Man accused in arm robbery back in 2011 now battling in hospital following another attempt on his life in Yellow Elder last evening…


Dennis Court turned violent when a man and woman were shot up last night – They are in hospital battling for life!

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Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has identified one of the victims shot on Dennis Court West in the Yellow Elder community last night. That identified victim is Kermit ‘Bumbles’ Evans, who is also known as Amos Evans.

Last night sometime around 9:30pm Evans and a female companion were in the area when the incident unfolded. They both were shot multiple times about the body and taken to hospital.

We can tell you at this hour [12:09pm] both victims were still in the operating room where doctors are working overtime to attend to their injuries.

What sparked this latest shooting is still unknown, however, we know Evans is no stranger to police. You would remember back in 2011 Evans along with three other men were arraigned for the armed robbery of that Island Luck Web Café on Carmichael Road. He had later turned crown witness.

But even after the case Evans in another incident was shot up in a graveyard while attended the funeral of a friend about a year ago. He survived that attack and is now battling in this latest incident. The female in this incident was also shot up but her injuries are said to not be life threatening.

At some point these fellas must learn they must quickly change their lives and attitudes.

We report yinner decide!