Making love and collecting digits on the KFC line…Writer say she ain’t watching nutting!


Di say she ain’t watching nuttin!

Getting that greasy chicken.
Getting that greasy chicken.

Dear Bahamas Press,

This week I was minding my own business while in KFC, right? And in front of me was this lil 18-year-old gal with flat slippers standing on the line for his boyfriend.

Well, look here! Dis ‘lil’ dude come up on the KFC line start feelin up the gal right in front of me. So I clear my throat and ask them if they think this Club Luna.

Anyway, the boyfriend went back into the car while his gal was ordering the food. And then here was in front of her this gray head 40-something-year-old who start rapping on her. First she wasn’t checking and then she said, “I need to buy a three piece but I ain’t gat enough.”

The next thing I know, the 40-something-year-old was writing down digits on a piece a paper and handing over some change. She was nervous eyeing the KFC door making sure her boyfriend didn’t see all what was ‘gern’ down over a chicken-in-da-bag!

Anyway, it ain’t my business. But now I’m putting one and two together, I think it is safe to conclude that I now see why the young people have so much trouble in their lives.

But BP, I ain’t watching nothing! But I had to send y’all this note.


I ain’t watching nuttin

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