can’t take this any more.

  74. Well Bahamas Press if the prime minister is serious not only is he stating that Bahamians stole Clico’s approximately $100 million dollars but that the Bahamas Government and the police force are prepared to let them get away with this crime!It now confirms that if you are well connected the laws DON’T APPLY TO YOU!!

  75. @kevin mckenzie
    And Kevin on that note with CLICO, isn’t it just amazing to hear the PM say how the Governor of the Central Bank wrotee him and say, NO money from CLICO [Bah] ever left the Bahamas. I wonder where would that comment come from? To suggest that the Trinidadians didn’t THIEF the money, is to say that the Bahamians did. And we still have these people running the country! MY GOODNESS! Only in the Bahamas.

    Perhaps soon they will tell us CRAIG FLOWERS [AKA DA NUMBER MAN] does not send any money out of the country either. BOY, when you could hear DUMB statements like this, ya gata be ‘DA BALD HEAD MONK’.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  76. Welcome back Joe Blow welcome back, we haven’t heard from you for a while, particularly after we broke the Birbal capture story.

    Well since Mr. FNM [AKA Joe Blow] is now looking for solutions for HIS government, does this mean Ingraham has ran out of ideas? Or does it mean, he [Joe Blow] is void of them. I have a wonderful plan, to quickly jump start The economy. It was proven in 1992, GET RID OF HUBERT INGRAHAM! Once Mugabe is out of office the Land will flourish! He has DELIVERED THIS CURSE ON THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS!

    TRUST ME JOE, this has worked before…

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  77. I forgot one last important point the prime minister should follow the example of the Trinidad government and appoint a forensic accountant to conduct a thorough review of Clico.I am so surprise that how this government loves to ‘stop and review’,that they are afraid to investigate Clico.Unless they really know how $73-$100 million American dollars left this country without the approval of the Central Bank.I know every Bahamian are aware that itis a crime to send money out of the country without the approval of the Central Bank.

  78. ronica7 LOL! I’ve never heard that on before. Are you trying to give our PM a new name? ”
    “Coat-tails RIDER” LOL!!!

  79. I am just amazed that people who have proclaimed that mr.Ingraham is a man of action,wise and a master politician are now asking persons who didnot seek nor were elected to office for solutions to this economic recession.well here are some suggestions (a)Start consulting and networking with your fellow Bahamians,realizing that neither you nor your cabinet have all the answers.(b) Sell BTC only to Bahamians and then allow other Bahamian telecommunication companies to compete after a 2 year period.By selling BTC to Bahamians you would have greatly empowered them financially.(c)Sell the remaining shares of Bank Of The Bahamas to Bahamians with the proceeds of both of these companies government will have little need to borrow.I know some of you will argue that the government will need foreign currency to boost our foreign reserve,however,one must remember that those foreign owners will also be sending their huge profits out of the country each year thus reducing the foreign reserve.(d)The laws on the books must be enforced for example if a person is convicted for a drug offence his assets can be forfeit to the state unless he can prove it was not obtained from drug proceeds.Enfocement of this law can generate millions of dollars in revenue for the government and take the profitability out of the drug trade thus reducing crime.(e)Instead of giving or selling crown law at low prices to Holoweski and her cohorts at Norman’s Cay let Bahamians submit bids at a public auction in Nassau.This will mean government will get the most and best value for the land.(f)Select the best Bahamians for the job instead of political loyalty.This will lead to increase productivity and efficient and innovation in the public sector.These are just a few of my ideas which the prime minister can use for free since i am only interested in the advancement of the BAHAMAS.

  80. Joe Blow are you saying we are NOT ALLOWED to criticize Ingraham because he is PM??? Get real man!!! Let me sell you my land on Mars since you obviously living there!!

