Mahogany Hill Groundbreaking West New Providence

Mark Holowesko, investment advisor and businessman and owner of Mahogany House restaurant (left) shows Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie the site for the Mahogany Hill boutique hotel currently under construction.

Nassau, Bahamas – Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie said the Government would do its best to ensure the safety and security of businesses and residents in the western section of New Providence.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mahogany Hill, a $23 million boutique hotel being constructed by Mark Holowesko, investment advisor and businessman and owner of Mahogany House Restaurant, and his daughter Lauren at the site just outside Lyford Cay, Monday, August 26, 2013.

Prime Minister Christie said, “Given your investment here, given its significance to our country, given the fact that you are a Bahamian making this investment, given the proximity of the hugely successful residential areas of Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and Albany, there is a compelling need for the Government of The Bahamas to ensure there is maximum protection not just for Paradise Island and Baha Mar, but also for this end of the island as you add to the tourism complement in our country.”

He also praised Mr. Holowesko for being a Bahamian investing in the hotel/tourism industry in the country.

The Prime Minister said, “This fine hotel will not only add to our tourism product, it is strategically located in a prime residential and business area and in close proximity to the airport where it will serve residents and business and leisure travellers alike.

“Much like his restaurant, the hotel will be a prime example to our local Bahamians of what can happen when you invest in your country.

“When you invest in your country, you can provide much needed jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for fellow Bahamians.”

During construction, an average of 100 persons will be employed on site and the projected employment at the hotel will be a staff of 40 plus.

Prime Minister Christie noted that the Government has been diligently encouraging Bahamian entrepreneurship, particularly in the hotel sector.

“We have also been promoting the idea of the boutique hotel as an alternative to much larger mega hotels.  They have something different to offer.”

The Prime Minister said he has always believed that boutique hotels are necessary to grow and diversify the nation’s tourism product and provide guests with a much more intimate experience and exposure to The Bahamas.

The Prime Minister said the boutique hotel is being positioned as a place for and in support of Bahamian arts.

“Described as a cultural hub for the western end of the island, it will host art exhibitions, food and music festivals and theatre events.

“It will bring a much-needed dose of cultural entertainment to this end of the island to both locales and tourists.”

He said it would hold a collection of Bahamian artwork only on display throughout the hotel including works from John Cox, Maxwell Taylor and John Beadle.

The hotel amenities will include a spa, lap pool, bars, restaurants, tennis and sports areas, an aerobics studio and a theatre.

Mr. Holowesko explained that over the next 18 months, his team plans to build a world-class boutique hotel next to the restaurant that would hopefully complement the larger hotels that are being built on the island.

“We wanted to create a place that was modern in its approach but using the same traditional features that has made Mahogany House Restaurant a success.”

He said, “We hope the hotel will be considered a guesthouse for the nearer communities with a distinctive Bahamian feel.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works and Urban Development the Hon. Philip Davis; Minister of Tourism the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe; Minister of State for Investments in the Office of The Prime Minister the Hon. Khaalis Rolle; Director, Investments, Bahamas Investment Authority, Joy Jibrilu; former President of the Senate and Chairman, Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology Commission and mother of Mark Holowesko, Lynn Holowesko were also in attendance.