Man breaks up windows and threatened to kill his siblings inside after he was told there was no food!

file photo and not the photo of the actual home.

NASSAU| A man who threatened to stab his relatives after he was told the home had run out of food will now be fed by the state for the next 10 days.

Jame Markland went ballistic when he arrived at his sister’s home on August 26, asking for food. He was told there was no more food and that was when the conversation when downhill.

Markland decided to begin breaking up a bedroom window, threatening to stab to death all his siblings inside the house.

Markland had lost it after not having eaten for days in the new environment of Minnis lockdowns and curfews. He admitted to the charge of threats of death and Magistrate Swain sentenced the suspect to 10 days in prison. We are deeply concerned about his mental condition.

Look what is happening in the country. And you believe school ga reopen? Keep believing that!

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