  81. Canadians seem to be weathering the storm of the economical fall-out quite well. The average person has pulled their belts in tight and have realized that they live in hard times and that means facing reality. They leave political rhetoric to the politicians and go about solving their problems in a most realistic way. They have pulled back on their unnecessary spending, vacation in their own country (as the U.S. population does the same, we just might have a clue as to why there are layoffs in the Bahamian hotels}; when laid-off, accept jobs that are below their economic standards, plant vegetable gardens, don’t spend their money on “bling and thing” , confide in their children about economic conditions so they can be part of the adjustment where money is concerned. I do see the foresight of the “Conservitive Canadians” and admire their system that allows for “free medical services” “great schooling”, “employment benefits” but mostly for their attitude which does not suggest that it is the obligation of “The Government” to be their parent and shield them from adversity. Would that we Bahamians could take a leaf from their book and grow up. They and their system are not perfect but they don’t personalize their politics and politicians like we do and if they don’t approve of things they don’t just grouse on web sites, they organize and let their government know just what it is they disapprove of and make suggestions as to the changes that are necessary. Whether one likes Mr. Ingraham’s style of governing or not, he is our Prime Minister and should be accorded the “courtesies” of such an office. Where Are Your Solutions???

  82. @kevin mckenzie
    I have to say that I totally agree with you. We have allowed too many issues to go unquestioned. HAI seems to favor foreigners highly over Bahamians. Why else bring in foreigners to work on the roads when you have Bahamians that are quite capable and in need of projects? Why else let Chinese workers build the schools? Why bring in foreigners to work in the Crown Land office? Need I mention more? Why else be at the mercy of major monopolistic corporations like Atlantis and Cable Bahamas. This sickens me to my very core as more and more our country is being sold out. These foreginers treat us like garbage IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

    Many Bahamians have lost their jobs in the last two years and it is so obvious that the FNM doesn’t know what to do. GO AHEAD AND ADMIT IT MISTER INGRAHAM. You are not worth your salt. You have yet to meet any of your campaign promises in TWO YEARS…..TWO WHOLE YEARS!!! Bahamians are losing jobs due to more than the economic climate. It is your spitefulness and greed and selfishness that has caused the uncontrollable spiral in our economy. Still you continue to bring in foreigners to do work that Bahamians can do. Still you allow foreign investors to just play with the livelihoods of your own people. Still you continue to borrow money. No amount of cabinet shuffling or grand staning in the HOA will make the problems go away. SO ADMIT THAT you nor your goons know what to do. I can’t wait to see the FNM out so they could STAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Kevin you will not get any argument from me . Clearly Mr. Ingraham is out of touch. The lies and propaganda spewed out by the fnm during the last election has come back to bite them in the backside.

    I have never seen more lies, innuendoes, and hyperbole used during an election than the 2007 campaign. All of the chickens have come home to roost for the fnm and it’s erstwhile leader.

    You did not turn the economy around in 1992-2002, Mr. Ingraham, you simply rode on president clinton’s coat tails. And if the U.S. economy was sound you would be riding coat-tails again

  84. Hubert Ingraham doesnot know what to do,he is out of his league when it comes to financial matters.It is time for Bahamians to wake up and force the FNM to fire mr.Ingraham before he destroys the country.It was in 1994 when Bobby Symonette,the FNM chief fundraiser and the founder of CommonWealth Bank applied to provide cable television service and mr.Ingraham refused him the licence on the grounds and i quote’Bobby them too greedy.’This was when i realized that the FNM with mr.Ingraham as its leader was a nightmare for all Bahamians.Look at how mr.Ingraham speaks and conducts himself when he is dealing with Bahamians then look at how he is so attentive and humble when he is in the presence of a white foreigner or investor.The difference is ‘clear’ and it becomes obvious that mr.Ingraham neither respects nor have faith in his fellow Bahamians.Mr.Ingraham only ambition in life was to replace the sole person who first showned him love that was Lynden Oscar Pindling and we Bahamians sat back and watched him and his cohorts lied and victimized him.That should have been our sign that mr.Ingraham was ungrateful and dangerous.I know they will be those who will vehemently disagree with me but i don’t care it is time for the truth to be told and that is maybe just maybe Gorman Bannister was 100% correct when he stated in his BlackBelt magazine that some persons were spies and their loyalty lies in another country.In any event we Bahamians must cut our loses and get rid of mr.Ingraham because he has and is FAILING US BIG TIME!

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