“Madusa” ask police if they head good after they arrested her son in Freeport on Friday!


FREEPORT| A senior FNM and former Senator came to near blows with police after her son was arrested after brutally beating up his girlfriend.

Police took into custody the son of the former Senator. The politician, who is politically known as “MaDUSA” aka “FNM BAD NEWS” was enraged, after she went to the station following the incident. Her son had beaten his girlfriend black and blue over the weekend.

“Madusa” walked into the police station and asked, “How dare ya’ll arrest my son… how dare you?”

The son beat the woman so bad she had to report to hospital for medical assistance.

We learned a physically battered and bruised woman was beaten in the parking lot of a very popular eatery in downtown Freeport GBI on Friday night (18th. September). 

The young lady was transported, we understand, was immediately to the Rand Memorial Hospital where she was treated and later discharged. 
After being discharged, according to the report, she proceeded directly to the Police Station where she lodged a complaint against her attacker, a young man who apparently was known to persons at the scene of the violence. 

Police must be commended for not being intimidated by these FNM bullies – MADUSA DEM!

Police are upholders of LAW AND ORDER! They have a duty to protect citizens from brutal wicked violent offenders of the law.

Tell Madusa dem they are not above the law and if they keep it up she too will be placed under the jail!

We report yinner decide!