Man accused of the murder of his ex granted bail just three weeks following the murder of Patrice Sawyer…

Murdered Commonwealth Bank banker Patrice Sawyer.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is becoming more and more concerned with the state of the Judiciary after a man who who turned himself into police – following the murder of his ex – has been released on bail just days following the crime.

Investigators believes Lynden Vincent, 47, is responsible for the death of his ex, former Commonwealth Banker Patrice Sawyer, 42. She was murdered outside her Johnson Road home early in the morning hours after recieving a call to come outside.

Just three weeks after that homcide on October 31st, the Supreme Court has granted Vincent bail to walk up and down with an ankle bracelet and report to a police station near his home. 

Vincent, like an Amercian guest did just weeks ago, told the court the Department of Corrections wasn’t properly managing his diabetic condition and the court agreed. What a specticale we have become!

Despite objections by prosecutors, Senior Justice Bernard Turner granted the accused’s wish. Thinking twice Vincent has not yet signed his $30,000 bail. We hope he is a Christian. 

We report yinner decide!