Malcolm Adderley MP to resign and to be appointed to Supreme Court


malcolm-adderley<<< Malcolm Adderley, PLP MP.

Nassau, BahamasSources deep in the bowels of the Free National Movement confirmed to Bahamas Press a by-election in the Elizabeth constituency is slated for 2010. The source also revealed the most likely candidate to carry the Party’s banner to replace Malcolm Adderley will be His Excellency Joshua Sears, the former Bahamian Ambassador to the OAS and America.

The source also tells us Adderley, who is serving as Chairman of the Gaming Board since 2007, will replace Justice Cheryl Albury whose term on the bench has expired.

Bahamas Press has learned Albury’s application for an extension will be rejected as Ingraham gets set to test the water and force a by-election.

The eminent resignation has already begun a flurry of political movements on the ground, particularly in the Elizabeth constituency.

We’ve learn in the FNM camp, Chairman Carl Bethel is already ordering material and is overseeing the hiring of workers in the government’s temporary work programme. We’ve also seen FNM iron lady Sandra Knowles whisked in place at the helm of the Nassau Guardian, to begin the control of content for the government propaganda machinery through its political newspaper toy.cheryl-albury

Sources in the PLP tell us, “We are not a bit surprise by this move by Malcolm, for some time now it has been speculated that he will cross the floor. However, he should know whenever he vacates his seat following any snap election, the seat will remain in the hands of the PLP.”

Bahamas Press learned also yesterday Ryan Pinder, son of the former PLP Cabinet Minister Marvin Pinder, will most likely receive the nod for the seat if a by-election is called.

Bahamas Democratic Movement leader Cassius Stuart told BP, “We will be ready to contest the by-election if, and whenever it is called.

The People of The Bahamas are tired of these two directionless parties who have offered nothing but selfindulgence and chaos to our nation. The time has come for a new direction.”

The BDM leader confirmed its standard barrier for Elizabeth is political newcomer, Bernard Rolle, and confirmed Mr. Rolle’s presence on the ground in the constituency is already being felt.


  1. Does seem a bit odd that the Comission would appoint someone at his age as a judge. Makes him look like some kinda interim judge. We need some younger lawyers who could put a good 10 years on the bench…IMO

  2. He will be eligible for pension after 8 years in the house, May 2010.

    Consider this, a Wutless M.P., the people of Elizabeth suffer. A wutless judge, the entire country suffers!

  3. Malcom’s seat is a PLP, all the way, seat guys. What Ingraham has to decide is whether his FNM government, at this particular time, will be able to afford the cost of an unnecessary By-Election and whether his FNM party can afford the cut-behind they will get if they run a candidate against the PLP; those are the questions they will have to answer themselves. Does Ingraham really,need Malcom on the bench or is he just trying to play political games? And then Malcom has a question or two which he will have to answer, himself; the most important of which, I am told, is does he want his wife to kick his behind? Thes are all questions that must be answered. I don’t know if Mr Adderley, at 64 or 65 years old has what it takes to make that decision at this time. My advice for him would be to serve out his term and the PLP will put you on the bench, if that’s what you wish, when we win in 2012; Lord willing.

  4. Why would we expect them to extend Malcolm when they didn’t extend Ruby Nottage or Albury? What is the precedent for that? Malcolm sold out Elizabeth and has Hubert thinking he could win Elizabeth. Not a chance. Like I said, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. thes third partys vastin money man they dont have the resources to take it all the way or experience for that matter the closest we had to a third party was CDR so either they be real or tow the line we would welcome options

  6. malcolm gatta be 65 tippin 66 he was already a justice before he seems disillusioned with politics he is a good person thou i wish him the best whatever he decides an all around good bahamian regardless of political ambiguity

  7. BP, you notice how nobody is saying they sad to see Malcolm go? I wanted to say this long time so Malcolm, Ca’ay ya rass and don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. @Bahamasyouth \
    Omar you will not decide who runs for the PLP in malcolm creek.Whoever the party nominates will recieve the support of persons like myself.We do not expect your vote so it makes no difference.Stop trtying to play big muck and leave PC alone.Your hatred is now legendary and you are on the outside looking in.By the way how are your studies going?If you are focused on them as you are on PC and I then you should pass summa cum laude.lolo lolo.

  9. felix rolle :
    I believe if the Hon. Malcolm Adderdey stays around to complete his second term, he would be eligible to receive pension & that would be the deciding factor for his next move.

    Judges also get pension

  10. I believe if the Hon. Malcolm Adderdey stays around to complete his second term, he would be eligible to receive pension & that would be the deciding factor for his next move.

  11. @Objective Thought
    He enn do a thing in dis constiuency but campaign…. Perry decides who runs @Awakened Therefore since malcolm wasnt doing nothing in 02 to 07 you would think it wouldve been wise to move him. This constituency really wanted to get Malcolm out however there are more PLP supporters in this area that voted for PLP and not 4 Malcolm.

  12. BP, what do you think is HAI’s plan, I don’t know if this is a good idea, if the FNM loses this bi-election, it shows their weakness, even if the BDM or the NDP should win this seat, the FNM will look weak, I don’t know about this, I’ll research further.

  13. @Bahamasyouth Ya see what I’m saying, you are a hypocrite, this story has nothing to do with PC but you have to jump on him, did he take your gal or your dude, tell the truth and shame the devil?.

  14. Remember I sent you an email on this issue around July BP???

    This will be the best decision for Malcolm to make and I wish him well in the future… His political career is OVER!!!! At least for now!! Nah he was a WUTLESS PLP!!!

  15. @mike
    not in my constituency let russell run for a constituency what has progressive liberal party in it…. THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF Perry Christie weak leadership. Malcom Adderley for YEARS was The FNM Spy… he SANG all of the PLP Business from 2002 thru 2009 expecially at them lyford cay parties. IF Perry had any sense of GUTS and any sense of VISION he wouldve let loose Malcolm Adderely at the 2007 elections…. ANYBODY IN LIZZY cud all agree he dnt do nothing!

  16. cassius is ready – lol…for what??? he has worn out his welcome and needs to join the fnm or plp…russel johnson, y don’t u run for him…u would make a fantastic candidate!!! u got my vote!!!

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