Major potential criminal investigation underway at local Canadian bank – OVER ONE MILLION PLUS LOST TO DEFAULT LOANS AT BRANCHES – PART ONE!

The Central Bank of the Bahamas

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting a “Major Systemic Failure” being reported at a major commercial bank in the country, and when what we know grips the nation, the local bank’s foundations will be shaken to the core.

BP is tracking a serious elaborate ring inside the local bank, which has caught the attention of Canadian investigators and senior banking officials overseas.

Even Bahamas Press’ lead financial investigators have joined the investigations which will be headed by the bank’s Corporate Chief Operating Officer. And heads will roll.

We can tell you just a few weeks ago a complaint against the same bank, which has taken pleasure in moving funds (without permission) off a customer’s bank account. And although this matter was resolved we understand the same has happened to other clients. But this story will get worse!

The CEO will begin investigations into what appears to be a series of strange resignations across the local bank in the Bahamas. And a gang of firings where staff has taken the fall for the SYSTEMIC FAILURE by the bank’s management.

Will the Central Bank of the Bahamas also get involved? We ga see.

BP will share more in our soon-to-be-published updated report – and we ga tell yinner now – HEADS GA ROLL after this! WAIT FOR PART TWO!

We report yinner decide!